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Inflatable Hot Tub Chemical Guide

If you own an inflatable hot tub, chemicals are a necessary part of keeping the water clean and safe for use. While there are many different types of chemicals available, it can be confusing to know which one you need and when to use it. This guide will help you select the right chemical for…

Clean Hot Tub Filter

How To Find Your Hot Tub Filter Replacement

A filter is a filter, right? It’s just something you replace when it gets clogged. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens in most hot tubs. In the majority of hot tubs, the filter is one piece with other components and must be replaced as a whole unit. But don’t worry! This article will teach you everything…


Can You Clean Hot Tub Filters With Bleach?

Should you use bleach on your hot tub filter? Read the answer…

Tax Advice

Can You Write off A Hot Tub on Your Taxes?

Writing off a hot tub on your taxes might not be an easy thing to do…But here is some guidance….

Can You Clean A Hot Tub With A Magic Eraser?

In this blog post, we’ll explain to you how to use a magic eraser to clean your hot tub and get it sparkling clean in no time!

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for 2 People

Wondering what is the best hot tub for 2 people? Here is a quick guide to help you make a decision plus a buyer’s guide!

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Best 110 Hot Tubs For Your Patio

What is a 110 hot tub, find out here and plus a buying guide of choices!

Can You Convert Your Hot Tub To Saltwater

Can You Convert Your Hot Tub To Saltwater?

Yes, if you don’t like the idea of having chlorine in your hot tub you can convert it into a saltwater hot tub, however, you’ll need to double-check with the product manual to see if your model of the hot tub can be converted into a saltwater hot tub as not all can be converted. …

Are there saltwater hot tubs

Best 2 Person Interior Jetted Hot Tubs

Finding the best indoor hot tub can be a challenge because of so many choices and options available on the market. Here is a guide to explain your options!

How To Build Hot Tub Stairs

What is The Best Way to Build Hot Tub Stairs?

Need a set of stairs for your hot tub and you are a DIY guy? Here is your complete guide.

The 5 Best Hot Tub Leak Sealers

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub at the end of the day, is there?  Letting the hot water, jets, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine melt your troubles away is bliss. But have you ever noticed the water level dropping? Or perhaps some water on the floor next to your…

What can I put under my inflatable hot tub?

What Can I Put Under my Inflatable Hot Tub?

Knowing what to place under inflatable hot tubs can be tricky, here we are going to explain what you can use!

Intex Hot Tub and Pool Review

Intex Hot Tub Model #28409E Review

Looking to try something different? Just like the name suggests, the Intex Hot Tub is an inflatable hot tub that has it all. It’s an innovative idea, and perfect for families and friends to enjoy a relaxing spa at parties and get togethers. If you like the sound of it, you’re in the right place….

Best Hot Tub for Arthritis

What is the Best Hot Tub for Arthritis?

Climbing into a warm hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. But for those suffering from arthritis, it becomes more beneficial still. First off, it can reduce your pain – and that’s significant enough alone. It can also help you to reduce the stiffness of…

Best sand filter for hot tub

What Are The Best Sand Filters For Hot Tub?

Keeping your hot tub clean is no easy task, is it? There are many steps to cleaning a hot tub that can make the process feel drawn out, and let’s be honest; it can get us down. Filtering the water to keep it clean and clear is an integral part of the cleaning process. Imagine…