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Before the evolution of hot tubs, the ideal way of relaxing at home was to soak in hot or warm water in a bathtub or shower. Thanks to today’s technology, we can enjoy the luxury of a hot tub right inside our home for a fraction of the price. You see, a standard hot tub needs

What Is The Best Inflatable Hot Tub for 2 People?

Inflatable hot tubs are designed to mimic a jacuzzi or a regular spa. They are made from PVC vinyl material internally and externally.They are put into place via inflation. Once inflated, fill the tub with water and then turn on the heater to make the water hot. Once the temperature of the water increases, you

What Are the Best Money-Saving Tips for Inflatable Hot Tub Owners?

Swimming has always been the best remedy for a hot sunny day. On tiresome days, all we want is to soak ourselves in a pool and enjoy some quiet times. But for you to enjoy a swim, the water needs to be clean. In public swimming pools, health is a crucial factor to help prevent

What Are the Best Saltwater Chlorinators – Reviews, Ratings and Price

Whether shaped like a hotdog, rectangular, or an inflatable bathtub, they come in different shapes and sizes to meet consumer demands.All they have in common is that they are for people who love easy installation features and soaking.  Bathtubs are one of the critical pieces that help in unwinding and reducing mental fatigue.Bathtubs are no

What Are The Best Portable Bathing Tubs – Reviews, Ratings and Price

Read our guide for a list of the best shower heads and learn why they are superior to cheaper models. Find out how easy

What Are the Best Showerheads You Can Buy- Reviews, Ratings, Prices?

What Is An Air Lock?  An airlock is simply a restriction of flow that happens when gas is trapped inside a pipe. This means that air is trapped within your pipes and therefore, it’s reducing the circulation of the water in your hot tub. The trapped air in the pipes prevents the heater, pumps, and

What Are the Signs of A Hot Tub Air Lock and How To Fix One?

Saltwater generators are also known as salt chlorinators, salt chlorine generators, or saltwater chlorinators. These generators convert salt into chlorine, gradually keeping the water soft and clean, but it doesn’t mean you regularly clean your pool. If you are looking for an alternative to going salty, this is the way to go. A saltwater pool

Should I Get A Salt Water Generator For My Pool?

Saltwater hot tubs are modified versions of the simplified hot tub in which there is a salt cell chlorinator. The chlorinator releases chlorine in the tub, meaning you don’t need to add extra chlorine chemicals directly into the hot tub. These are becoming more popular day by day. Fortunately, you do not need to buy

What Are the Pros and Cons of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

If you are in the market to purchase a hot tub, then you have to consider whether you would like to purchase an inflatable model or a portable version.   In this article, we are going to help you understand the benefits of an inflatable hot tub vs. a portable hot tub and perhaps some of

What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages of an Inflatable vs Portable Hot Tub for Your Backyard?

We love inflatable hot tubs for their convenience whenever we need a relaxing session in hot water. However, the joy of a hot tub is the clean water. Keeping the water in your hot tub clean is highly reliant on how clean you also keep the tub itself. We all love our holidays, but with

What Is the Best Way to Keep the Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

Do you prefer to have a spa session in your hot tub early in the morning, right before starting your day? Or do you prefer a late-night soak to soothe yourself and get better sleep at night? Whichever the case, for you to truly enjoy the spa experience and get health benefits from it, the

What is the Best Way to Drain A Hot Tub?

Owning a hot tub is a fun idea that a lot of people desire. Most people wish they had one of their own at home to stop their frequent visits to the spa. But before you go out and purchase one yourself, you should ask yourself if you truly know how much it costs to

How Much Energy Does A Hot Tub Use?

If you have decided to invest in a hot tub, you should be aware of all the health benefits and safety measures that need to be kept in mind.  Unfortunately, people who are not typically familiar with hot tubs do not know these details, which may hinder them from making the right decision when purchasing one.   We

What Are The Safety And Health Benefits of a Hot Tub?

Obesity is becoming a real challenge all over the world. Many people are struggling with obesity and being overweight. People need more solutions that work for them individually.When it comes to weight loss, one’s journey cannot be the same as another’s, which is why fad diets fail.  Unfortunately, throughout history, people have gone to bizarre

Does A Hot Tub Have Benefits for Weight Loss?

Many hot tub owners ask whether they should leave their hot tub switched on and running all the time. As an electrical appliance that uses energy and money, the logical answer to this would surely be no, right? However, you may be surprised to learn that the opposite is true. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your

Should I Leave My Hot Tub On All The Time?

Many people consider it a luxury to have a hot tub at home. Nothing is more relaxing and indulgent than a soak in a hot tub on a cool evening, drink of choice in hand, and water jets blasting.But for others, a hot tub is a necessary part of their ongoing treatment for illness or

Can You Write off A Hot Tub on Your Taxes?

When you love a good long soak in the hot tub to relax, sensitive skin can be a real spanner in the works.Many cleaning solutions feature the kind of irritants that will send you into a flare-up before you can say “bubbles!”Of course, it’s pretty difficult to maintain a nice tubbing experience if you don’t

Best Hot Tub Chemicals For Sensitive Skin

Pregnancy can truly be an amazing experience for all of those involved. However, if you are an expectant mother, then you will know how many things can be dangerous for the unborn baby, and that you will have to avoid some activities, foods and drinks in order to protect your baby. You know about coffee,

Are Hot Tubs Really Bad For Pregnancy?

Hot tubs provide a great way to relax whilst delivering several health benefits. There are many different types of hot tubs available, some that have chlorine systems and others that have saltwater systems.Hot tubs with the latter have a salt cell chlorinator installed, either when the hot tub is made or at a later stage

Are There Saltwater Hot Tubs?

Yes, if you don’t like the idea of having chlorine in your hot tub you can convert it into a saltwater hot tub, however, you’ll need to double-check with the product manual to see if your model of the hot tub can be converted into a saltwater hot tub as not all can be converted. However,

Can You Convert Your Hot Tub To Saltwater?

Are you new to the wood fired hot tub life? Maybe you have just used one for the first time and wonder how well they perform? Or have you been considering purchasing one for your own home? Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most asked questions surrounding wood fired hot

How Do Wood Fired Hot Tubs Work?

How easy your hot tub is to move will depend on its current location, where you want to move it to, the route you’ll need to take it to its new location, and also the weight and size of your hot tub.Having lots of people help to carry your hot tub to its new location

How Easy Is It To Move A Hot Tub?

You have definitely already thought about buying your own hot tub. Just imagine finishing work and jumping into a hot tub in your backyard…the water bubbling around you…relaxing your muscles and calming you down after a long day.What’s not to love, right? A hot tub is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, relax upon

Are The Inflatable Hot Tubs Any Good?

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub then you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that the maintenance and electricity consumption will increase your monthly costs.However, the cost of running a hot tub will depend on the size of the hot tub, how frequently you use it, the frequency of water replacement, and

What Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

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