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Best Hot Tub for Arthritis

What is the Best Hot Tub for Arthritis?

Climbing into a warm hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. But for those suffering from arthritis, it becomes more beneficial still. First off, it can reduce your pain – and that’s significant enough alone. It can also help you to reduce the stiffness of…

What's the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi

The Truth Behind Is There A Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi?

We will be exploring this question in more detail to provide you with a definitive answer! Read more…

Best sand filter for hot tub

What Are The Best Sand Filters For Hot Tub?

Keeping your hot tub clean is no easy task, is it? There are many steps to cleaning a hot tub that can make the process feel drawn out, and let’s be honest; it can get us down. Filtering the water to keep it clean and clear is an integral part of the cleaning process. Imagine…

hot tub in winter

Best Cold Weather Climate Hot Tub Options

Here is a quick guide to give you information on choosing the best inflatable hot tub in colder climates.

What Is The Best Variable Speed Hot Tub Pump?

But how do you find the best variable speed pump for your needs? Here is a quick guide

Scum Balls?

Do Hot Tub Scum Balls Work?

Scum balls are miracle products that help absorb any oil and small debris. But do they work?

MSpa Super Camaro Review

If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that. – Demi Lovato  Sometimes, when the countless hours that you’ve spent in the office, the endless rigmarole of the daily commute, the grind of everyday life, and the weight of the world become…

Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters 2022?

Uncovering and re-covering a hot tub before and after every use can be a hassle, especially if you’re using the tub often. This means that it’s often worth looking into a cover lifter, a mechanized system that opens the hot tub cover when you want it to, without you having to reach over and do…

A Beginner’s Guide For An Inflatable Hot Tub

An inflatable hot tub, however, is a good option for those on a budget. Inflatable hot tubs are quickly increasing in popularity because they portable, convenient and cost-effective. If you are new to the idea of owning a hot tub and need to explore the ins and outs of owning one then you are in…

MSPA Cover Photo

MSpa Lite Alpine Outdoor Spa Review

I do love a spa day, so put me in a hot tub and give me a massage and I am a very happy girl – Ashley Roberts Life can be hectic at the best of times, and when it isn’t hectic, it’s usually frenetic and frenzied. It isn’t easy trying to keep up with…

How to Determine if a Deck can Support a Hot Tub

How to Determine if a Deck can Support a Hot Tub?

If you’re currently renovating your backyard, or you’ve finally decided to treat your family (and yourself!) that hot tub you’ve had your eye on, it’s important to plan for this new addition to your outdoor space. By itself, a hot tub is pretty heavy and, when paired with water and people, can weigh upwards of…

Does Baking Soda Raise pH In Hot Tubs?

Does Baking Soda Raise pH In Hot Tubs?

Looking to save money on those pricey maintenance chemicals without sacrificing the well being of your hot tub? You might have heard that using baking soda is an easy remedy for balancing out your pH levels, but that’s a very vague recommendation. How much baking soda is best to use? Is there any particular brand?…

How Many Gallons Are in a Hot Tub?

How Many Gallons of Water Are in a Hot Tub?

How long is a piece of string? But really, to answer a question like “how many gallons are in a hot tub,” you need to know which tub you’re talking about and which factors can change the water capacity of hot tubs. Fortunately for you, we’ve got time to go through these factors. It’s up…

hot tub disconnect

What is a Hot Tub Disconnect and Do I Need One?

Hot tubs connect to your home’s electricity circuit in different ways. If you own or are looking to purchase a tub that operates on 220 volts, you may have come across the term ‘hot tub disconnect’ and you’re probably wondering two things. Firstly, what is it? And secondly, do I need one?  What is a…

How Much Baking Soda Do I Add to Raise Alkalinity in A Hot Tub?

It is vital to the lifespan of your hot tub to maintain the correct water pH. This helps keep all of the elements in working condition and allows the heat to circulate evenly. You can buy special hot tub chemicals to keep the pH in the region of 7.2 to 7.8. This is called the…