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What Is The Best Portable Hot Tub Enclosure?




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Nothing beats relaxing in your hot tub, does it? The soothing bubbles and jets make for a peaceful evening spent with a partner or some friends.

But what about that pesky wind and rain? Or a nosy neighbor peering over the fence? Suddenly it can feel less relaxing and more like a zoo animal on show.

That’s where enclosures for your hot tub come in to save the day! Now you may not want anything in your garden 24/7 obscuring the view from your windows, yes? Well, thankfully, portable enclosures exist to give you that flexibility!

There are so many enclosures on the market and such a range of prices that it can be hard to find the best hot tub portable enclosure. Lucky for you, we have answered that question for you!

Keep reading for our top picks of portable hot tub enclosures, a handy buyer’s guide to help you decide what to go for, and an FAQ section for any last-minute questions you may have!

 In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your enclosure and go!

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Portable Enclosure


Great Deal Furniture Outdoor Canopy

From a Great Deal, Furniture, this expensive gazebo canopy provides cover and privacy while using your hot tub!

The frame is made from strong alloy steel and measures in at 118 x 118 x 107” to provide ample coverage for your hot tub!

The canopy is available in either light brown or beige to blend in with most gardens and aesthetics.

The cover is made from polyester and provides waterproof protection while you are under it. Some customers sprayed the canopy with Scotchgard to heighten its waterproof abilities, although this is unnecessary.

It’s an excellent canopy for providing shade protection, especially for those whose gardens can become a sun trap on hotter days!

You also get some adjustable netting, which can be used for added shade or nighttime protection from the elements.

The canopy comes with tools and detailed instructions to allow for an easy and quick set-up. We would recommend having two people set this up to speed the process up!

Customers praised this canopy’s sturdy construction and found the curtains offered excellent privacy when they required it. It is a little expensive, but for those with the budget, it is a perfect choice.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Offers shade protection
  • Adjustable netting for nighttime protection
  • Easy to set-up with two people
  • Lasts a long time


  • Expensive


Quictent Privacy Pop up Canopy Tent

A great option from Quictent is this pop-up canopy made with sidewalls and mesh windows to provide seclusion and cover while enjoying your hot tub!

At a reasonable price, the waterproof shelter is available in white, tan, blue, and black, providing you the option to have a color that matches your decor.

The fabric is waterproof and anti UV, offering UPF 50+ UV sun protection, great for keeping you covered in the warmer months!

You can also remove and interchange the side walls to provide ventilation and a versatile enclosure for your hot tub.

The frame comes fully assembled and made with a durable powder-coated steel frame that quickly folds and requires no tools to set up!

The steel frame is also anti-corrosion resistant to provide you with durability and longevity.

Some customers found that after heavy rain or wind, the canopy rods had bent.

This could be a quality control issue that has since been resolved, but it is best to take down the canopy if bad weather is rolling in. And really, who wants to be in a hot tub during a storm?

The tent measures at 8ft x 8ft, which should be plenty of room for your hot tub! It also comes with a carry bag for handy portability, allowing you to take it on any holidays or outdoor trips.

Featuring a quick-release button, you can adjust each leg’s height with this canopy to create the perfect design for your hot tub.


  • Decently priced
  • Pop-up frame
  • Waterproof and anti-UV
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy travel
  • The quick-release button allows for adjustable height.


  • Some customers found it struggled in harsher weather such as rain and wind.


Quictent Gazebo with Mosquito Netting and Sidewalls

Another great offering from Quictent is their waterproof gazebo designed to provide waterproof and durable coverage.

Available in a lovely tan color, the canopy gazebo is made with 250g of PVC coated polyester designed to be more durable.

The fabric used is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and provides UV protection. The material also has double-stitched seams to offer excellent quality and safety from the elements.

With this gazebo, you get two types of sides built-in; a mosquito netting and curtain design, allowing you to adjust the coverage to suit your needs.

No more being bitten while you relax, unless you are into that; simply untie the mosquito netting and zip yourselves in!

The frame of the canopy is made with rust-resistant powder-coated steel for an incredibly sturdy construction.

The feet are rounded with four holes on each leg that allow for bolts and stakes to ground the canopy for extra security. Great for those windy days!

The roof of this canopy comes with an eight angle roof design to provide increased durability and stability, to keep it up and you covered for longer.

The canopy is easy to assemble with a manual instruction book for you to follow.

Some customers noted that the canopy structure did not fare well in stormy weather, with winds of 60mph causing it to become damaged.

However, those who secured the canopy did not have these issues. Those after a portable enclosure should take this down during heavy storm weather or anchor to the ground if you want to leave it up for a while.

Customers were particularly pleased with the excellent customer support via email for any queries or assistance you may require.

For those with the budget and are after a sturdy and waterproof portable enclosure for their hot tubs, this is the canopy for you!


  • Waterproof material
  • Durable steel construction
  • UV protection
  • Can stake to the ground for added security
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive


Suncast 4 Enclosure Freestanding Outdoor Screen

For those after some partitions to enclose their hot tub, Suncast offers a stylish outdoor screen at an affordable price!

Made with heavy-duty resin and steel ground anchors, this foldable privacy screen is excellent for resisting the weather and fading to offer great use year after year.

The screen has a wood-like design with lattice panels that will add style to your garden and provide privacy for you.

Made up of 4 hinged panels, you can customize the arrangement to suit your space and needs, allowing you to change this as you see fit.

When placed near your home, the panels act as a natural camouflage to provide discreet privacy. Great for allowing you some peace in your hot tub for a whole range of relaxing activities.

The large size of this paneling is excellent, with one single panel measuring 23” x 2” x 44” to provide you with ample space to seclude your hot tub.

This method of enclosing your hot tub does not come with any roofing, which can be desirable when exposed to the elements in a hot tub.

For those after some privacy, these panels are an excellent option for you without breaking the bank!


  • Affordable
  • Provides decorative privacy
  • Mace from durable steel
  • Designed to obscure large objects
  • Versatile arrangement to suit your needs


  • Will not provide any aerial cover.


MASTERCANOPY Escape 6-Sided Portable Canopy

Those after excellent protection from the elements and ample storage should look no further than Mastercanopy’s pop up shelter!

The canopy is designed with six sides and features tightly woven mesh panels to protect you from insects, which can dampen any outdoor experience.

The woven material also allows for air ventilation to avoid overheating on hotter days.

What is excellent about this canopy is how easy it is to set up. You can use it immediately out of the box, taking just 45 seconds to set up with zero assembly required. Great for when you want to get it up and jump in the hot tub!

Made with 210 denier poly-oxford fabric and 600 denier in the center section of the roof, you get a UV and water-resistant roof that will keep you dry and block out any harmful rays.

The roof panel features a UV 50+ rating, leaving you to feel safe and secure while you relax!

Be sure to apply the necessary sun protection for the time spent outdoors, even if you are in the shade, though!

Mastercanopy notes that this canopy is not designed to be used with heavy rain to ensure its longevity.

Thankfully it is so portable and easy to set up and dismantle you will have ample time to do this before the downpour comes!

The canopy also comes with a handy carry bag, with a total weight of 15kg, making it super lightweight and portable to use!

Made with fiberglass poles, you can set up and disassemble without the need to fold the structure, making it even easier for you if you are in a rush!

Customers praised the excellent quality of this canopy, and despite the hefty price tag, found it excellent value for money!

This is an excellent option for those with a bigger budget that want a secure enclosure for their hot tub, which is also easy to assemble.


  • available in a range of colors
  • Set up in 45 seconds
  • Ample space
  • UV and water-resistant roof
  • Tight weave mesh panels to protect you from insects


  • Expensive

Best Hot Tub Portable Enclosure Buying Guide

Not sure what to look out for! Our buyer’s guide will give you all the answers!


When it comes to getting the right enclosure, it’s crucial to consider what material is being used. There’s no point in an enclosure if it’s going to leave cold with damp heads, is there?

Look for enclosures that are listed as waterproof, as well as wind-resistant to avoid any enclosure sweeping away in the wind disasters! High-quality PVC is an excellent option to keep the water out and leave you to enjoy your hot tub in peace.

In terms of the structural materials, your best bet is a sturdy steel construction to keep your enclosure in place no matter the weather.

Look for structures that have the option to be anchored down also. These do not always offer the best portability, but leaving it up for a little while, will provide much peace of mind.

Fiberglass poles are also an excellent choice for a sturdy construction that will provide incredible durability and support to your structure.

Those looking for partition style enclosures should also look for those with a steel or fiberglass construction to provide stability all year round.

Added extras

When purchasing your enclosure, it’s always worth looking for some added extras to get excellent value for your money.

A carry bag included is a useful feature to look for as this will make it easy to transport your enclosure and provide handy storage.

Pegs and stakes are also an excellent extra to look for, allowing you to secure the enclosure should you be looking for a more permanent solution.

These also come in handy during more adverse weather conditions to keep your enclosure firmly on the ground.

Providing you only use the same holes, it should not disrupt your garden’s landscape too much.

Size matters

When it comes to the size of your enclosure, size does matter!

When purchasing your enclosure, be sure to carefully measure your hot tub area, especially if you are looking for a roofed enclosure to ensure your hot tub can fit comfortably inside.

You may also want to allow some extra space to store your clothes and towels while you are in the hot tub to save a chilly walk indoors!

Make sure you consider the height; you don’t want to hit your head on the frame every time you stand up! A good size will also ensure that any part of the canopy won’t get wet from the hot tub water.

How much?

When selecting the best portable hot tub enclosure, the price can vary, leaving you unsure how much you should be spending.

You don’t need to break the bank to get a good quality portable enclosure for your hot tub, though, despite what brands might tell you!

Ensure you set out a clear budget before you begin your search and stick to it where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any last-minute queries? Let’s get those answered now!

Why go for a portable enclosure?

A portable enclosure for your hot tub will provide you with the flexibility in not having the enclosure up all year round.

It’s a good option for those with limited garden space or views from their windows.

A portable enclosure can often be quick to set up as it will also be designed for people taking the enclosures on camping trips.

It’s an excellent option for those after a versatile enclosure to tailor themselves and remove where necessary.

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