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How Often Should You Change An Inflatable Hot Tub Filter?




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So you have recently acquired a hot tub or are going to become the happy proprietor of one? Congrats!

However, you should know what a hot tub filter is, how you should clean it, and when it should be serviced.

Irrespective of how much time you spend in your inflatable hot tub,  you need to regularly check and upkeep your hot tub filters to keep them in good condition.

Admittedly, regular upkeep and a little observation can make a big difference in keeping your hot tub pristine and hygienic. Keeping the filters in good condition will ensure a soothing bath without hassles.

Dive in and keep reading as we go over everything you need to know about how and when to replace your hot tub filter.

What Exactly is a Hot Tub Filter?

Hot tub filters are perforated cloth-like synthetic paper structures enclosed in a plastic container.

They are meant to collect the following main impurities in your water: Sediment, skin oil, hairs, and twigs are all examples of contaminants.

No, we’re not referring to the inflow suction drain at the base of the tub’s interior.

The tub may have one or more of these drains, and it is through these drains, the water is drawn into the warming and pumping circuit.

A tiny mesh cover covers them, preventing contaminants from entering the pipes and causing blockages.

Some you can clean by hand while sitting in the bathtub, flinging residual hair or twigs over the edge.

The filter is usually approximately a foot in length with a big plastic underside and is typically out of sight (and frequently out of mind too).

They screw into a place, and the water is pulled into the hot tub through the filter.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Hot tub Filter?

Considering regular hot tub usage and periodic filter maintenance, the lifespan of a hot tub filter is somewhere around one year.

A hot tub that is used less often but is regularly cleaned can have a lifespan of up to 2 years

Several factors determine the longevity of a hot tub filter. A Few for example are:

  • The effectiveness with which you regulate the chemical composition of the water
  • The periodicity with which you replace and wash the filter

On average, if you perform those things correctly, your filter should last around 1-2 years. However, many websites will inform you that it will take between 2 and 5 years.

You may wonder why the range varies so vastly. The most common reason is how often you use your hot tub.

The quality and the type of filter you purchase impact how long your hot tub filter will last.

How and When to Change the Hot Tub Filter?

Your hot tub filter is one of the most critical components in maintaining your hot tub water clean. Hot tub filters prevent particles, dirt, grime, as well as some germs out of your hot tub session.

You should clean and replace your hot tub filters regularly if you want the most significant outcomes from your cleaning session. 

Here’s a how-to guide for keeping your filters clean.

  1. An Inspection Every 3-5 weeks

While performing your routine hot tub check, detach the filter from the hot tub and wash it with a water hose to remove bigger particles, including hair and needles. 

This method is a straightforward approach to maintaining your filter and operational between periodic cleanings.

  1. An Inspection Every 3-5 Months

You should replace the filter and clean it thoroughly every 3-5 months. We suggest maintaining a clean filter on board to change your dirty one.

This process increases the life of both filters and enables you to utilize your hot tub without having to wait a day.

  1. An Inspection Once a Year: Aka Replace Your Filter

Hot tub filters are only designed to last around a year based on usage. However, we do not encourage utilizing your filter for longer than twelve months.

Changing it once a year is crucial because it might become inefficient and deposit debris and germs in your hot tub waters.

Use two distinct filters that you alternate. You will undoubtedly prolong the lifespan of both filters and keep using them for a more extended period.

But try and keep note of how long you’ve had your hot tub filters and also how many months they’ve remained in use. You should replace them after every 12 months.

Is it Necessary to Clean and Change Hot Tub Filters?

Now that you’ve discovered everything, there is to know about cleaning and replacing your hot tub filter. But the question remains: Why is it so critical to do this?

The answer is that your waters will get stinky and discolored. It may begin to manifest deadly germs, leading to severe health issues.

In the worst-case scenario, you might also end up ruining your hot tub.

Replacing and cleaning your hot tub filter is a quick and easy task that not only maintains the water in your hot tub great and clean but also increases the lifespan of your hot tub! 

Defective or burnt-out pump motors are among the most prevalent hot tub issues. This phenomenon is usually caused by the pumps working too hard to push water through a filthy filter.

Facts and Questions?

Can I Use My Hot Tub Without Having a Filter?

A hot tub can operate without a filter, but water quality will degrade faster in the long term.

A hot tub without a filter is more prone to harbor germs and bacteria, and residues can clog and damage the motors of your pump.


Hot tubs do not require much upkeep, but the trick is doing a little bit daily to keep the situation under control.

In contrast to the filter cleaning, the hot tub on its own will require cleanup above the water level every week. 

You will also have to remove the filter and carefully clean it every three months.

Maintaining the water chemicals in equilibrium also necessitates daily inspection.

You must ensure that your water has the proper PH level.

If it does not, your sanitizer will be considerably less efficient, increasing the danger of your water getting contaminated.

Except for the discarding and washing every three months, none of the preceding duties are very time-consuming. You can easily maintain your bathtub if you invest a little time behind it.

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