Yard Pet-Proofing: 8 Helpful Tips to Make Your Yard Safe for Your Pets

If you have pets at home, it’s essential that you make the yard safe for them. They also love to play outdoors and it will be more fun if they can do it with the rest of the family. Providing a huge space outside is not enough to ensure that your pets will enjoy playing outside. You should take extra precautions so you can be confident that your pets are away from harm.

Below are some ideas that will make your yard safer not just mainly for your pets, but for everyone who decides to enjoy or relax on your beautiful yard.

1. Observe Safety Precautions for Lawn and Garden Tools

While powered lawn and garden tools are extremely helpful, they are also hazardous, especially if not handled well. For example, if you have a leaf blower, you should not let your kids play with it. It might be a fun idea to let leaves fly around your pets, but this tool can blow other things. It can blow small rocks, twigs, and other debris, which could potentially harm both your children and pets.

Moreover, keep your tools and equipment when not in use. You might not notice when children play with them and might lead to serious accidents and injuries.

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2. Be Careful When Buying Herbicides and Fertilizers

When buying fertilizers, always check if they are safe for your pets. As you may already know, pets, particularly dogs, love to put just about anything in their mouth, including fertilizers. Even though some have low toxicity level, they are still dangerous, especially if your pet has ingested a significant amount.

Herbicides also pose a serious problem if your pets swallow them. Always follow the instructions when using herbicides, like the proper dilution of the products. Don’t let your pets and even your children out when your lawn is not completely dry.

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3. Keep Watch of Hazardous Plants and Mushrooms

Check from time to time wet and moist areas in your yard for wild mushrooms as they could be harmful to your pets. Not only that, but some plants are also not good for them. Chamomile, which is a favorite of many, is actually harmful to pets as they can cause allergies, bleeding, and vomiting. Lilies are dangerous for cats and dahlias and daffodils aren’t safe for both cats and dogs. You can choose pet-friendly flowers, like sunflowers, petunias, and roses.

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4. Add Proper Walls and Fences

If you have dogs, you need to have a wall that is between six to eight inches high, depending on their size and abilities. To stop your dogs from digging, you can put a cement base or just bury your fence several inches in your ground. Meanwhile, if you have cats, you need to have a barrier for your fence to prevent them from going beyond your home. Perform occasional inspections to see if there are holes where your pets can escape.

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5. Always Keep the Gate Closed

One of the main reasons why pets escape is people leave their gates wide open. Always make sure that yours is closed and locked. Always remind your family and guests to never leave the gate open as your pets might escape.

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6. Watch Out for Pests

Pests, such as ticks, fleas, slugs, snails, etc., are unpleasant to have in your yard. However, the chemicals that are used to kill them are even more offensive. It’s better if you use natural products to get rid of them.

Chemicals used to kill snails are toxic and can be life-threatening for your pets once ingested. Instead, use diatomaceous earth or eggshells as they come with rugged barriers you can place around your plants. To kill other pests, choose organic products, like eugenol and peppermint, to keep both your plants and pets safe.

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7. Provide Adequate Shade

An ideal yard should have enough trees to serve as shades against the heat of the sun. If you don’t, you can make your own to keep your pets from dehydration. There are many unique ways to provide shade on your yard, which will also add to its appeal.

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8. Clear the Yard for Debris and Other Hazards

Another effective way to make your yard safe is to clean it up and get rid of debris and other hazards. If you have unwanted bushes and twigs, you must find the time to get rid of them. Sometimes, the reason why these get neglected is the amount of time and work needed for the job. To make it simpler and more organized, use a gasoline wood chipper from Austter. It chips both leaves and wood, which you can turn into mulch for your plants.

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A yard is a wonderful place where you can do a lot of things. It’s a great place to bond with the family, to relax, and to play with the kids and pets. With the helpful tips mentioned above, you’ll have a safe yard for your furry friends, where you can play fetch for long hours!

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