Why is Sisal Better than Regular Carpet?

Natural fiber carpets are becoming more and more popular, sisal being one of the most wanted types, besides seaweed, jute, wool, coir, and others.

These rugs made of natural fibers present a serious, viable, affordable, and most importantly eco-friendly alternative to the synthetic carpets whose production requires the usage of fossil fuels. Sisal, in particular, is a plant from the agave family, cultivated mostly in Brazil.

There are numerous reasons why sisal is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a durable, aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly carpeting solution.

Experts at Natural Area Rugs list just a few advantages the sisal carpets which should be enough to convince you to take them into consideration over the synthetic-fiber options.

They Are Durable

Sisal carpets are among the most durable ones when it comes to both natural and synthetic fiber carpets. This is due to the toughness of the sisal plant’s fibers they are made of.

It is much stronger and durable than jute, for instance. As a matter of fact, it is often used for boat ropes and balling twine.

On top of that, it is used and automotive industry as well, as an eco-friendly replacement for materials such as asbestos or fiberglass. So once you buy a sisal carpet, you can be sure it is going to last for a long, long time.

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They Look Good

When choosing a carpet, the looks is, of course, one of the top criteria.

Sisal fibers have natural beige, tan and cream white nuances which are neutral, yet effective and easily fit into nearly any style and décor.

Those fibers are then woven into a fabric with a natural look which gives the adaptability and neutrality to the non-dyed sisal carpets. If, however, you prefer something bolder, sisal can carry that as well. These fibers hold the dye quite well, so if you wish a colored or patterned carpet, it can be done as well.

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They Are Good for Your Indoor Air Quality

Unlike the carpets made of synthetic fabrics, sisal rugs do not give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air in your house, thus contributing to the overall indoor air quality in your home.

Moreover, as a natural material, sisal is good for people who have allergies or asthma as it is non-toxic.  Sisal is also very absorbent, so it can actually act as a natural humidifier, again adding to the air quality in your home.

So not only is it a long-term, durable carpeting solution which at the same time looks good but is absolutely not harmful to your and your family’s health, on the contrary.

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It’s Good for the Environment

Unlike all the synthetic materials, such as nylon, which require fossil fuels for their production, and once disposed of taking forever to decompose, sisal as a plant fiber is completely harmless for the environment.

Other materials used for the production of the sisal rugs are also natural, renewable and sustainable. What is more, being a natural fabric, sisal does not take ages to decompose, taking up space in the landfill, but is actually biodegradable.

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It’s Easy to Maintain

Sisal carpets do not need a lot of care and attention. They are quite low maintenance, regular vacuuming being the only requirement for keeping them clean and in good shape.

You should, however, bear in mind, that as an excellent absorbent, sisal does get easily stained and cannot be steam cleaned nor wet shampooed. So good vacuuming is all you can and should do. Another positive trait of this type of carpets is they are not very flammable and resist static.

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