When is a Pool Cleaning Service Necessary

Everyone has a pool on his or her dream house and who wouldn’t? The thought of having a big chunk of water you can jump on and cool yourself off after a hot summer day might just be one of the few luxuries in life that a lot of us can afford. If you are like me who always dreamt of having a pool in his backyard but never really thought about how to go through with it, then this article is for you. One of the most important aspects of owning a pool is keeping it clean and clear. This means hiring the best help and choosing the perfect pool service.

First things first, if you think you can get away with having lopsided cleaning pool strategy then you better think again. Pools can turn from your little oasis of fun to a pest infested smelly swamp in a snap. As water brings life, unfortunately, it does so as well with other unwanted living things like mosquitoes, other bugs, and even rodents.

So, where do you start in coming up with a pool cleaning strategy? The first thing you have to ask yourself is who would do the cleaning in the first place. While some might be quite eager to do their own cleaning, most of us have to be practical about the time that this task usually takes. Of course, you can always go for a hybrid solution where you might ask pool cleaners to clean your pool on some days when you are busy at work or spending quality time with your family. While on some days, you could clean the pool yourself so you could stretch your arms a little bit and then cooling down in clear cool water after an hour of all that hard work.

When caring for a pool several items to consider and you don’t want to miss anything so making a list will ensure that all items are taken care of. First, you have to do the obvious which is to remove the floating debris such as fallen leaves, plastic and such. This is the easy part and you may even choose to do this yourself every once in a while. The hard part is the brushing which includes all surfaces that are not below water. This means that you have to brush the stairs, benches, ladders and the poolside floors. If you feel tired just reading that then know that there are actually machines that can be used for that purpose. Part of the reason pool services are great is because they have the equipment in hand and ready to use.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pool Service

How often you should clean your pool depends on several factors. Stand in front of your pool and look at all the possible troublemakers that could disturb your pool. Is the pool side near the road and if so, how many cars pass by? Is the location of your pool windy and can dirt and dust transfer into your pool because of that? Trees and shrubs provide the perfect pool cover but the leaves and branches that fall off of them can sometimes end up floating in your pool. Bugs are also fond of trees so do not be surprised if you’ll be swimming with a few of them one morning.

Another factor that could greatly affect your swimming experience is the pH of your pool. You do not want it to be too acidic or too basic. You would know the acidity or basicity level of your pool using litmus paper. It is recommended that you check the pools acidity or basicity at least once every week. This way, you can be sure that you are not putting yourself and your family in harm’s way when taking a dip in it.

Rainfall is also a factor when cleaning a pool. Consider rain as a diluter, and while we want our pool to be as near to crystal clear water as possible, we do not want it to be rid of the chemicals as well. Chemicals like chlorine are essential in keeping the pool from smelling foul because of bacteria build up. It is so quick to turn a pool into a cesspool and not just because they one word is a subset of the other.

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Consider a Pool Service These Top Benefits

If affordable, you should choose to hire help instead of cleaning a pool on your own. Not only is it tiring and time-consuming process, you might not be able to clean your pool the same way that the professionals can. Never mind the smell and the unsightly scene, think about the diseases that you could incur from swimming in that mess.


As with any service that you hire, especially those that would regularly frequent your home, they have to be dependable. While it is not the only measure for dependability, how long a pool cleaning service is in business says quite a lot about them. Ask your neighbors, family and co-workers for referrals, especially if you are new in town.

You could also harness the power of the internet and social media. Look at pages of pool services and see their reviews. It is really hard to escape the wrath of an angry customer so reading reviews good and bad can help to find a dependable pool service provider.

Excellent Equipment

Finally, the equipment that the pool cleaning service has to be top notch. This might be obvious already but pool cleaning services are mostly hired on the basis that they have the equipment that you cannot afford or is impractical to buy for yourself.