What is the best hot tub for your backyard garden?

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Getting a hot tub for your backyard garden might not be something that you really thought about. However, it is an upcoming trend that you should consider and watch out for.

You can find hot tubs in the newest modern catalogues. Also, even more luxurious real estate properties that are up for sale like the ones seen here at homes for sale Hilton Head SC have a hot tub in their offer.

Fortunately, you can transform your backyard into a home spa yourself. Who doesn’t love a hot bath and nature?

When you combine the two together, this is where the magic starts. Let’s embark on a journey and find out what is the best way to get a hot tub in your backyard garden and transform it into a small paradise.

Types of hot tubs for the backyard garden?


You should be aware that there are different kinds of hot tubs and many producers you can go for. Generally, there are three basic types, and they are:

Wood Fired Hot Tub

  • Inflatable hot tub
  • Jacuzzi-style hot tub
  • Wood-fired hot tub

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An inflatable hot tub is the cheapest on the list; however, it is not that aesthetically pleasing and easily damaged. A jacuzzi-style tub is usually the most advanced when it comes to technology, and on the more expensive side. Finally, the wood-fired tub that is powered by burning logs, a great idea if you want to avoid electricity around your hot tub.



What are the additional costs involved in owning a hot tub?


When it comes to hot tubs that you can get installed in your garden, there are a variety of different prices you can expect to see on the market. A simple inflatable hot tub can be purchased for less than $500 while the more advanced and technical designs can range from $2,500 to even $4,000 and up, depending on the type.


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If you want to make your hot tub a proper investment, consider buying in at the minimum of $10,000. At This price should get you a better-quality product that is reliable and will offer a full-service backup as well as a warranty.


When you make your purchase, please remember to ask about installation costs, as some hot tub retailers and producers don’t include them in the price. The next thing to consider are maintenance costs; they are on average between a dollar and $2 per day to maintain the right temperature and the costs of a water treatments such as bromine, chlorine or ph increase up or down.


The best spot for installation of your backyard garden hot tub


Once you have chosen and bought your hot tub, now it is time to select the optimal spot for it in your backyard garden. Your tub needs to be installed on a solid and level base, such as a concrete pad or patio pavers.

Make sure the surface is able to handle the weight of the hot tub when filled with water and people. It should be able to handle up to a minimum of 2 tons.

Think carefully about the location for your hot tub.  A clean area is ideal for it to reduce the amount of dirt being transported inside a tub. It is also recommended to go for a spot where you can get a lot of daylight.  This will create a lovely view while you are relaxing in your spa.  In addition, you will want to consider being able to walk completely around the tub.  This will enable complete access for cleaning.

Make sure to consider if you want the hot tub close or far away to the house because you might need to set up additional lighting for the evening use.  You will also want to take your privacy into account and ask yourself whether your neighbors can see you.


What else do you need to know to make a hot tub in your backyard garden a reality?


There are a few additional requirements that you should think about when preparing for the installation process. They are:


  • Chemicals – Most hot tubs have a filtration system, and the water should be treated with sanitizing chemicals. By doing so, the water will need to be changed once a month depending on usage.


  • Drainage – Each hot tub has a drain near the bottom for letting out water. This means that there’s almost no need for a hot tub to be getting additional drainage or to be plumbed in.


  • Electrical requirements – There are 110V hot tubs out there which you can just plug and play.  However, some hot tubs may require a 220V separate amp circuit.  For this type it would be best to hire and electrician so that everything is permitted and up to code.


The installation process is not that difficult, but it does take some work and time. You can hire landscapers to design and complete the job for you.  But if you consider yourself a DIYer with some basic knowledge than you should be ok to install on your own.


You can turn your garden into a spa and create a relaxation center in your backyard.  Having a long warm bath after a long day of work is an absolute pleasure. If you can do it outside, then it turns into an even more pleasurable experience. You deserve a place where you can always calm down and relax!