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What Are the Pros and Cons of Salt Water Hot Tubs?




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Saltwater hot tubs are modified versions of the simplified hot tub in which there is a salt cell chlorinator.

The chlorinator releases chlorine in the tub, meaning you don’t need to add extra chlorine chemicals directly into the hot tub.

These are becoming more popular day by day. Fortunately, you do not need to buy a unique new saltwater hot tub to use one. Anyone can convert their simple hot tub into a saltwater hot tub thanks to chlorine generators or seawater systems.

In this article, we will brief you on the details of saltwater hot tubs, allowing you to know everything about these tubs. In addition, we will tell you the numerous benefits and the problems that it might cause as well. 

With this information, you will be able to see both the benefits and disadvantages of saltwater hot tubs, making your final decision about buying one much more informed.

Benefits Of Using Saltwater 

1. Fewer Chemicals Required 

One of the best advantages of having a saltwater hot tub is that you don’t need to constantly buy chemicals for water sanitization. As compared to other hot tubs, the saltwater hot tub requires only one-fourth of the chemical additives required.

2. No Drainage Hassle

Compared to other standard hot tubs, which require being drained once every 3 months, saltwater hot tubs need to be drained only once a year. As a result, they become less foamy and have fewer scum lines. This means that the water stays cleaner for a long time. 

3. Passive Heating

According to research, there are various health-related benefits of passive heating to the human body, and hot tubs are one of the most remarkable ways to get passive heating. Bathing in hot water can also help you burn calories that are equivalent to a brisk walk. The reason behind this is the ability of the water to make your heart beat faster.

4. Best For Sensitive Eyes And Skin

One more important advantage of having a saltwater hot tub is that it does not make the eyes and hands as itchy as regular hot tubs do. Chlorine is produced naturally in these tubs and is released slowly and steadily in the water, which implies that you are less likely to have dull skin after soaking in the saltwater hot tub.

5. Stable Quality Of Water

Due to the chlorine produced by the cell, the quality and stability of the water are also increased. Hence, it provides more stability to the water, giving you relief from constantly checking and maintaining the water balance. You can ask any hot tub owner about the problems and efforts they have to put into balancing hot tub water. It requires a lot of time and patience.

6. No Nasty Odor

The problems in having a hot tub, spa, and pool is the nasty odor coming from them due to over usage or lack of cleanliness.

Due to this, sometimes people are put off from them. One more reason for that odor is the chlorine, which is added artificially into the water using chemicals.

But it is not the same case in a saltwater system, as the saltwater hot tub does not change the chlorine to chloramines, which is why tubs start smelling and producing nasty odors.

This is because when used in the saltwater hot tub, the natural chlorine molecules don’t convert into chloramine. Instead, they form sodium chloride, which is odorless salt.

7. Improved Hydrotherapy

The best thing about having a saltwater hot tub is that it offers all the benefits of a simple freshwater hot tub. Other than that, it comes with its own benefits also.

It helps in reducing body pain like knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. It is pretty helpful for those suffering from a disease like arthritis too, as they feel hot and relaxed in a saltwater hot tub.

The warm bath helps those who have arthritis by reducing stiffness in the joint and making it a little flexible. It also reduces the inflammation of the joints.

A bath in a saltwater hot tub twice a week keeps you comfortable, relaxed, and freshens your mind throughout the week.

8. A Comfortable Experience

According to some reports, an increasing number of people are attracted to the saltwater hot tub due to the warm and comfortable experience it provides.

People want a comforting experience, and a saltwater hot tub helps them in creating one. It releases chlorine naturally and prevents the hassle of adding chlorine and then balancing the water, which means that people only have to make minimal efforts.

The saltwater system releases chlorine gradually and maintains a minimal level of chlorine.

Disadvantages Of Using Saltwater Hot Tubs

We have discussed the benefits of having a saltwater hot tub. It gives you a clear picture of why you should buy it. But to give you more precise details, we will also be telling you some disadvantages of having a saltwater tub. Though there are not many disadvantages, these are some things that you might want to think about before buying one.

1. Initial Cost

Though saltwater tubs save money from buying chemicals, the initial cost of installing a saltwater hot tub is relatively high. It is expensive, but the replacement cost of cells is an extra economic burden on you. The cells run for roughly 18 to 20 months and have costs ranging from 200 to 400 dollars.

2. Power Costs

The electric charges will increase if you use a saltwater hot tub, as the water temperature needs to be maintained in the tub. To maintain the chlorine level internally in the tub, the water temperature should not drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Corrosion Risk

Saltwater tubs are made from materials that resist corrosion. But if you have converted a standard hot tub into a saltwater one, it might still be corrupted if not made from rust-free material, which can damage the pool.


Salt water hot tubs can be more pricey to buy initially. However, they are easier to maintain than traditional hot tubs in the long run.

They can be installed in a variety of locations, including outdoors or indoors. The spa’s heating system is powered by titanium heaters so you don’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills!

Plus salt water spas use less chemical solution which means there will likely not be any type of chlorine smell lingering around your home like with regular hot tubs.

Lastly, because they require low maintenance, saltwater spas save you time too. You won’t need to clean it as often because bacteria doesn’t grow as quickly in salty environments making them self-cleaning!

All these features make for an ideal relaxation spot that can suit anyone’s needs.

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