What Are The Best Ways to Refresh an Old Wall Space?

Until recently, many homeowners did not spare any attention to interior designing. Because it was a costly affair, and only the people with deep pockets could afford this luxury. What are the best ways to refresh an old wall space will help you on your journey to make some cost effective changes.

The industry of interior design has blossomed out of proportion. Hence, the home décor objects that fall under the financial grasp of an average person are readily available in the market. The upsurge in the trend of wall décor items stands as testimony to that.

Today, you are unlikely to spot blank walls in a house. With little to no investment, you can also embellish your walls with a personal touch. Listed below are creative wall décor ideas that will bestow your space with a charming and lively look.

Multiple Mirrors 

Adding mirrors is one of the easiest ways to beautify walls around you. Since they hardly occupy real estate, mirrors are particularly suitable for houses that happen to be extremely congested. Make no mistake, and unlike the past, mirrors are no more stigmatized as bathroom décor.

However, many people are apparently naïve about the placement of mirrors. Surely, buying different sizes and shapes counts, but that does not mean you can turn a blind eye to their positioning. So dive into the following guidelines before scattering mirrors all over the place:

  • If your mirror constantly reflects an ugly part of your house, such as a broken piece of furniture, then that’s not the ideal place for it. Make adjustments and try to fix the mirror where it can reflect an attractive painting or any other masterpiece, of your house.
  • Opting for bigger mirrors is the best bet. That way, even a tiny room, occupied with home appliances online, will give you the feel of a large and luxurious room. Also, you will be saved from knocking too many bolts into the walls.
  • Make sure your mirrors complement the sunlight as a well-lit space always looks beyond ordinary.
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Wall-mounted Plants 

We owe a lot to the big metropolitan hubs. They have been instrumental in our economy. But cities are the biggest reason why we have started becoming alien to mother nature. Guess what, it is time to bridge the gap between you and nature – thanks to the wall-mounted plants.

There is nothing complicated about this decorative element. You can easily fix them, bringing your DIY skills into play. Apart from bestowing your walls with the greenish look, wall-mounted plants will also be a constant source of aesthetic pleasure. You could be a typical city pup, but, as time goes by, you will eventually realize that nature never goes out of style.

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Hang Art Frames

If you are head over heels in love with art, this wall décor idea will surely strike you. Like almost every art-enthusiast, you may also have preserved some celebrated artworks. Well, it is time to make the most of that collection.

The best way to display your art is to infuse as much diversity in it as possible. So be it simple, bold, large or small frames, just put them on your wall in a raw fashion. The combination of different sizes will make your wall all the more appealing as well expressive.

If your art pieces are not from the top-drawer, you should consider tabbing them in gold-frames. Interior designers of the opinion, gold-frames can make a mediocre artwork look like a real gem. Of late, the trend of hanging children’s paintings has also gained steam. That’s an equally good alternative.

In all honesty, many people would be reluctant or simply lazy to do all the hard work required for hanging a bunch of frames. You can cut a lot of labor by simply leaning them against the wall on a shelf. It can’t be any more convenient than that.

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An Oversized Calendar

Over the course of decades, calendars are being used as a potent tool to keep track of dates. Even in this era, technological tinkering, calendars have still kept their relevance intact. Having said that, today, calendars have also successfully immersed in the role of a wall décor.

There are many online brands out there that sell beautiful oversized calendars in a variety of colors. What’s more, you can personalize them in accordance with your preferences and needs. For example, you can mark important days like anniversaries, birthdays, marriage ceremonies and suchlike on your loved ones to stay ahead of time. It is hands down the cheapest wall décor solution we have covered in this list so far.

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A Stylish Bookshelf

An avid reader does not have to purchase anything. If used in a tasteful way, his bookshelf will suffice as a handy decorative tool. Here are some optimal places to fit-in the shelf:

  • Under the stairs: The empty space underneath stairs is hardly entertained by house owners. Well, you can make the most of this portion by stacking books on a floating shelf. Use color-coded books to attract eyeballs.
  • Left and right of the TV: Adding two vertical shelves on either side of your TV is a guaranteed way to uplift the charisma. Someone watching from a distance will get the impression that books are floating on the wall.

Shelves are not only exploited for storing books. You can also incorporate furnishing items like vases, lamps, antique objects, etc. in it.

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Place Maps

Maps are one of the budget-friendly ways to stir up the exquisiteness of your wall and thereby your home in general. Those who are inclined to traveling will find this idea absolutely irresistible.

As you might have already seen, maps are overpowered with different colors. So you can simply buy an oversized map and drape it on the stark wall. It will do a decent job as a wall décor piece.

At the same time, you may also perform certain tweaks for additional flair. For example, use a sharpie paint pen to highlight different places you have visited on the map. Be sure to cherry-pick a map whose colors stand in line with the colors of your home’s furnishing stuff.

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Hang Hats

Hats are a common accessory as far as fashion is concerned. So if you have got a decent collection of hats, you don’t need to look any further. Just hang them on your wall, and they will completely transform its look.

Typically, there are two ways to hang hats. One; make a clutter of hats having diverse designs, shapes, and colors. Two; make an orderly arrangement of hats on the respective wall. Both patterns are equally effective.

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Consider a Weaving Texture 

Just when we thought weaving techniques are about to settle permanently in the archives of history, it seems that the art of weaving is all set to make a strong comeback. There is no shortage of weaving textures in the market today. Stumbling upon that perfect weaved art could be just around the corner so be looking for it!

If you happen to be a good weaver, you can also design it on your own and save some money.  Check online for some great designs and this could be a less expensive way to go.

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The Final Verdict

Many people have a tendency to cover walls with whatever they can lay their hands upon. That is such a flawed tactic. Because you never know how it will play out. Putting a little more thought can literally alter the appearance and overall feel of your space.