What are the Best Types of Hot Tubs

What are the Best Types of Hot Tubs

A Hot Tub is referred to as a small pool filled with water or a large tube used for pleasure, relaxation, or hydrotherapy. Especially for massage purposes, a few of them are powerful jets. Even the Hot Tubs are sometimes referred to as Jacuzzi (with the trade name) or as Spas. It is similar to the typical bathtub, the Hot Tub is specially designed to use by many people at a time, and also various models are designed to accommodate more than 4 people.

Hot Tubs can also be installed indoors but typically designed for outdoors. After each use, it is not required to change the water within the hot tub. You can make use of the similar swimming pool sanitation method for sanitary purpose. Hot Tubs and baths are mainly differentiated with the usage of shampoos and soaps which are not commonly used in the wet-jetted based hot tubs, but it can also be used in some air-jetted based hot tubs.

Difference between Inflatable Hot Tub vs. Other Hot Tubs

Please find below the list of difference between Inflatable Hot Tub and Other Hot Tubs:

Inflatable Hot Tubs:

The best key benefit offered by the Inflatable hot tub is referred to be more flexible with regards to placement. This hot tub can be moved around, put it up, and take it down. Since the tub is an inflatable type, you can get more comfortable and cushioned experience. It combines with the lilo comfort mode by being heated and mini pool.

The word inflatable will make you think about the material which is easy to puncture and flimsy, but this hot tub is exceptional. Since this is an outdoor item, this hot tub is designed with a sturdier stuff material to avoid puncture. Please keep in mind that it is not much easier to puncture those material products.

Hard-Side or Permanent Hot Tubs:

Most of the hot tubs are available with a quicker setup. It is not required to select your preferred spot for installation or need assistance from a plumber. However, the basic requirement is to choose the suitable base to place the hot tub and as well as provide enough large power supply that needs to be closer where the unit is placed.

Since these hot tubs consist of a body with a hard shell, you should choose a built-in permanent seating that provides an ultimate place for your relaxation. Depending upon your spending, the hot tubs are available with advanced features.

It is not required to spend more money if you prefer for lights, different jet styles, and any other features. No need to worry about the outside temperature, you can relax the luxury on your permanent setup hot tub throughout the year.

The chemical balance is the most important requirement for both styles of hot tubs since you are leaving the water within the tub and using it for a long-term. We would like to inform that the inflatable hot tub can be used for a short-term plan and the more permanent investment seems to be the in-ground hot tub which provides the entire hot tub experience and better use of maintenance and chemicals.

If you still in a dilemma to choose between a hot tub or a pool, then you can also think about the Swim Spa option (referred from the RexGarden Inflatable Reviews), to provide more flexibility for both options.

Best types of Hot Tubs

Please find below the list of best types of Hot Tubs:


Inflatable Hot tubs are new to the market and they can be easily shifted to any new location without any hassle and not fairly inexpensive. This product is made up of laminated polyester or PVC material comes with various features and multiple shapes to choose from. Most of the inflatable hot tubs that are connected to a 110V outlet get the warm water at the earliest.

This is no special requirement with regards to the electrical work for connecting this new hot tub at your home. They can be easily punctured with less durable and does not have molded seats to provide more comfort. When compared with the traditional hot tubs, they have to run more cost to heat.


If you prefer to choose with more options like seating configuration, features, colors, and sizes of any available hot tubs then you need to think about the Portable hot tub. This is the most traditional hot tub which people may think in their mind. These hot tubs were designed after the development of Wooden hot tubs, they are incredibly permanent and durable.

When compared with other hot tub models, they tend to provide higher performance and more energy efficient. Since it is portable you can easily shift it to another location. However, it is not lightweight and needs some more effort to move. Additionally, the weight can be supported by placing a special pad to it. 

Rotationally Molded:

If you prefer to have hydrotherapy then this is the best suited hot tubs. This Swim spa tub is incredibly expensive and cannot be afforded. When compared to inflatable hot tubs, they are not much lightweight and it can be more durable and affordable. They generally offer contoured seating and under 300 pounds in weight.

You can have a comfortable feel while sitting in the hot tub and much easier to move it to your desired location.  With regards to efficiency, these hot tubs are not similar to the traditional models and with its plastic appearance, they do not have much attraction from the users. However, this product was developed using a material with a single piece that has molded shape. It is incredibly very strong and has a few chances of damages.


For the past six decades, these Wooden hot tubs are created and it is the first type to be considered. Initially, these hot tubs were specially designed for soaking, but later on, they are remodeled to make use of the hot tub which we use now. If you prefer to choose a wooden hot tub, then you need to pay attention, especially to its heating source. This is one among the best hot tubs listed under the RexGarden Inflatable Reviews.

Some of the hot tubs that are available in the market are made up of gas heater, electric heater, wood fire heater, or a combination. The vital role of the hot tub is referred to as the heating source, which helps to heat up the water quickly and where it is located. For some buyers, these hot tubs are very aesthetically pleasing.

The cedar and redwood hot tubs offer the value-added benefit to provide lovely aromatherapy during the soaking process. When compared to traditional hot tubs they are very expensive and bulky. To be frank, this hot tub does not offer fun features to the users while they bath and requires an assembly for assistance.

Exercise or Swim Spa:

These hot tubs can be developed within a specialized room or a deck in the home which allows the user to enjoy exercise and swimming. They are designed as the self-contained units and very bulky in size. However, they still require a solid foundation which can be used to place under the hot tubs for better assistance. When compared with traditional hot tub, these hot tubs are larger in size which allows the user to easily exercise and swim in them.

This is an ideal choice to exercise within the warm environment and to have fun with the bigger shape. They do not have their own drawbacks. This hot tub provides a dedicated space to enjoy and generally very expensive when compared to the traditional hot tubs. Since they need more water for operation, they yield higher operating costs and need to maintain the proper temperature with the required electricity.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Hot tubs and its importance. You can also refer the document to know the difference between Inflatable hot tub & other hot tubs which are proved by the RexGarden Inflatable Reviews, and the best types of hot tubs available within the market.

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