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What Are The Best Sand Filters For Hot Tub?




Best sand filter for hot tub

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Keeping your hot tub clean is no easy task, is it?

There are many steps to cleaning a hot tub that can make the process feel drawn out, and let’s be honest; it can get us down.

Filtering the water to keep it clean and clear is an integral part of the cleaning process. Imagine inviting a date to join you in the hot tub, and the water is murky and dirty?

The Uber would be there before you know it!

Investing in a good filter is the best way to avoid these disasters!

Typically used for above ground pools and spas, a sand filter is a popular method to keep the water clean and clear.

But which one? There are many sand filters on the market, and ranging in price, it can be hard to decide the best sand filter for a hot tub!

Thankfully, we have done that for you!

Keep reading for our great choices, a buyer’s guide to help you through the decision process, and an FAQ section for any queries you may have!

5 Best Sand Filters For Hot Tub


Intex 26651EG GPH Sand Filter Pump

Intex’s sand filter and pump are excellent options for your hot tub if you have the budget for it!

The 16-inch Intex Krystal Clear pump uses Hydro Aeration Technology to improve circulation and filtration in your hot tub.

Working to improve water clarity and increased negative ions in the water, you can expect clear water quickly with this filter!

The filter pump runs on 110-120V and is relatively lightweight, weighing 48.3lbs.

Intex’s filter is effortless to use, and with six function controls, you get the option to backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain, filter, and close the system, allowing you to clean your hot tub as you see fit!

The range of settings allows for easy maintenance and should outperform standard cartridge filters!

What is excellent about this pump is the 24-hour timer built-in that allows you to set automatic filtration times for daily maintenance.

This saves potching about on those cold winter mornings, doesn’t it!

The filter also features an ergonomic handle and pressure gauge, making it easy to use and move should you need to.

The filter comes with a ground fault circuit interpreter and strainer basket included, which helps prolong the life of the sand and makes it easy to clean.

The pump can generate a flow rate of 3,000 gallons per hour, which is excellent for a larger hot tub and above ground pools.

You get a lot of versatility with this pump!

Customers were impressed with its ability to keep the water clean and filtered, without excessive noise!

An excellent option for those who want a quiet running filter and sparkling clean water!


  • Improves circulation and filtration for clear water

  • Runs on 110-120V

  • Six function control for easy maintenance

  • 24-hour timer to allow for automatic filtration times

  • Durable, heavy-duty tank


  • Expensive


XtremepowerUS 13” Sand Filter with Stand

Those after an extremely quiet sand filter should look no further than XtremepowerUS’s sand filter!

At a reasonable price, this filter comprises one 13-inch tank that has the capacity of 42lbs of sand, enough to filter up to 10,000 gallons of water!

If dependable and consistent performance is what you crave, you will not be disappointed with this filter.

The filter keeps the sand height level to expose water to the maximum sand surface level to deliver optimum filtration and efficient backwashing. What more could you want?

XtreempowerUS’s filter goes one step further and comes with a low noise design to provide an ambient atmosphere for all your hot tub relaxing!

Customers were particularly pleased with how quiet it is; some even forgot it was running, that’s how quiet it is!

The filter is also straightforward to use and set up, with less than 5 minutes of installation time. Even more time you can spend in the hot tub!

The filter is exceptionally portable, too, allowing you to move it if need be! You could even split its time between your hot tub and pool if needed.

XtremepowerUS’s filter is fitted with a multiport filter that allows easy use and quick backwashing.

It comes with a handy stand as well, allowing you to park it in place and let it get to work.

Some customers found the instructions were unhelpful, so you may need to consult an online tutorial for additional help!

For those after a super quiet and easy to use sand filter, this is the one for you!


  • Decently priced

  • Easy To Use
  • Comes with a stand

  • Low noise design

  • Dependable performance for optimum filtration


  • Some customers found the instructions unclear.


Intex 26645EG 12″ Krystal Clear Sand Filter

Intex Sand Filter Pump

Another great offering from Intex is their 26645EG sand filter that offers excellent water quality at a reasonable price!

The 12-inch sand filter is made with hydro aeration technology to improve circulation and filtration and improve water clarity.

This feature also works to increase the negative ions in the water, too, a win win!

The filter runs on 110-120V and is super lightweight, weighing just 36.4lbs!

It is easy to use too and comes with a six function control offering the option to backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain, filter, and close the system.

You can truly customize your filter to suit your hot tub cleaning needs.

The filter also features a 24-hour timer built-in, which allows you to set filtration times to save on daily maintenance.

Excellent addition for those cold winter months! You also get a built-in ground fault circuit interpreter and strainer basket, which helps prolong the life of the sand and is easy to clean.

The filter pump generates a flow rate of 2,100 gallons per hour, which is great for hot tubs and above ground swimming pools.

Some customers found this filter to be loud and with a rattling sound, possibly from the cover’s spring tensions.

If you only intend to run the filter at night, this shouldn’t be an issue, but something to consider.

The filter tank is exceptionally durable and should provide long-lasting use to keep your hot tub clean and debris free!

Customers enjoyed how clean the water was and how quickly the filter got to work cleaning their hot tubs!


  • Decently priced

  • Six function control for easy maintenance

  • 24-hour timer built-in

  • Runs on 110-120V

  • A flow rate of 2,100 gallons per hour


  • Some customers found it noisy.


Hayward S210T Pro Series Sand Filter

Hayward offers an excellent sand filter for those with a decently priced filter.

Available in three different sizes, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch, you can even enter your model number to make sure you get the filter that suits your hot tub!

This top mount sand filter works well for hot tubs, above ground pools, and even aquariums! You will be able to get plenty of use out of this filter!

The tank is made from a corrosion-proof colorfast material to provide long-lasting use.

Corrosion is a big issue with sand filters, making it an excellent choice for those after durability.

Hayward’s filter is made with a 7-position vari-flow valve for maximum flow at a lower pressure drop.

A considerable pressure and sand/water drain allows for rapid winterizing or servicing, providing all-weather performance.

Never again will you need to worry about those chilly mornings filtering your hot tub!

The filter also features a flange clamp, which allows for 360-degree rotation and an easy installation of the filter.

The rotation is excellent for those who need added flexibility and versatility from their filter.

The integral top diffuser on this filter provides even water distribution over the entire sand bed to deliver maximum use of the filtration area and leave your water squeaky clean!

Some customers found that the fittings leaked a little by the pump in and out connections.

This was not a significant amount, but be sure that you contact Hayward’s customer support to get this issue resolved.

Customers were overall very impressed with this sand filter, finding it a good value for money.


  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Can check your model number before purchasing

  • Corrosion proof filter tank

  • Durable tank

  • The flange clamp allows 360-degree rotation and easy installation.


  • Some customers found small leaks around the fittings.


Rx Clear Radiant Complete Sand Filter System

For those with more money to spend, the Rx sand filter is an excellent option for you!

Available in four sizes: 16-inch, 19-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch, there is bound to be a filter that fits your needs!

Rx’s sand filter is an excellent choice for those after an all-in-one solution!

It boasts a pool pump, tank, 3’ high-pressure hose, stainless steel clamps, backwash hose fittings, and a 6-inch power cord, providing you with everything you need to have a clean hot tub!

The filter provides a high-performance, easy to use operating system that can work for hot tubs or above ground pools for crystal clean and safe water!

Rx’s sand filter is easy to install, made of one piece of molded tank that will sit on a universal base.

You also get a top mount with this and a six-position multiport valve with a high capacity sand bed to catch more debris and extend filter cycles.

The filter is an extremely economical and efficient pump made with a standpipe and lateral interior.

You also get a three-year limited warranty with this filter, so you can use it worry-free knowing you are well looked after should anything happen.

What is excellent about this filter is the see-through screen! It features a 2- piece strainer cover with a transparent viewport and pool filter basket to catch debris.

The viewport allows free-flowing operations at all times and an excellent way for you to see all the grossness being pulled out of the water!

Some customers found the instructions a little difficult to read, which meant it took a little longer to install, so you may need to persevere or enlist the help of another to get your filter set up quickly!

It is worth it, though, as customers found this a great filter that worked well to keep the water clean and quickly do this after it was set up.

For those after an excellent sand filter to keep their water clean and debris free, this is the filter for you!


  • Comes in four different sizes

  • Efficient and economical

  • 3-year warranty

  • Easy to install

  • Filter basket catches any debris


  • Instructions are not very clear.

Best Sand Filter For Hot Tub Buying Guide

Noise levels

When you are in your hot tub, the last thing you want to deal with is excessive noise coming from your filter.

A lot of filters are designed to be quiet with this in mind. Look out for those listed as low noise levels to ensure you are getting a quiet filter that won’t disturb your relaxing time in your hot tub!

The XtremepowerUS filter we mentioned earlier is the best we can find for a super quiet operation!

Size matters

When opting for a sand filter for your hot tub, it is worth considering the filter’s size.

We usually work out what size we need based on the gallons of water the filter can process per hour, so it’s worth knowing the capacity of your hot tub before purchasing!

Buying a filter too small will mean it will take a long time to clean the hot tub, and you run the risk that you will overwhelm the filter, not good!

On the other hand, a pump with a massive capacity will use unnecessary electricity and take up more space than you need it to!

As many sand filters are designed for pools, it’s worth searching for mini sand filters to find the best size for your hot tub!

Check your capacity before you purchase and get the right size for you and your needs.

How much?

The price of a sand filter can vary, so it is crucial to have a clear budget in mind and stick to it as closely as possible.

Despite the varying price, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good quality sand filter for your hot tub.

Be sure to consider the essential factors when setting your budget to be tailored to your filter needs and your bank balance!

Generally, sand hot tub filters are the cheapest hot tub filters you can purchase, but typically only last 5-7 years before needing replacement, something to consider when setting your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my hot tub filter on all the time?

Generally speaking, yes, you should.

Most hot tub filters are designed to be in continuous use to filter out any debris from the water to provide you with clean water whenever you require it.

Some filters come with timers to select when they come on, which can be more economical for some people.

Opting for a hot tub cover as well should help avoid unnecessary debris entering when the tub isn’t used to help reduce the pressure being put on the filter.

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