What Are the Best Hot Tub Speakers 2022?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: March 20, 2022
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Speakers in or around a hot tub can enhance the hot tub experience greatly by providing the appropriate music.

Picture this: it’s a warm summer afternoon, the kids are playing on the grass, and you are chilling in the hot tub on the deck with your friends.

Summer hits or 80s tunes are playing in the background.

Or, you’ve just finished a stressful day at work and you’re looking to relax yourself by sitting amongst the warm water, listening to some ambient jazz music.

Hot tub speakers can be wall mounted, but are usually floating devices that are connected via Bluetooth to avoid technology from getting close to the water.

They are an ideal accessory for making a hot tub just that bit more enjoyable. Here is a list of the 5 best hot tub speakers, along with a handy buyers’ guide and FAQ. 

White our top pick is the COWIN IPX7 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, an impressively loud speaker for its size. 

A completely waterproof design allows for the speaker to float around the hot tub without audio distortion, and the Bluetooth connection prevents the connected device from touching the water. 

It’s also super colorful and has different modes to light up a hot tub at night.

If the Cowin Speaker isn’t quite what you are looking for, this review has other options for what your looking for in size, budget and features.

In a rush?

Here is a quick list of the reviewed speakers:

Best Hot Tub Speakers


Pool Floating IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Pool Floating IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a great accessory for any hot tub. Offering an impressive 10W subwoofer and a confident bass, this speaker can be as loud as you want it to be.

Ideal for large gatherings in your yard, or even taking it on a walk, picnic, or to the beach!

The Bluetooth connection is designed to make a clear and undistorted sound whilst not consuming too much energy from the device, which is ideal for avoiding frequent charging. 

What’s more, it is a visually exciting speaker with its 5 different color modes that everyone, especially kids, will enjoy. It also charges quickly and can last over 5 hours. 


  • Loud speaker with good bass
  • Bluetooth and waterproof
  • Colorful light displays


  • If water enters the speaker it may distort the sound slightly, so it isn’t designed to be played with underwater


Blufree Bluetooth Speakers

This Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights, Portable Speaker IPX7 is an effective little speaker that creates a great sound compared to its size.

With a high-fidelity stereo sound it is suitable for indoor and outdoor situations, and can reach some high volumes too. 

It is completely waterproof and can be immersed underwater up to 3 feet for 30 minutes maximum – ideal for young children who may want to play with it.

The battery playtime can last up to 8 hours fully charged and is a wireless Bluetooth design for the safety of the device.

It has 7 color settings to create an appropriate ambience for an evening. 

This speaker also has a built-in microphone, so you don’t have to worry about missing a phone call when you are in the hot tub. 


  • Long battery life of 8 hours and wireless connectivity up to 15 metres
  • Fun color settings
  • Waterproof and Bluetooth, so it can be used anywhere


  • Avoid using with over-bubbling jets


Hydro-Beat Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Speaker

This waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof speaker is designed for any water environment – whether it’s a hot tub, shower, camping, swimming, or sailing.

The Hydro-Beat speaker has 10 LED mood lights to match whatever music you are listening to, and is completely Bluetooth with a range of up to 24 feet (including a built-in microphone to answer any calls).

If you want some sound but you can’t decide what music you want, this speaker has a built-in FM radio.

It is a heavy duty speaker that can be immersed up to one metre underwater for 30 minutes.

And if you don’t want it floating, the speaker comes with a removable suction cup to stick to a smooth surface. Ideal for moving the speaker from the hot tub to the shower. 


  • Versatile with suction cup for a hot tub, shower, or other outdoor environments
  • Bluetooth connection 
  • Built-in microphone and FM radio


  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing speaker


Comiso Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Comiso Bluetooth speaker is slightly different to the others on our list, as it isn’t intended to float in the water – however it is fully waterproof.

It is also mudproof, shockproof, rainproof, and snowproof – making it a versatile speaker for any outdoors or indoors environment.

This speaker is designed to sit on the side of the hot tub (and if it falls in, it’s waterproof anyway). 

Featuring an impressive 20W surround sound, this is an ideal speaker to achieve ultimate acoustic range. The Bluetooth connection allows it to connect to any type of device without draining the battery.

Whilst it may not be the most exciting design choice and does not have any fancy LED lights, this speaker is built to last.

If you want even more sound, this speaker can be bought again and paired together to create 40W of surround sound.


  • Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and more
  • Great surround sound
  • Robust design


  • Design choice might not be everyone’s favorite 
  • Cannot float in the water


JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The final product on our list is the JBL Flip 5 speaker, another speaker that is not intended to float in water, but is entirely waterproof.

Coming in 11 different colors, this speaker is versatile and can be used in any situation or environment.

The speaker is waterproof, so it can sit comfortably on the side of a hot tub without a splash of water distorting the sound.

The package itself comes with a hardshell case for the ultimate protection of the speaker.

If you are an avid JBL fan, this speaker allows for PartyBoost – a connection that allows multiple compatible JBL speakers to link together to create the ultimate surround sound. 


  • Versatile and waterproof
  • Can connect with other JBL compatible speakers 
  • Loud and good quality audio


  • Cannot float in hot tub water
  • No microphone

Best Hot Tub Speakers Buying Guide

Why speakers are a necessary hot tub accessory

Speakers can set the mood for any type of event.

Whether it’s a birthday party, work party, wedding, late night after party from an evening drinking with friends, or just a Tuesday night – a speaker is there to match the mood. 

There’s a difference between sitting in a hot tub in silence compared to sitting in the hot tub with your favourite songs playing.

They’re much more effective than blaring music from your phone that is tentatively balanced on the hot tub ledge or on a table far away from arm’s reach.

Speakers are also an effective way of making your hot tub look even more luxurious and enjoyable, without entirely breaking the bank, because speakers are generally inexpensive pieces of equipment.

Mounted vs floating speakers

There are generally two types of hot tub speakers: mounted or floating Bluetooth.

Mounted speakers sit on walls or other flat surfaces, and are usually connected to a device via a wire or Bluetooth.

The benefits of mounted speakers mean that they are out of the way from potentially damaging water, and emit the audio above a crowd of people to create an uninterrupted surround sound experience.

However, if you want to change the song, it’s not as easy as with a floating speaker. 

Floating Bluetooth speakers are designed to exist in water, so they are completely waterproof.

Most of these speakers feature LED light displays to create a matching visual ambience to the sound, as well as built-in microphones to answer calls from the device. 

The device itself, whether a phone or tablet or computer, can rest safely inside or on a dry surface away from the water. Their size also makes them ideal for portability. 

There are also the standing Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, but are not intended to float in water.

They usually sit comfortably on the side of a hot tub, and are the most versatile of the speakers as their surround sound range is generally the most effective.

They are also super portable and can link with compatible speakers for the ultimate sound experience. 

What to look for in a hot tub speaker

The key features to look for in a hot tub speaker include size, levels of waterproof, portability, connectivity, and sound quality.

You need to be aware of the size of the speaker in relation to how much noise it will emit – though the smaller speaker does not always mean a smaller sound.

We recommend looking for a speaker with a 10W – 20W surround sound, as you want something loud enough to enjoy without disrupting the entire neighborhood.

Fortunately, most speakers are small enough to be easily portable, making them ideal for other situations like hiking, camping, swimming in a pool, or in a shower.

It is also important to check how long the Bluetooth connectivity can stretch to, some range from 10 – 24 feet, so be aware of where your hot tub is in relation to wear you intend to keep the device. 

Whilst it is not a necessity, some speakers have some great LED light features that can light up an entire hot tub in an evening.

If this is not a key buying point, fair enough, but for those with children or those who want to add to the ambience of a party – these features are great to enhance the hot tub experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hot tub speakers waterproof?

Most hot tub speakers are designed to be waterproof to some scale, ranging from splashproof to immersible.

This means that these speakers are incredibly versatile and can be used in any situation including or excluding water.

Be aware that whilst floating speakers are waterproof and can be immersed in water for a certain amount of time, it is not recommended to use these as toys, because some water can still get through and affect the speaker sound. 

How do hot tub speakers connect?

Most hot tub speakers have a Bluetooth connection from a phone, tablet, laptop, or other device.

This is an ideal connection, as the device can be stored safely away from the water, and the music can be controlled directly from the speaker.

Some speakers can connect via a wire directly to the device, but this is rare and not recommended for hot tub use due to the danger of water and technology. 

Which is better between mounted, free-standing or floating speakers?

This is up to personal preference. Mounted speakers generally offer a better range of sound as they are higher up, but are less easy to control as they are further away.

Whilst they may have Bluetooth connectivity, changing and adjusting the music would have to require either a remote control or access to the device, which isn’t always possible in a hot tub. They also require installation. 

Free-standing speakers are a great option for versatility. The free-standing speakers on our list are waterproof, and some are more waterproof than others, but they are not designed to float in the water.

However, due to this, they are less likely to be affected by water distortion, so the sound quality is high. 

Floating speakers are great for a hot tub, because they provide an entertaining feature that is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about changing the songs without damaging the speaker.

They can be immersed in water depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, but they must not exceed this time limit as the water can damage and distort the speaker.

Most floating speakers come with an impressive LED light display as well as a built-in microphone to answer calls without going to the device. 

Won’t the water distort the sound?

Hot tub speakers are designed to be waterproof, so as long as they reside and are used exactly how they are intended, the water will not distort the sound.

If you have kids who may use the speaker as a toy, or intense bubbling jets that may drown the speaker occasionally, there is always a possibility that water may get in and affect the sound.

However, this does not happen often.