What Are The Best Hot Tub Accessories 2022?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: April 7, 2022
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Picture this – the hot tub water is warm and bubbling. Friends are gathering in their swimming wear, the kids are eating party snacks laid out on the table.

Alternatively, it’s a Tuesday night and the kids are fast asleep, and you want some time to yourself to relax. Yes, the water is pleasant and relaxing for a while, but there’s something missing.

Something that separates your bubbling bath to a night-life, dreamy bonanza that becomes the envy of all neighbors.

Is it color or music, or is it something to make your hot tub experience just that bit easier? 

Whatever is missing, we have compiled a list of the 5 best hot tub accessories from necessary additions to fun accessions to suit every hot tub purpose.

We have also included a handy buyer’s guide and FAQ section at the end of the article.

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Top 5 Best Hot Tub Accessories

Blufree Bluetooth Speakers

For its seemingly small size, it packs a punch in volume and appearance, allowing for a diverse and adaptable speaker for all hot tub needs.

With a built-in lithium battery and an 8 hour use before charging, this speaker ticks every box.

This speaker is suitable for every hot tub that doesn’t already have a speaker.

Waterproof and controlled by bluetooth, this wireless speaker works perfectly for a party needing some appropriate music or a relaxed evening with quiet tunes.

The wireless connectivity reaches up to 15 metres, so the phone or tablet controlling the music can be kept safely away from the water.

The speaker can both float on the water and immerse up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

In terms of volume, this speaker is adaptable enough to fit the mood and not annoy the neighbours. With a high-fidelity stereo sound the audio quality is clear and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

The portable speaker has an 8 hour battery playtime and requires no additional batteries.

This works for both the audio and the LED light, which has 7 color themes and flashing modes. Picture a tiny Ibiza in your hot tub and you’re there. 


  • Affordable
  • Good longevity
  • Multi-purpose
  • Hands free calling
  • Excellent sound quality


  • One of the smaller speakers, if this may be a problem to potential buyers


Danirora 20 pack Inflatable Drink Holder

Ideal for a summer hot tub party, Danirora’s 20 Pack Inflatable Drink Holders gives a range of fun designs for drinks of any kind.

Made of thick PVC plastic, the holders are designed to hold cups weighing around 12-15 oz. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, the range of holders can also double up as holders for kids toys.

As hot tubs are designed for sitting more than swimming, they can also work as snack holders! They are also large enough to hold a drink, but small enough to blow them up easily.

Inflatable Drink Holders are a must-have accessory for a hot tub these holders are a bargain. The designs range from food such as donuts and watermelon to animals like unicorns and the classic flamingo.


  • Different designs and no duplicates, so no mixing up drinks
  • Practical and pretty
  • Adaptable for not just drinks, buyers are using for kids dolls and toys
  • also


  • Can only hold 12-15 oz for a drink, so cannot hold pint sized cups filled with liquid as they may topple over into the water


ECOTRIC Spa and Hot Tubs Step Plastic Stairs

The ECOTRIC Spa Stairs is an ideal step system for a hot tub.

Steps are a necessary practical accessory for hot tubs for children or adults who cannot push themselves up and into the tub themselves.

They are also useful in terms of safety.

These steps come in 8 different colors, weigh 13 pounds, and size up at 29 x 23 x 19 inches.

As plastic construction, the assembly is straightforward and easy to clean.

Whether the tub requires a curved edge or straight edge for the steps, this is easily doable with the directions to assemble the steps.



  • Practical and good quality plastic
  • Simple and quick assembly with no hardware
  • Good color range
  • Can work for straight edge or curved edge tubs


  • Takes some strength to piece together
  • Does not come with rail


Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

For some added comfort, the Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow is a must-have.

The luxurious padded foam pillow is a good addition to a hot tub, especially for those quiet and relaxing evenings.

The pillow works with suction cups to prevent them from slipping into the water, and comes with an orthopedic two-panel design for neck, head and shoulder comfort.

These pillows are ideal for those with health or discomfort problems as well as those who just want to relax properly.



  • Padded foam and two-panel for maximum comfort
  • Suction cups to prevent slippage
  • Protects the user from the uncomfortable ledge of a tub


  • Only come in white
  • Suction cups require a smooth surface 


Himal Square Hot Tub Cover

As most hot tubs do not come with covers for the hard covers, this is a necessary accessory.

Covers are designed to protect your hot tub from all weather types, dirt, leaves, and anything that could damage the hard cover.

The Himal Square Hot Tub Cover is made of a waterproof 600D premium polyester fabric and is one of the better budget friendly covers.

The size itself is universal and can cover up to 85 x 85 x 20 inches.

With this sizing comes an elastic rope to adjust to your tub more tightly, allowing for a windproof design in strong weather conditions.

For sunnier weather conditions, this cover has UV protection. 



  • Affordable
  • Good quality and waterproof to prevent damage from all weather types
  • Extra protection


  • Universal size means this cover may not fit every size of hot tub
  • Should not act as a replacement for hard hot tub cover, so purchasing a hard hot tub cover beforehand is worth considering

Best Hot Tub Accessories Buying Guide

Owning a hot tub without accessories is sort of like having a home without furniture.

Sure, it does the job of holding and maintaining clean and bubbling water, but the accessories bring a hot tub to life and improves the quality greatly. 

Hot tubs are brilliant multi-purpose additions to a garden or yard.

Whether the tub is there for health purposes, to impress your friends, or for a luxury addition to your garden, both yourself and the hot tub deserve the appropriate accessories. 

Essential Accessories

In terms of essential accessories outside of cleaning and general maintenance, items such as steps may seem like an unnecessary purchase for those able to climb in and out of tubs, but actually provide an easier experience for entering and exiting the tub.

Not only does it help those who cannot climb into the tub, but steps act as a good prevention from slipping on the deck or ground of which the hot tub is upon.


Safety is paramount, even for a hot tub, especially if the tub is on wooden decking as this could get slippery.


Steps allow for balance and awareness of the height of the tub, so it might be worth looking for an additional handrail to help climb them. 


Hard covers that come with hot tubs are not the sole protectors of the tub, so accessories like the Himal Square Cover are necessary for protecting the tub from unexpected weather conditions or any unwanted objects that could damage the hard cover.


Hot tubs are not too expensive to maintain, but these accessories will help to keep that cost down as they will prevent future potential damages.



Comfort is also worth keeping in mind, as the hard seats of any hot tub are bound to get slightly boring and unaccommodating.

The vibrating element of a hot tub can be felt intensely (and not enjoyably) without cushions, so cushions are worth investing for a comfortable massaging experience. 

Hot tub seats and pillows are useful for kids and shorter people, and are beneficial for older people who may be prone to discomfort too.

If the hot tub was bought with health purposes in mind, these purchases are vital for recovery and healing to protect bodies from the hard surfaces.


Items such as pillows also provide a luxurious aesthetic to the tub for a low price! It is worth remembering to take pillows out of the tub when not in use and cleaning them regularly to avoid mold build-up from water exposure.



Of course, hot tubs are mostly about the fun of it all.​

Whether for a birthday or wedding party, a works-do or a much needed 10-minute relaxation, a hot tub relies on entertaining accessories to keep up every experience worthwhile. 

Floating cup holders or trays make hot tubs the laziest yet most satisfying form of chilling out without having to keep leaving the tub itself.

Waterproof and bluetooth speakers are a must-have item for any setting to provide the right type of ambience, again without having to keep leaving the tub to change the music. 

If you find yourself getting bored of the exterior, bunting is a fun way to lighten the outside of your tub for a party.

As well as visual aesthetics, these fun party additions bring a new sense of life to a hot tub, providing a different version to the bog standard hot tub.

There isn’t really an end to buying the perfect hot tub accessories, as most of them can be easily stored away when not in use.

There are countless accessories designed for any event or usage of the tub, allowing for endless creative liberty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are essential for a hot tub?

The main essential accessories include steps, covers, floor protectors, and lights. These are designed for the safety of hot tubs regardless of what the main usage is.

It is important to keep these items in mind when purchasing a hot tub, and to purchase them in time for when the hot tub is ready to be used.

Water can be dangerous outside of a tub as well as inside, so it is worth keeping an eye on any potential problems or safety hazards.

Are hot tubs comfortable?

No tub is designed to be maliciously uncomfortable, but it is always best to try before you buy.

There is no harm in buying extra accessories for comfort, such as pillows and seats, to help accommodate every user.

It depends on the individual using the tub, because some may find that less is more and others may prefer an underwater sofa. 

For intended long usage of tubs rather than 15 minute dips, cushions and padded seats are a necessity.

Does my hot tub come with accessories?

This depends on the make of the hot tub itself.

Most hot tubs will come with a hard cover, and some may come with matching steps, but this will have to be researched. 

Buying accessories on the side is simple and worth it for enhancing the quality of the tub. 

What should I get for a hot tub party?

This is where your imagination can go as wild as you like. It’s best to stick to a theme, whether it’s a sweet 16th summer birthday or a wedding party, to choose the right decorations.

Cup holders, speakers and inflatable balls or games are great accessories for any type of party as they provide fun, a good conversation, and give your tub a new lease of life other than relaxing.

Food and drinks are always a welcome sight for any event, so having them on a nearby table or floating in a cup holder adds to a sense of luxury. 

LED lights are a good way of keeping the party going when the sun goes down and can create the right type of ambience.