What Are The Best 3 Person Hot Tubs 2022?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: April 4, 2022
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They say three’s a crowd, but it’s the perfect number for a hot tub! Whether you want to relax with some friends or have some family time, a hot tub is a paradise for relaxing and enjoying some downtime.

Some people have a tendency for thinking that the bigger a hot tub is, the better because even if you don’t need it to be as big, some extra space can never do harm.

However, there are things to take into consideration, like the amount of space you have to install a hot tub, or the amount of power you’re willing to use.

A bigger hot tub means more water to keep hot, and therefore more power. A three-person hot tub is an ideal size, and having many more people will just ruin the relaxation experience anyway. 

A lot of three-person hot tubs are also described as being four-person hot tubs, and that is because fitting one more person is very viable, and tends to sell more as it makes the hot tub seem bigger.

But in the list of top picks we’ve compiled, every hot tub is at an ideal size to fit three people comfortably, even if the description insists it’s for four. 

Hot tubs are becoming more popular and accessible, and they’re a feature that will make your home seem a lot fancier and will be really fun to have on hand for a chill night.

However, with so many products on offer in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. Check out our top picks to find the best overall options!

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Buying a hot tub is an excellent idea, as you will be wanting to use it as often as you can, to spend time alone, as a family, or while having friends over for a chill night.

The capability of three people is an ideal size, practical for home use but with enough space to not feel limited or too small. But with so many options, what hot tub should you go for?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and you’re in search of the perfect hot tub for you, then we recommend you go straight for our number one first pick, as it’s the best overall option for three people: the Essential Hot Tubs 20-jet hot tub for three

This hot tub has been manufactured by a reliable and high quality brand, with 14 power jets that can be adjusted to different modes, with the push of a button, switching from soft to invigorating massages.

It’s extremely easy to use, with a plug and play system, and the power-efficiency is one of the best. It heats up the water exceptionally fast, and keeps the temperature perfect throughout any season, including winter.

With three defined seats, each with access to their own set of power jets, it’s the perfect size for three and a great choice for those wanting a simple and enjoyable hot tub to use at home. 

Here are the main features:

  • Excellent and reliable manufacturer
  • 14 power jets with different modes
  • Plug and play easy use
  • Defined seating for three
  • Extremely power-efficient all year long
  • Insulated cover included

Top 5 Best​​​ 3 Person Hot Tub


Essential Hot Tubs 20-jet hot tub

The Essential Hot Tubs 20-jet hot tub is an excellent choice of the hot tub, with a great standard of quality, a long list of positive reviews, and a reliable manufacturer.

It’s also one of the easiest to use, so much so, that even a child would be able to start it up! As the name indicates, it features 14 jets, made from stainless steel, that can be set to different modes.

This way you can either enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic pressure or an invigorating body massage, all at the touch of a button.

It’s very easy to set up, as all you have to do is plug in the power cord to an outlet, and you’re ready to go.

What makes this hot tub ideal for three people, is that it has three defined seats, each with their own jets, so space is equally divided and there’s no need to fight over it, (although it can fit up to four people). 

Our favorite thing about this hot tub, however, is how remarkable the power efficiency is.

It heats up the water at an incredible speed, so there’s no need for you to wait around for too long, and it maintains the heat no matter the outside temperature, even in winter.

If you need to get out for a while, it has an insulated cover that you can attach with the locking clips it comes with. 


  • Excellent and reliable standard of quality
  • 14 power jets with different modes
  • Very easy to use
  • Defined seats
  • Extremely power-efficient
  • Comes with an insulated cover


  • Inconsistent inside that could cause discomfort 


Intex 28429E PureSpa Hot Tub

If you’re looking for a hot tub that will give you an amazing DIY spa experience, the Intex PureSpa Hot Tub is by far the best choice.

Intex is a leading brand when it comes to hot tubs, and it has many different products on offer (we’ve included three in this list!)

It’s reliable, high quality, and gets great amounts of positive reviews, so you know you’re in safe hands.

This hot tub in particular has an incredible amount of 140 water jets, giving you an excellent massage experience.

It also comes with a built-in hard water treatment filter, meaning it makes the water a lot gentler on your skin, as well as on your clothes and on the hot tub system in general. 

It’s inflatable, and therefore easy to transport to other locations if you’re inclined to take the hot tub with you.

It’s easy to set up and can be ready in 20 min! Although it fits up to four people, it is ideal for three, with a panel control to adjust the jet power.

It also comes with many accessories, including an insulated cover, LED lights, 2 headrests, a thermal ground cloth for when you get out, an inflation hose, and all the necessary tools to ensure water filtration and quality control. 


  • Reliable and bestselling brand
  • 140 water jets
  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • Inflatable and easy to transport
  • Comes with many accessories


  • Not as power-efficient


Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage

Another great option by the Intex brand is the PureSpa Bubble Massage hot tub. This product is just as able when providing you with an at-home spa experience, but it’s more focused on relaxation and chill time.

It features 120 high-powered bubble water jets, for a soothing and full-body experience that will make it feel like a bath worthy of royalty. You can adjust the water temperature to better suit your personal preference, ranging from 68F to 104F.

It comes with built-in hard water treatment, to ensure water quality and gentleness on your skin. Although it can sit up to four people, it is the ideal size for three. 

Easy to set-up, with an inflatable light-weight and reinforced material that protects it from punctures or ruptures, so it’s safe to transport around to different locations. It sets up and is ready to go in 20 min!

This durable and high-quality hot tub also comes with many accessories, such as a PureSpa tab unit, an insulated cover, a thermal ground cloth, an inflation hose, a carry bag, and everything needed to upkeep and test the water filtration system. 


  • Reliable and bestselling brand
  • 120 high-powered bubble jets
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • Durable and transportable


  • Lacks in power


Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub

The Coleman Saluspa hot tub is perfect for those that want to be able to control all the features of the hot tub, without even having to move.

If you want to be able to come home and have the hot tub ready and waiting for you, then this is the option we recommend for you! The hot tub can be turned on, with all the settings adjusted to your personal preference, with a remote control that comes included, so you truly have control over it without even having to go near!

A power-saving timer even lets you set the temperature of the hot tub with up to 99 hours in advance, meaning you can plan ahead and have it ready in the exact settings you choose. No more waiting around! 

The temperature can be adjusted up to 104F. The inflatable material is reinforced with anti-puncture technology, but just in case, the hot tub comes with a spare repair patch, It also features a ChemConnect chemical dispenser, which installs into the hot tub and ensures a healthy level of chlorine in the water, so everything is clean and safe. 


  • Remote control to control hot tub
  • A power-saving timer to pre-prepare hot tub
  • Adjustable temperature up to 104F
  • Reinforced and anti-puncture inflatable material
  • Comes with a chemical dispenser


  • Takes slightly longer to set up initially


Intex 28481E Simple Spa Hot Tub

Yet another Intex product that makes it into our top picks is the Intex Simple Spa Hot Tub.

As the name indicates, it’s a little simpler in its features than the other Intex tubs, but it upholds the same level of high-quality, which is what makes it a great option for those that want an occasional relaxing bubble spa experience.

Fitting up to four people, it is the ideal size for a group of three. The temperature is adjustable up to 104F, and 100 soothing jets are placed around the tub for a relaxing bubble experience. 

It has been constructed with durability in mind, with the inflatable material being reinforced against punctures. Easy to transport and easy to set up, as it should be ready to go in around 20 min and once the water has heated sufficiently.

Unlike the other two Intex products, this hot tub doesn’t have a built-in hard water treatment. Instead, it has a chemical dispenser that can be set up inside the tub, to ensure the water is clean and up to quality. 


  • Simple, high-quality product
  • 100 bubble jets
  • Adjustable temperature up to 104F
  • Comes with a chemical dispenser and other accessories


  • Less versatile than other hot tubs

Best 3 Person Hot Tub Buying Guide

Having a hot tub at home is a great choice for those wanting to find the time to relax or experience their own DIY spa session.

With many accessible options in the market, it’s becoming more and more popular, but it’s not that easy to choose the right hot tub.

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when buying a hot tub of your own.

It needs to be the right size, not only to fit at home but so that it fits the use you’ll give it. Since you’re reading through this article, you’ve probably opted for a three-person hot tub.

However, you also need to look into the different features that different hot tubs have, and be aware of what better suits your needs and preferences. 

Comfort and Relaxation features

For a hot tub to serve its purpose, it has to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Think about the kind of effects you want to receive in your hot tub.

Do you want a soothing bubble experience? An invigorating water massage?

These things are determined by the type and amount of water jets that the hot tub has, and it’s a feature well worth checking before you make your decision. 

You also need to think about what kind of temperature is comfortable for you.

Making sure that the hot tub has adjustable temperature settings is always a good idea, as it gives you more versatility in its use. 

Installation and set up

Having a hot tub at home can seem like a complicated hassle, but nowadays most hot tubs are very accessible and are really easy to use.

The most common type of hot tub is the inflatable kind, but you can also get a sturdy non-inflatable hot tub to always be set up and ready. It’s good to check how long the set up of a hot tub takes.

Most inflatable tubs take around 20 minutes to be ready, and for some, you then have to wait for the water to heat up.

Other hot tubs have a super-fast heating setup so you don’t have to wait at all.

And if you opt for a more advanced hot tub, you might be able to remote control the settings and have the tub ready and waiting for you as soon as you get home.

Power efficiency

If you’re going to keep a hot tub at home, you want it to be as power-efficient as possible.

That way, it will consume less electricity, and it will be of overall higher quality and performance.

You should check whether the hot tub is powerful enough to be used during any season of the year so that you know it will remain nice and hot even during winter.

It’s also good to check if it comes with any accessories that will enhance the efficiency or heat retention, such as an insulated cover that can be latched over the tub between uses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi?

A hot tub and a jacuzzi are essentially the same thing. A hot tub is a large tub of hot water, typically used to relax and spend some chill time.

A jacuzzi is a hot tub, but a trademarked brand that has become so popular and common that it is used as a general name.

The same thing happens with other products, like for example how people use “Kleenex” to refer to any type of tissue, even though “Kleenex” is a specific brand. 

How much does a hot tub make your electric bill go up?

It is perfectly normal to worry about how much electricity your hot tub will spend, as you don’t want it to get out of hand.

The expense will vary on factors such as the hot tub size, the amount of time you are using it, the climate, and the temperature you want to keep it at. It also depends on the cost of electricity in your specific area or location. 

However, most hot tubs are designed to be power-efficient, so they shouldn’t have a massive impact on your electric bill. Some also come with insulated covers, allowing for the heat to remain and less power to be used the next time in re-heating the water. 

Do you need an electrician to install a hot tub?

This depends on the type of hot tub you are buying.

All of the products we’ve listed are easy to install and require no specialized assistance, as they can be set up and simply plugged into any electrical outlet to begin working. 

But if you’re buying a more permanent hot tub that requires installation, an electrician will have to set up the main power cord for you.