What is a Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs are small pools or bigger tubs which contain heated water and are mostly employed for pleasure or hydrotherapy. Believe it or not but  hot tubs are considered to be portable because they aren’t attached to plumbing inside the home.  Hot tubs have jets for massage purposes and  some are large enough for swimming and are called a swim spa. Some people call hot tubs spas or Jacuzzi and these terms are universal since they are refer to the same item.

Compared with the old bathtubs, hot tubs can be used by 2 or more people.  They can be located outdoors as well as indoors.  And another reason for choose a hot tubs is that why spending thousands on conventional built-in hot tubs which are not easy to transport and definitely not easy to setup, when you can save a lot of time, stress and money by buying an inflatable hot tub?

Something you need to consider before make a decision to buy the best inflatable hot tub.

Buying a hot tub is a big investment, whether you are buying it for recreational purposes or for therapeutic purposes. When buying a hot tub, keep a few things into perspective for a better result:

  • It should have adjustable jets. By adjusting the strength and direction of these jets, you can make it fit for your personal needs according to your body’s requirements.
  • It should have an energy efficient heater, with a minimum heat loss. This will make sure the heat stays in place and you receive the best possible pleasure.
  • Full-foam insulation is important as it slows down heat loss, which is again a plus for the luxury.
  • It should have a secure cover. The covers should be tight with well-sealed hinges to prevent heat loss.
  • It should have a durable construction. Inflatable tubs and soft vinyl are the least durable, whereas thick wood, thermal plastic and stainless steel are sturdy.
  • A cartridge filter is a must as it reduces the amount of time and chemicals needed to maintain your hot tub.
  • Though it may seem pretentious to mention looks, but a hot tub occupies a lot of space and is a permanent fixture, so it is worth choosing one that is easy on the eyes.


What size you need?

Size options for hot tubs and spas are typically classified by the number of people they can seat. The typical size range is 2 to 10 people. What size of hot is ideal for you? That depends on how many people will use it at the same time. Many factors related to human comfort are carefully considered in the design of the depth, height and width of each seat.

Buying a Spa or Hot Tub?

Many people use the terms spa and hot tub interchangeably, though there is a historic difference between the two. But nowadays there seems to be no difference. The difference maybe is the style, two particular types of spas are portable and swim spas. Portable spas are easy to install and can be up to 6-person models. Swim Spas means you can swim in it.

Is it Durable and Strong?

Is it durable and strong? What material it uses. Is it consists of several independent air chambers in order to provide solid and rigid body to the spa?

Which brand is the best?

What’s the difference of the brands? Is Hot Spring Spas the best?

What do other people think of this product?

What other customers’ reviews are. A review from a real user is very useful.

Types of hot tubs

There are 2 basic types of hot tubs, the above-ground prefabricated hot tub, in-ground hot tubs. The most popular is the above-ground prefabricated hot tub that’s typically made from molded acrylic backed by fiberglass or ABS plastic. In-ground hot tubs are the most expensive because professional installation requires excavation as well as plumbing and electrical work.

Portable hot tubs are a great choice for many people when they want a above-ground hot tub. They come with all the features of permanent tubs but are able to be moved from one place to another. Portable tubs come in many shapes, sizes and aesthetically pleasing surrounds. An inflatable soft hot tub is easier to move because it is much lighter in weight than a traditional portable tub and comes deflated.

Inflatable Hot Tubs are the least expensive and most portable hot tubs and are usually made of vinyl, plastic or nylon. They seat 2 to 4 people and are a convenient option for limited space. It needs a standard 110-volt power supply.

Wooden Hot Tubs are made from aromatic woods, people nowadays don’t like it very much because it need to be installed on a place permanently.

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