What Appliance Should I Buy, and Who Will Fix It?

What Appliance Should I Buy, and Who Will Fix It?

Many people bemoan the short lives of household appliances and the ever-growing cost of repairing or replacing them.  The increasing complexity of these devices provides greater functionality for their owners but brings a corresponding rise in the number of components that can potentially fail, which inevitably leads to more frequent and expensive repairs. Homeowners must take several factors into consideration when making purchasing decisions, including product selection and the importance of sourcing affordable appliance repair to extend the life of their investments.

Before making a home appliance purchase, first, consider what features you really want, and will use, to help you to find the best choice. Try to purchase overall quality, rather than focusing on including as much innovation as possible. Will you really use a washing machine that has wi-fi compatibility? Do you really need a talking refrigerator? A mid-range appliance with fewer features will often prove to be a wiser choice than an entry-level appliance with more bells and whistles. Buying a reliable appliance will save you time and trouble down the road.

Another consideration is the availability of a reliable, certified appliance service and repair facility for the brand and model that you choose. It is important to find an appliance repair facility that employs certified technicians and is insured and bonded. You are trusting this company’s employees to enter your home and ensuring that you are protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. The days of calling the neighborhood handyman are over; appliance repair technicians need to be up to date with current technologies and best practices. These skilled tradespeople take part in continuing education and training to keep their knowledge and abilities current.

So, finding a reliable shop is of the greatest importance, and checking to be sure that they service whatever make and model of appliance you are considering for purchase is another step that you should take. Not all appliance repair companies work on all kinds of products, so be sure that you purchase something that you will have ready access to a company that will be able to serve whatever you buy. This represents a critical deciding factor in choosing between two different models of a washing machine, for example, if the closest appliance repair shop is two hours away.

While you have the appliance repair expert on the phone, you may want to take advantage of their experience and knowledge to see if they have any suggestions as to which make or model of appliance they recommend for your situation and needs. There are many resources available online that can assist you with this research, of course, but it never hurts to ask for the opinion of someone who repairs appliances for a living. Perhaps they will decline to offer any advice, but you won’t know until you ask for it. Appliance repair companies are customer service-based businesses as well as providing technical work, and asking questions like these can help you to gauge their commitment to their customers.

Also, the hours that a repair company maintains is important information. Appliances sometimes stop working at night or on the weekends. Familiarize yourself with the company’s working hours and if they have a way to contact them outside of those hours. Will the service charge (the amount of money that an appliance repair company charges to come to your home for the initial visit and diagnosis) vary depending on what time of day or what day of the week you call for an appliance to be repaired? Be sure to ask specifically what their service rate (the amount of money the company charges for work beyond the initial diagnosis for labor) is and if it varies under any circumstances. Be sure to tell them where you live, in case either of their rates may change depending on the specific distance of your home to their facility.

When you have decided what appliance you want to bring into your home, it is time to consider using the service you have found in your research to assist you with your new purchase’s life cycle. Professional installation and maintenance are other ways to extend the life of your home appliances and having a company that you can trust to provide these critical services are often less expensive than relying on the retailer to provide them. Planned maintenance, such as filter and belt replacement and cleaning of interior components and vents not only prolongs appliance life and minimizes repairs but also has the benefit of more efficient operation and lower energy costs. Some appliance companies may provide service packages for regular maintenance or discounts for future service calls when you use them for planned maintenance or installation.

Remember, you should put as much time in finding a service company as you do finding the right appliance in order to maximize your return on investment and minimize your costs moving forward. Doing your homework on an appliance repair facility is every bit as important as deciding which appliance you want to buy. Be sure to take the availability of reliable and affordable appliance repairs into consideration.

Today’s appliance can provide a variety of functions and features that can make your life easier in ways that were not even imagined ten years ago. As these machines grow more complex and interconnected, compatibility between them in your home becomes more important and the purchasing process becomes that much more complicated. Choosing what you need from your home appliances is an element of this decision, of course, but brand reliability should not be removed from the equation.

Another critical part of your decision-making process should be locating a reliable and affordable appliance service company to help you with everything from installation and planned maintenance to any repairs that may become necessary over time. Don’t ignore any of these important considerations when it comes time to invest in a new home appliance to make the best decision for you and your family.

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