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Want To Know How To Modernize Your Garden In 6 Simple Steps?

“The future is now”, this is a common expression which is entirely true. The future is now. The world is evolving, and you need to evolve with it. 

Don’t know how? Well don’t fret, as we have compiled the 6 most simple yet effective ways you can modernize your garden. 

If you follow these 6 steps, your garden will be a comfortable and modern place perfect for garden parties, lounging about, or even just to look at the beauty of.

Add A Featured Hot Tub

Hot tubs have been a craze for a few years now, and if you don’t have one in your garden, you are thought of as unmodern or not with the times. Hot tubs are not as expensive as you may think, as that is the biggest thing that throws people off the idea of buying one. 

It all depends on the type of hot tub, the company that makes it and the size. If you are looking for a cheap yet beautiful and relaxing hot tub, your best option is likely wood fired hot tubs. Hot tubs will modernize your garden more than anything else on this list can.

Beautify With Flowers and Plants

Flowers and other plants are extremely important when it comes to making your garden modern. It brings a whole heap of colour to your garden, boosting the fun and happiness. It makes your garden beautiful to look at and perfect for garden parties.

flowers and plantsThe plants that are considered modern right now are plants like Yucca, Hosta, Red-Hot-Poker, Sedum etc. The only problem with this is no one wants to put the work in, as we’re all lazy. But it takes hard work and dedication to make your garden beautiful.

Add a Patio or Decking Wherever Possible

A patio is a wooden/tiled/stone flooring area outside with a roof over it. Decking is the same but only wood and it tends to not have a roof. 

It is perfect for seating areas or putting your hot tub on. It can also have stone slabs and other accessories depending on your price range. The biggest worry when it comes to Patios/decking is planning permission

You need to get planning permission when you decide to build a patio or decking. It is a bit of a hassle, but it is worth it for the final result.

Add Patio String Lights or Solar Lights

Not only am I talking about a beautiful display of electric string lights at night, but you must also think about your garden during the day. You must make sure your garden gets as much sunlight as possible.

Sunlight makes the garden look sleek and natural. Nature is the most beautiful thing you can have in your garden, and it is there for free. Make sure there is as little shade as you can possibly get in your garden, excluding the seating area (Patio) as you will likely have an umbrella or roof over it.

Add Outdoor Table or Backyard Games

A table game is a great way of spending more time in your garden, making it more fun, whilst also making it more modern. A table game can include: a pool table, a snooker table, a chess board, an ice hockey table or even darts (which isn’t on a table, but it’s still a great option). 

These types of garden games are great for personal use as well as party use. They are great fun and are very modern, as it is a common sight to see a dart board or a pool table in someone’s garden nowadays.


Add A Backyard Kitchen or Bar Area

This is one that doesn’t exactly make your garden more modern, however it is a must have item. Whether it is for when you are personally lounging in the outdoor garden space, or you’re having a garden party; you need easy and fast access to your kitchen.  More specifically adding an outdoor fridge or a table with a cooler conveniently located inside.

If your kitchen is directly connected to your garden, perfect! Leave it as it is. However, if your kitchen isn’t connected to your garden directly, it may be worth investing in a minifridge for your patio or something along those lines.

It will make grabbing a bottle of wine or a chilled beer a lot easier for you, your family, parties, friends etc. It isn’t incredibly important, it’s just nice to have the easy access.


If you follow these 6 simple steps, your garden will be not only more modern, but also more fun and relaxing for you and the whole family. 

Just remember, your garden is your own canvas, and you get to paint that canvas however you wish.