Filtration is the mechanical process by which solids are removed from water. Effective filtration requires a good quality filter that can sift and strain even the tiniest of solid materials present in a hot tub. Unicel spa filter is a brand of water filter, available in a myriad of specifications depending on one’s pool requirements.                                    

 They are single-celled filters that are replaceable when damaged but are also easy to clean and maintain when they get dirty and thick with debris. They are useful in maintaining the hot tub water’s chemical levels as well as keeping the water free of solids and other organisms that may pose health risks to hot tub users. They help save water in that they efficiently filter water that need not be replaced and can be used again.

To assure the efficiency of unicel spa filters, regular maintenance must be undertaken. Keeping them in good working condition will prolong their life and prevent hot tub damages and expensive repairs. Some hot tub warranties do not cover damages arising from filter problems. It will be more cost-efficient to invest in filter management than having to deal with major hot tub repairs. Below are pointers in taking care of your unicel spa filters:

  • Inspect filters as regularly as possible. The more often the hot tub is used, the more checks should be done. Ideal frequency for doing these inspections is twice or once a month. Turn off the power before scrutinizing on the filters to prevent accidents. Check for filter cracks and discoloration as these indicate debris and over-use.

  • Brush the pleats to remove visibly solid particles. Clean the filters with safe filter cleaning agents such as dishwasher detergents. Muriatic acid may be used for hard-to-remove mineral deposits. Care must be observed when using this strong chemical as it can corrode and cause burning when in contact with the skin. The use of hand gloves is highly recommended.

  • There should always be two sets of unicel spa filters that can be used alternately when one is in the cleaning process. It takes time to remove dirt, grease, dead skin, small leaves and other solids that adhere to the filters. Soaking the filter in a cleaning solution may take twenty four hours so a replacement should be handy to keep the hot tub water clean while the old filter is being serviced. This way the water is clean and safe to use again. Rotating the unicel spa filters will also increase their useful life and help save costs of replacements.

  • When in the market for unicel spa filters, remember to make a note of the pool’s measurements to find a suitable filter.

Filter maintenance need not be a job for the pool experts. It is something that can be done by almost anyone who can follow manual instructions and who has the time to spare for such an activity. Cleaning the unicel spa filter keeps power costs to a minimum as it keeps hot tubs functioning efficiently.

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