Ultimate Summer Additions To Your New Home

Ultimate Summer Additions To Your New Home

Your needs and expectations from a house change from winter to summer, and while you may have wanted a warm cosy vibe a few months ago, now it’s all about what enables you to get some sun and enjoy the nice weather. Here are some of the best additions you can bring to your new home in order to better enjoy summer!


We don’t get a lot of sun around here, so when it’s out, we need to take advantage of it as much as we can. In order to maximise the potential of those few sunny days, what you can do is build a conservatory. It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill addition that a lot of houses have in the UK, so it won’t be hard at all to find someone to do it or an aesthetically pleasing way to construct your new sunroom. Just add a lot of plants and flowers, and this can be your brand new greenhouse!

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Patio furniture

Since it’s so nice and sunny, suddenly, you want to spend more time in the garden! And for that, you’ll need some snazzy new outdoor furniture. You don’t need much – just a table and a couple of chairs or a bench, but make them comfy, and make sure you have enough seating. This is what you’ll be using to enjoy your coffee al fresco in the morning or to have dinner parties with your friends on those hot summer nights. Don’t forget the cushions, and covers – you know it’s going to rain.

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What’s the best way to beat the heat? Go for a swim! But if you’re nowhere near the beach and you don’t fancy sharing the pool with strangers and their kids, then why not get one of your own? There are pools for all needs, budgets, and backyards, from paddling pools to luxurious, spacious pools that accommodate you and 10 of your closest friends when it’s simply too hot and you need to go for a dive.

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No summer is complete without at least one barbecue night in the backyard! Hang some fairy lights, light some candles, put that new patio furniture to good use and you’ve got yourself a barbecue party, especially if you get the pool out, too. The most important part of this picture, however, is your brand new grill. You’ll notice that a lot of the houses for sale have a shiny new BBQ on display, because it’s a great incentive. Mom wants to see how big the kitchen is, but all Dad cares about is getting his hands on that beautiful grill. Don’t you deserve one, as well?

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And since we’re so ill-accustomed to the rays of sunshine here, we can’t handle much. But we still want to enjoy the weather. A gazebo can be the ideal addition to your backyard, because not only does it enable you to enjoy the sunshine without getting sunburnt, it also protects you from rain or snow during the rest of the year. So, it’s not even just a summer investment! If it’s large enough, you can also add a table here and make it a nice spot to enjoy a cuppa, make it a nice card game spot for the family, or just a reading nook. The possibilities are endless! And think about how adorable it would look in your backyard.

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A Mediterranean Colour Scheme

But what about the interior? That should be summery, too! There’s nothing that brings more of a summery vibe to your home than a nice, cooling Mediterranean colour scheme. That means a lot of blues and whites paired together in everything from curtains to flatware, bedding, couch cushions, etc. It’s bring a fresh twist to your home and it’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday all summer long.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make your house summer ready! Whether you’re looking to work on the outside or the interior of your home, you can bring some new additions to your house in order to make it more comfortable for summer, more convenient for all of your summer activities in the sun, or just give it a fresh look and feel.

From patio furniture to something exciting like a pool or even just a new set of bedding in Mediterranean colours, each and every one of these items will upgrade your new home and ensure that it’s summer ready for you and your family.

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