Ultimate Guide To The Best Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kits

We’ve reviewed some of the top rated and best-selling hot tub chemical starter kits. Let’s compare these high quality hot tub chemical kits and some of their features in this ultimate guide to the best hot tub chemical starter kits.

Chemicals and Water Conditioners for Your Hot Tub, Pool or Spa

Hot tubs need to be equipped to handle the elements especially if the tub is outdoors. Whether it’s outside, inside, small, or big all tubs are equal in the basics to keep clean.

Let’s review our top picks for chemical starter sets!

It is important to keep the water clean if you plan to as this will help with saving money on water bills.  There are a few chemicals that you cannot do without unless you change that water every time after the fun is over.

Chlorine or bromine – you can put both if you want. These two keep the pool sanitized against biological threats like algae, bacteria, and viruses. There are hot tub, whirlpool, and Jacuzzi specific chlorine and bromine salts being sold in the market which are friendly to whichever tub you may have.

Non-chlorine water sanitizer – if your skin hates chlorine, there are other chemicals in the market that can do the same job. These include ozone generators or ozonizers.

Clarifiers – this chemical coagulates particles in the water making filtration easier.

Other Suggested Essential Hot Tub Accessories

If you have an outdoor tub you will need an overhead cover to protect the tub from the all elements in all directions.

There are many things that can go wrong with clogged and dirty tub nozzles and fixing a broken one will cost money.

Sun protection – you will need a tub umbrella if you do not want to contaminate the tub and spa with that sun block lotion.

Steps – you will need a way to get yourself in and out of your hot tub, whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi.  If the tub is elevated, then that is where the added steps come in handy. there are plenty to choose from in the market. There are also cool multi-purpose steps that can serve as dual purpose with extra storage!

Tub cover – when you are not using the tub, and with or without water, you will need to cover the tub. A cover protects the tub’s interior and the water from the leaves, dirt, and grime or whatever nature might unleash.

There are two kinds of covers.  The first, is a fits-all cover made from strong, weather proof textile material that you strap on to your tub. The second, is a hard version that is anchored to the exterior of the hot tub, outdoor pool or whirlpool bath with weather resistant steel fixtures.

Cleaning tools – be it a small pool vacuum cleaner or a plain set of pool/tub brush, it is important to clean the inside of the tub especially if it always have water in it.

Tub essentials storage – small or big, you need a place to store your tub tools. It can be a small cabinet neat the tub or a space in your home storage. Be sure that the storage can also provide a safe place for your tub chemicals.

Patch strips – if you have textile tub covers, then you need these just in case it rips. It saves you the need to replace that cover when it rips a bit here and there.

Oil-absorbing sponge – like the name says, it is a sponge that absorbs oils and keep that water oil free.

Thermometer – if you have a hot tub, you will need a thermometer so that the water will always be just right for that nice soak in the cold weather.

Bath salts – they come in plenty of forms with plenty of benefits of those who will bath in the water. Be careful in adding salts, not all tubs are compatible with some bath salts. When you add them to the water make sure that the water is moving to spread the salt better.

Add-on tech gadgets – it can be a sound system or it can be a water proof speaker playing soothing music while you relax in the tub.

Water proofed tech – gadgets have come a long way. There are convenient tools out there that let you bring your phone or tablet with you when you soak.

Snack and beverage holders – some will float some are attached on the side of the tub. Just be sure the water is calm enough for them not to topple over.

Head cushions usually come installed with every hot tub.  However some may not be included.  Consider purchasing a head cushion since this will help you relax and have a soft place for your head to fall.

Friendly Reminders

There are plenty more accessories and beneficial chemicals out there than can take your hot tub, spa, whirlpool, Jacuzzi  experience to a new level. Ask the manufacturer of your tub for more information about maintenance.

Compatible pool accessories and beneficial chemicals for your tub. Before you attach anything on the outside of the tub make sure the structure can handle the incoming stress.