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Best 4 Person Hot Tubs & Whirlpool Baths

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Compare Best Ranked Spas, Whirlpool Baths & Hot Tubs For 4-5 People

If you want to buy an affordable and feature-rich outdoor spa, whirlpool bath or hot tub, we’ve reviewed some top rated of the best-selling hot tubs.Β Compare quality hot tubs, spas, whirlpool baths and their features. Here you can find and compare the best hot tubs and spas with the highest rated customer reviews.

Let’s review our top picks!

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Read Customer Reviews About Best 4-5-Person Hot Tubs And Spas

Have a look at the last real user reviews on some of the Best Spas, Whirlpool Baths, Outdoor Hot Tubs For 4-5 PeopleΒ we’ve chosen for our comparison and review. To learn more just click on any button and continue to read or buy directly on


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Ways to Bathe Luxuriously

Jacuzzi baths are like really big bathtubs which consist of underwater water jets to massage one’s body. The word Jacuzzi is derived from the name of an Italian inventor who was born in America, Candido Jacuzzi and his six brothers. It was invented in the nineteen sixties. Jacuzzis are produced by an Italian-American company called the Jacuzzi Brands Corporation. This corporation produces hot tub spas and whirlpool bathtubs. Jacuzzi Brands Corporation was founded in the nineteen fifteen.

The Jacuzzi brothers initially dealt with wooden propellers for military contracts. In the year nineteen twenty-one, Giocondo Jacuzzi, two company employees and a pilot were killed because one of their planes crashed in Modesto. Eventually, the company became famous for their whirlpool and bubble bath products. The word Jacuzzi today is attached to bath products, irrespective of the manufacturers.

What are the best hot tubs for 4 people?

Outdoor hot tubs and Jacuzzis might seem like the same thing, but they are different. Hot tubs are basically round tubs made of wood planks, lined vertically and held in place by tight, metal strips. They are filled with hot water and are often used or hydrotherapy or pleasure. Unlike a regular outdoor bath tub, hot tubs are made with such dimensions that it can be used by four persons and in some cases five persons. Now, a 4 person hot tub might come with jets. Hot tubs always sit above the ground and are never underground. Hot tubs are usually placed outdoors and are called outdoor hot tubs. Hot tubs are heated by electric or natural gas heaters usually. There are also solar hot water systems and submergible wood fire hot tub heaters. Hot tubs can be found at natural hot springs. Β They are mostly kept in a private garden or a yard.

The water is not changed every time a hot tub is used. Sanitation is maintained using almost the same methods that are used in swimming pools. Chlorine, bromine, ozonators and salt water chlorination is mostly used to keep hot tubs sanitised. In wet jetted hot tubs, shampoos and other soap like products are not used (shampoos and soap-like products can be used in hot tubs which are air-jetted). The plumbing of a hot tub incorporates a filtration system which helps in cleaning the water. Jacuzzi is a company that produces hot tubs. These days one might even buy an inflatable hot tub. In the older times, hot tubs were calderas. The calderas had stones placed in them that heated the water. They have been popular ever since the fourth century B.C.

A few of the best 4 person to 5 person hot tubs are:

J-210, its dimensions are 78” * 0” * 36.

J- 225, its dimensions are 76” * 84” * 34.5”

J – 425, its dimensions are 76” * 87” * 34”

(These are all produced by Jacuzzi. One can also buy hot tubs and spas of other brands)

What are spas and how are they useful?

Outdoor spas, on the other hand are very similar to hot tubs, but are of variable shapes and not made of wooden planks. The name is derived from a town in Belgium called Spa. Spa also denotes β€œfountain”. In medieval times, deficiency diseases caused by a deficiency of iron were treated by chalybeate (consisting of iron) spring water. Many people believe that bathing in certain 5 person spas resulted in spiritual purification. Spas are used for medicinal and therapeutic baths for numerous health treatments.

These health treatments are called balneotherapy. Spas are built into the ground, unlike hot tubs. The top of a spa is usually in level with the floor or the ground or halfway into the floor. Spas are made of non- permeable materials like fibreglass or plastic and do not wear down as fast as the wooden hot tubs which end up splintering.Β  Jacuzzi also is a famous spa producing brand. Spa treatments these days are non- medical means to help in keeping up of a healthy body. These treatments are conducted at spa resorts and beauty salons. These treatments include:

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Soaking in artificial falls
  3. Hot springs
  4. Foot baths
  5. Mud baths
  6. Sauna
  7. Steam bath
  8. Hair treatments
  9. Nail cares and
  10. Massages

People often mistake hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzi as the same thing.

What are whirlpool baths and how do they work?

A whirlpool bath is healing, medicinal or reparative bath in which all the parts of the body parts are bared open to whirling and forceful currents of hot water. A person’s body is massaged and one feels relaxed. Whirlpool jets are fitted to the sides of the shell of the bathtub. It is operated with the help of remote controls which are placed on the deck of the bath. Air and water operate outdoor whirlpool baths. There is a suction of the whirlpool which takes water from the bath through suction plates into the pump.

This pump then pushes the water out by way of the whirlpool jets. The force of the water coming out of these jets can be controlled through a controller. The pipes in a whirlpool bath are connected to a motor which operates by a pneumatic push button. Supply of two forty volts, thirteen amperes, live, neutral and earthing is required. Earthing should be carried out by an eligible electrician.

All these types of baths are designed for four persons to five persons. These baths have grooves designed in their base to mark sitting places. The grooves have water jets at their base and sides for maximum exposure to the bubbling water. They can be used for either therapeutic purposes or for pleasure. Also, all of these baths can be set up outdoors or indoors depending on how much space they consume.


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