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Top Intex Lazy Spa Hot Tub Accessories




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Would you like to spend some time in the great outdoors?

Have an extension of your home that’s just as comfortable, but with all-natural light and fewer bugs.

What if I told you there was way more than one thing needed for this vision come true?

This intex lazy spas list will get everything set up so smoothly!

In a hurry?

Here are our top picks simplified for you…

Star Splash Hot Tub Booster Seat

Whether it’s snowy or sunny weather outside your hot tub is the only thing that truly feels like home.

And these days, with everything looking so much more janky than usual (oh wait does anyone still say “janky?”), there’s no guarantee in anything anymore- especially this economy…and so you can make up for recreational comfort in one of your last true treasured spaces.

If you ever find yourself sitting in a bath tub, hot tub, or pool and you just need a little more height or stability, this quality 600D polyester constructed booster seat will withstand the test of time. It’s thoroughly made to maximize safety for all sizes.


  • Retains Shape
  • Holds in place and doesn’t slip
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Supeior Comfort


  • Could be a little bit wider
  • Might slip a little bit

Intex PureSpa Multi Colored LED Light Accessory for Bubble Spa Hot Tub (2 Pack)

CREATE AMBIANCE – Light up your PureSpa bubble spa with the Intex PureSpa Battery LED Light.

This LED light is a simple way to set the mood or create an ambiance that will take your hot tub to the next level.

It has 5 different LED colors, and can stay in single color or color changing mode. After 2 hours, the light automatically shuts off. This light operates off of 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

For an easy way to amp up your outdoor spa, look no further than the Intex PureSpa Battery LED Light For Bubble Spa!


  • ILLUMINATES WHITE, GREEN , TEAL BLUE AND PURPLE – The light illuminates white when turned
  • Auto Shut off after 2 hours
  • Has a single color or other color changing modes


  • Works only with Intex spas

Intex 28520E Tray Spa Accessory, Tan

Enjoy a soak in the spa while watching a movie on your smartphone or tablet. Safely placed on the Intex spray tray accessory you should have no worries about your electronic device staying safe from falling in the water.

This tray easily attaches to the wall of your Intex Pure Spa ( sold separately).

The interior of the tray is lined with a white LED light strip, allowing you to clearly see the tray during an evening soak.

There are 2 cupholders for your drinks and the tray can also be used to serve snacks too!


  • 2 cupholders
  • All around light up LED lights
  • Fits all PureSpa models
  • Might work with other soft sided hot tubs


  • It’s not adjustable

MyGift 40-Inch Freestanding Metal 3-Swivel Arm Bathroom Towel Holder

With 3 horizontally-swiveling bars, this compact towel rack is the most innovative way to keep your towels handy and dry.

Simply adjust them whichever way you please!

Hang bathroom or kitchen towels on these freestanding holders for an easy storage solution that doesn’t take up much space in any room of the house.

A perfect addition as well if somebody’s moving into their first home because they’re going need new bath accessories like shelves nicely lined with all those stuff we never use anymore but can’t bear throwing away either (you do know how it goes).

Makes an excellent gift idea too; get one before someone beats ya to it!


  • Free Standing
  • 3 convenient swivel arms
  • Perfect for small bath towels and hand towels


  • Towels need to be folded in half to accommodate a standard size towel

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit with Brush, Skimmer, & Scrubber

Every few weeks you will want to give your spa a good ol’ buff-and-shine. That’s where this itsy bitsy maintenance kit will come into play.

Every time you give your spa a monthly scrub, good things happen: dirt and grime get swept away so it can look as tubular as possible.

There should not be any problems with algae starvation because there will be no food for them to eat with a regular scrub down.

Let’s not forget about debris collecting up, which won’t be a problem because the handy net will catch all that loose stuff!

By taking care of your hot tub regularly, the chemicals will be mixed properly and pH levels won’t fluctuate.


  • Mesh skimmer net easy to use to clean debris on top
  • Brush for cleaning different areas of tub
  • Scrubber pad helps remove top surface grime


  • Net doesn’t allow for a handle to be attached


Let’s face it, if you’re going to invest in an inflatable hot tub like the Intex Lazy Spa then it makes sense that you want to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

With a little preparation and some additional items you can maximize your relaxation time with friends or family at home! Pick up one of these top 5 favorite accessories for intex lazy spa owners today!

Best Hot Tub Accessories Buying Guide

Owning a hot tub without accessories is sort of like having a home without furniture.

Sure, it does the job of holding and maintaining clean and bubbling water, but the accessories bring a hot tub to life and improves the quality greatly. 

Hot tubs are brilliant multi-purpose additions to a garden or yard.

Whether the tub is there for health purposes, to impress your friends, or for a luxury addition to your garden, both yourself and the hot tub deserve the appropriate accessories. 

Essential Accessories

In terms of essential accessories outside of cleaning and general maintenance, items such as steps may seem like an unnecessary purchase for those able to climb in and out of tubs, but actually provide an easier experience for entering and exiting the tub.

Not only does it help those who cannot climb into the tub, but steps act as a good prevention from slipping on the deck or ground of which the hot tub is upon.

Safety is paramount, even for a hot tub, especially if the tub is on wooden decking as this could get slippery.

Steps allow for balance and awareness of the height of the tub, so it might be worth looking for an additional handrail to help climb them. 

Hard covers that come with hot tubs are not the sole protectors of the tub, so accessories like the Himal Square Cover are necessary for protecting the tub from unexpected weather conditions or any unwanted objects that could damage the hard cover.

Hot tubs are not too expensive to maintain, but these accessories will help to keep that cost down as they will prevent future potential damages.


Comfort is also worth keeping in mind, as the hard seats of any hot tub are bound to get slightly boring and unaccommodating.

The vibrating element of a hot tub can be felt intensely (and not enjoyably) without cushions, so cushions are worth investing for a comfortable massaging experience. 

Hot tub seats and pillows are useful for kids and shorter people, and are beneficial for older people who may be prone to discomfort too.

If the hot tub was bought with health purposes in mind, these purchases are vital for recovery and healing to protect bodies from the hard surfaces.

Items such as pillows also provide a luxurious aesthetic to the tub for a low price! It is worth remembering to take pillows out of the tub when not in use and cleaning them regularly to avoid mold build-up from water exposure.


Of course, hot tubs are mostly about the fun of it all.​

Whether for a birthday or wedding party, a works-do or a much needed 10-minute relaxation, a hot tub relies on entertaining accessories to keep up every experience worthwhile. 

Floating cup holders or trays make hot tubs the laziest yet most satisfying form of chilling out without having to keep leaving the tub itself.

Waterproof and bluetooth speakers are a must-have item for any setting to provide the right type of ambience, again without having to keep leaving the tub to change the music. 

If you find yourself getting bored of the exterior, bunting is a fun way to lighten the outside of your tub for a party.

As well as visual aesthetics, these fun party additions bring a new sense of life to a hot tub, providing a different version to the bog standard hot tub.

There isn’t really an end to buying the perfect hot tub accessories, as most of them can be easily stored away when not in use.

There are countless accessories designed for any event or usage of the tub, allowing for endless creative liberty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are essential for a hot tub?

The main essential accessories include steps, covers, floor protectors, and lights. These are designed for the safety of hot tubs regardless of what the main usage is.

It is important to keep these items in mind when purchasing a hot tub, and to purchase them in time for when the hot tub is ready to be used.

Water can be dangerous outside of a tub as well as inside, so it is worth keeping an eye on any potential problems or safety hazards.

Are hot tubs comfortable?

No tub is designed to be maliciously uncomfortable, but it is always best to try before you buy.

There is no harm in buying extra accessories for comfort, such as pillows and seats, to help accommodate every user.

It depends on the individual using the tub, because some may find that less is more and others may prefer an underwater sofa. 

For intended long usage of tubs rather than 15 minute dips, cushions and padded seats are a necessity.

Does my hot tub come with accessories?

This depends on the make of the hot tub itself.

Most hot tubs will come with a hard cover, and some may come with matching steps, but this will have to be researched. 

Buying accessories on the side is simple and worth it for enhancing the quality of the tub. 

What should I get for a hot tub party?

This is where your imagination can go as wild as you like. It’s best to stick to a theme, whether it’s a sweet 16th summer birthday or a wedding party, to choose the right decorations.

Cup holders, speakers and inflatable balls or games are great accessories for any type of party as they provide fun, a good conversation, and give your tub a new lease of life other than relaxing.

Food and drinks are always a welcome sight for any event, so having them on a nearby table or floating in a cup holder adds to a sense of luxury. 

LED lights are a good way of keeping the party going when the sun goes down and can create the right type of ambience. 

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