Top 5 Ways to Save More Space in Your Backyard

Top 5 Ways to Save More Space in Your Backyard

There’s a notion that to have a lovely-looking backyard, you need to have a lot of space. Lots of lands for your garden to flourish plus some more space to build structures like an outdoor grill, deck, fire pit, and a garden shed. After all, your backyard is an extension of your home so making it pretty is something you should consider too.

But the reality is that even a small backyard can provide a wonderful spot for your home garden and outdoor living needs.

The trick is to plan everything properly to ensure that every space has a purpose and things are arranged in such ways that they promote flow, harmony, and functionality. Check out these five smart ways to save more space in your backyard and transform your small outdoor into an entertaining, beautiful and functional space!

Rise up!

A popular trick in tiny house living is to utilize the space above the floor. Yes, those wide, spacious walls that only got a few paintings or pictures frames on them. Modern home designs incorporate hanging shelves and cabinets and other storage solutions that don’t eat floor space. This is such an excellent idea that you can apply to your backyard too. Look around and see how you can ‘rise up’ and utilize the area above the land. Maybe you can hang plants instead of placing them on the ground to save extra space below. Maybe you can put up an accent wall which can serve as extra storage or a mesh wall to grow vines and some climbing veggies. You will be surprised by how this strategy allows you to put so much more in your tiny backyard.

Install a Murphy Bar.

What’s a backyard without a space for entertaining? Ditch the huge, spacious tables and opt for a Murphy bar. This type of furniture folds down into a table whenever you need to use it. It also makes nice storage (and you can stack some plants on top too!) It’s space-saving, cute, and easy to build! In addition to a Murphy bar, you can also use other foldable types of outdoor furniture that give you convenience and added space. These modern types of furniture can be tucked away or hidden when not in use, which makes them perfect for tiny house living.

Think light, tiered and vertical.

When doing the landscape, you want to again maximize the use of space above the ground. Utilize the tight spots in your landscape. Instead of planting horizontally, plant vertically using a wood trellis or IKEA pot hangers, tin cans, and tiered herb boxes. You can use a simple wooden arbor to grow vines. According to Pacific Dreamscapes, you should choose outdoor furniture that has a sleek design and keeps them in one corner. Feel free to get creative and bolder with the colors and textures for an eye-catching outdoor living space. And don’t forget to put some lights – they make your backyard appealing and look bigger.

Garden sheds are a crucial addition.

Especially in tiny backyards, you want garden storage shed where you can easily and safely store your garden supplies. Decide on your budget and choose the best quality you can afford. Work out what size can fit into your space and where you will install it. Also, consider where you will be using it for. Some homeowners use a garden shed as a home office so it needs to have electricity, insulation, and power. The type of shed is an important consideration too. It should match your overall backyard design, as well as functional requirements. A big shed is not ideal for a small backyard but it should definitely allow you to store your garden tools and furniture. To not get any mold damage, always make sure the shed is well ventilated, the roof is not leaking. It can have bad effects on health.

Hide clutter and do ‘double-duty’.

A neat space always feels like a bigger space. Avoid putting things that don’t serve a purpose. You want to keep your landscape neat and tidy. When buying accessories and other outdoor structures, consider not only the design but also their function. Watch for such products in your local garden center or browse on Pinterest for some DIY ‘double-duty’ garden tools and accessories.

When it comes to backyards, bigger isn’t always better. With these tips, you can have a beautiful, stylish and ‘spacious’ tiny backyard in no time!

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