Top 5 Hot Tub Manufacturers

Bubbling water, fun with friends and perhaps a nice glass of wine may be the accessory American Dream. Imagine soaking away the cares of the day in your very own hot tub!


highest 5 hot tub manufacturersIf owning your very own hot tub has been a dream of yours, then you are probably wondering where to find the best products.

After all this is not something, you pick at the grocery store on your way home from work.

While you may choose to deal with a local retailer, it is important to know who five of the top hot tub manufacturers are.


Arctic Spas

top 5 hot tub makersDo you live in an extreme weather conditions? Many people who live in the northern or northeastern part of the United States find their options are limited when it comes to hot tubs and spas.

Arctic Spas are built to withstand severe temperature drops and provide you with a premium experience.

Their website boasts that no climate is too extreme for an Arctic Spa.

If you are more interested in a sauna, jetted tub or swim spa, they have a complete line of these products as well.



top 5 hot tub productsIf you are looking for a company, that offers a full line of ergonomic and energy efficient hot tubs, Beachcomber models may be for you.

They offer 15 different models ranging from your basic starter hot tub to an all-out executive model.

This provides customers with a nice price range to choose from as well as a variety of sizes.

Unlike some manufacturers, each of these tubs is constructed with the same quality materials and attention to detail.

The price difference reflects size and optional features, but never quality, reliability or energy efficiency.


Caldera Spas

Caldera hot tubs offer ergonomically correct jet placements. Which is just a fancy way to say that ever-major muscle group is targeted, depending on where you sit.

When you start a new workout program, your trainer will prescribe specific exercise for specific muscle groups for a balanced result and these hot tubs were designed with the same premise in mind.


Seat Examples:

  • Ecstaseat – targets major muscles of the back and calves
  • Atlas – full on neck massage
  • Whirlpool – full force jet massage of the lower back
  • Euphoria – thighs, knees, calves and feet


Hot Springs Spas

top 5 hot tub brandsHot tub spas should be functional and fashionable, or at least fit in with your current décor.

Who wants an outdoor spa that clashes with house color or design?

Hot Springs spas offer customers several options when it comes to color or finish.

Muted greys, redwood, espresso and even stone finishes are available. Optional shell, cabinet and color options allow you the freedom to customize your chosen spa.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

After 50 years in business, Jacuzzi knows what they are doing when it comes to hot tubs and spas. This company has been the leader in spa and Jacuzzi manufacturing for many years, quickly becoming a household name.

The Jacuzzi brothers actually invented the first hydrotherapy pump and continue to lead the field. They offer a complete line of tubs with an option to fit nearly any budget or home. When it comes to the best hot tubs or spas, Jacuzzi has a reputation to uphold.



Are these the only good hot tub manufacturers? Certainly not, however these five companies have earned high marks from consumers across the nation. Once you have determined which manufacturer you prefer there are a few other considerations to keep in mind.

  • Indoor/Outdoor – will this be an indoor or outdoor hot tub?
  • Budget – Hot tubs and spas are available at a variety of price points, from reasonable to flamboyant, where is your budget on the scale?
  • Upkeep – You have to remember that the initial purchase price is not the end of your investment. Spas require regular upkeep and maintenance.
  • Safety- Do you have small pets or children? Barriers to entry may be required for safety.



good 5 hot tub manufacturersAfter a long stressful day at work, can you imagine any sweeter reward than relaxing in your very own hot tub?

Allow the cares of the day to bubble away as you relax tired muscles and mind.

Hot tubs are also a great way to entertain, invite friends or neighbors over for a fun relaxing evening!

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