Tips on Cycle Camping For Beginner Cyclist

Mountain bicycling is becoming very popular across the world. The reason being is that it is an affordable, fun, versatile and simple way to enjoy the view of the great outdoors. If you are a mountain cyclist then you already have noticed that whenever you see somebody cycle touring, that the view is something you don’t forget easily.

The idea of cycle touring is not about the destination but the journey. Making the cycle your transport mode is not only exciting but also it opens up never-ending possibilities. You can move slowly or fast as per your wish through the landscape. You can choose your journey’s difficulty level.

You don’t have to think twice when you want to stop or where you want to go. You can explore the new location or country according to your desires.

So, if you are planning a cycle camping excursion, then there are several things to keep in mind. You need to ensure that all of the essentials are packed. With cycle camping, it is a little harsh to pack things satisfactorily.

Cycle camping is opposite to car camping as there is ample space for storing your additional goods. Cycle camping is like bag packing where only lightweight options are crucial for a trip that is successful.

Here are some beginners tips for your first cycle camping trip:

Bring your cycle to the mechanic

If you are ignoring this tip, then you are making a big mistake. Like you make sure that your hiking boots are fit, so your cycle must be in first-class condition. Make sure that before you go for cycle camping, camping gas cooker,  you bring the cycle to a mechanic.

You need to ensure the checking of the tire pressure and brakes of the bikes. It is one of the crucial tips you require following when you plan a cycle camping.

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Getting storage

While you plan the cycle camping, it is vital to get the storage. It doesn’t matter that whether you have a trunk to trail from that is attachable or not or panniers array, you need to determine that how you will store all of the essentials.

Panniers are available in different sizes and can be positioned on the front and back racks. So, it’s easy to get the storage for an essential like camping stove. Hence, make sure that you get the storage for cycle camping to avoid problems.

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Organizing the camping gear

The best option for cycle camping is lightweight. You need to go through the checklist of camping which integrates the essentials survival first aid kits to enjoy the weekend camping. You should know that what all you can carry while going for a cycle camping.


It won’t be a cycling camping trip without a lot of cycling. That said, remember to prepare your essential cycling gear too. Bring a travel repair kit, spare tires, and protective cycling gear, such as helmet, lycra wear, and kneepads and arm pads.


Even if you’re going on a leisure trip, consider bringing your cycling training gadgets like your power meter, heart rate monitor, or fitness tracker, to collect insight on your rides. Remember to check and charge all your gear and gadgets before your trip.

Here are some of the essentials:

  • A tent that is lightweight and is foldable.
  • Sleeping bag and mat if required.
  • First aid kits and the products for toiletry.
  • Clothing layers.
  • Supplies for cooking.
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Knowing your site

One of the best places for cycle camping is running water, small shop for buying foodstuff and outdoor grills. Make sure that you carry food essentials with you in case if there is no shop. You should know your site so research everything properly.

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Plan your route

Even if you have a phone, GPS or map with, you make sure that you have some familiarity with the way before hitting the road. You also need to ensure checking the weather conditions and any warnings of wildlife.

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Protecting your head

The injuries of the head are the primary cause of all the cycling deaths. It is imperative that one should wear a helmet while cycling. So, make sure you are wearing a helmet as it is for your safety. You cannot avoid this tip at any cost.

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