Things You Should Know While Applying Textured Render Finish

When we invest something and get nothing in return then it certainly becomes an unhappy situation for us. Most of the people who give their properties for textured render finish, they may not get the satisfactory services which can indeed become a reason for their happiness. And, getting depressed is obvious because you invested a pretty good money after the job and it might be giving a feel as if you wasted a good deal of money.  When we want to give our surface a smooth or textured surface then we should apply a mixture of cement on both the internal as well as the external walls and this process is called render finishes.

If you want to give your house an aesthetically appealing look then you should use render finishes, but it can do more than that; it also has fire rating qualities. If you are looking to change and renovate your home, then you should consider textured render finishes because your exteriors are also as important as your interiors. If you apply textured render finish to your exterior walls, then it can change the overall look of your house and the change may appear to be drastic.

Characteristics Of The Textured Render Finish:

Give your house an aesthetic look:

We know that rendering process is useful in improving the overall look of the house, but the rendering coat can be used to protect the surface from getting an old and dull look which happened due to normal wear and tear of the bricks. Rendering process is so good that if the surface gets any crack it can be easily re-rendered.

We know that ring can be re-rendered but we should apply a render coat and apply the coat of paint on a regular basis to avoid any issues in the near future.

No damp penetration: One important thing that you might not be knowing is that if you left your house with bricks installed then it can get damp. So you should not leave your house with bricks installed. Your exteriors can degrade if you leave your house this way. You need to understand that in a rainy season when water can enter into your house through bricks then it will cause damp penetration. By installing textured render finish, you can protect your house from dampness.

Provides insulation to the house: 

If you apply rendering coat, it adds some points in ensuring thermal regulations in the house. It will be best to apply textured render finish rather than exterior insulation which can be a costlier affair for you. Rendering provides many benefits to the house in different possible ways and it will improve thermal performance in the home. There is a big price difference in the textured render finish and exterior insulation. If you are an owner of the old house, you should not worry as you can still apply a textured render finish.

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You Should Read These Important Factors Which Helps In Determining The Textured Render Finish: 

Building life:

You can’t just give orders for applying to render finish until you know the age of your building because while selecting, preparing and maintaining the textured render finish, it is good to know the age of the building that how old it is. It doesn’t matter whether rendering a building provides waterproofing abilities or not but it is better to know all such things.

Base material:

If you want to apply best textured rendering finish then you should know that it mainly depends on the quality, durability, and exposure level.


After reading this article, you must have understood that textured render finish can protect your house from rain, wind, and direct sunlight. You should think about your exteriors and must put rendering coat on walls so that in the future the color of the walls will not get fade.

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