The Use of Steroids for Muscles

Steroids are basically a very important part of bodybuilding. But one has to be very careful and knowledgeable about the pros and cons before using them.  Steroids actually have different meanings for different people. While some believe that they reduce inflammation and swelling of lungs, others are of the view that they help you get a better body.  Best steroids are the ones that will help to build your muscles and strength.

What is the importance of testosterone?

Testosterone is said to be a very powerful hormone that helps to regulate the different compositions of the body to the libido. The hormones in the body can be divided into two categories:

  1. Peptide hormones
  2. Steroid hormones

Now there are five types of steroid hormones in the body. They are estrogens, glucocorticoids and also androgens. The word androgen is derived from the word man. You will find that the hormones that are in the androgen family include DHEA< DHT and testosterone. The human body promotes it naturally in the testes in order to regulate the masculine characteristics.  When the blood is rich in testosterone, it enables the body to perform the best activity. You can do things better like:

  • One can pack the muscle faster.
  • The strength of a person is optimized.
  • The stamina and the endurance are at its peak.
  • The energy level is high all day long.
  • You will find that the fat is low in the body and it is quite lean.

The natural and the normal levels of testosterone fall between 300 – 1000 ng.dL. This means that you do not require steroids to benefit from testosterone.  You just have to exercise daily in the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle for that.

We must know what are steroids? They are basically stimulating receptors that work for the muscle cells and help to activate the genes and also to produce proteins. They have an effect on the enzymes that are involved in the synthesis of proteins. Read more here:

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What are anabolic-androgenic steroids?

Synthetic androgen hormones are usually made in laboratories.  Although isolated in the 1930s, they were later found to be helpful in increasing strength and muscle growth after being experimented with animals. These were then used as drugs for men and athletes to treat low testosterone and increase stamina respectively.  As they started to gain popularity, it was found that they could be used to improve the anabolic properties of the muscle mass. This helps to enhance the performance of the athlete and increase the strength.

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How do the steroids work?

It is found that almost all the steroids share the chemical structure in a similar manner with only some subtle changes in the carbon structures, that have led them to different categories. It means that the AAS drugs are bound to the androgen receptors that get encoded deep with the genes. If this is triggered by the steroid drugs, then the receptors will spike both the anabolic and the androgenic effects. You will also see that the androgen receptors activate the enzymes that help to elevate the protein synthesis and restrict the catabolic effects of the degradation of the muscle cells. The main thing about steroids is that it helps to push you harder and get effective results. Usually, the effect of steroids is:

  • The muscle mass is elevated due to the signaling of the higher anabolic cell.
  • There is an inhibition of Cortisol and increase in testosterone
  • There will be an increased assertion of strength and aggression that boosts the lifters to lift heavyweights.

That you will benefit only by consuming steroids without hitting the gym or working out is a false notion. It definitely increases the level of strength up to 5 – 20% but you have to work like a monster to make the gains.

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