The Ultimate Roof Repair Tips For Leaky Roofs

The Ultimate Roof Repair Tips For Leaky Roofs

When someone says home renovation and repair, you immediately start thinking about extending bathrooms and fixing your basement. People hardly think about roof repairs. That is the problem is most modern homes. The homeowners never pay enough attention to their roofs unless it’s leaking or peeling off.

Home repairs should always begin with the roof. If you have water stains across your ceiling, you probably have a leaky roof. Finding out if you have a leaking roof is the easy part, locating the leak is the big problem. Any form of water dripping from the ceiling or soaking walls calls for an immediate roof inspection and fixing. Smaller leaks lead to more significant issues. The longer you let it fester, the worse the problem is going to get.

How to locate the leak on your roof?

Always begin by checking upstream of the leak stains. Look for sharp objects that may have penetrated the roof and its inner layers. These can include roof vents, chimneys, plumping or dormers that project out. Since water naturally flows downhill, you can expect to find the corresponding leak uphill of the visible marks. For vaulted ceilings, it is always better to go up on the roof to examine. It can be a challenge for homeowners, who are not comfortable with heights. If you have back problems or knee pain, doctors will you to refrain from heavy tasks such as these. To find precarious leaks, you should always take the help of experts, who know how to locate them cost-effectively. Dragon Roofing Sunshine Coast & Brisbane has a list of such cost-effective solutions for finding and fixing roof leaks in residential buildings.

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How to fix the leak?

Fixing the leak can be a challenging task depending on where and how the leak began.

  • You might need to fix the dormer walls to ensure that the rainwater does not drip down the roof onto the walls and the floor. Using siliconized caulk helps in controlling dormer leaks.
  • Fixing the plumbing vent boots is often necessary to control the leaks as well. The vent boots can be metal, all plastic or a combination of both. If the seams are intact, look for cracks in the rubber boot. In case, the problem persists in the vent boot or the rubber. You need to replace the unit.
  • Check the roof vents if the previous spots are free of trouble. Cracked housings and broken seams are common problems. Usually, the only way to combat leaks through roof vents is by replacing the damaged vent. Do not forget to look for missing nails at the bottom of the base.
  • Leaks following snow and storms are due to compromised flashing. The water freezes when it comes in touch with the colder part of the roof. The water pools behind the ice damk
  • and starts to percolate through the shingles, under the soffit and enters through a break in the ceiling. The area where the soffit meets the roof is tough to waterproof. The only solution is proper flashing that can stop the ice dams.

Caulk and cement rarely fix roof leaks for long. You should always think about investing in mechanical repairs, whenever feasible.

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