The Top Renovations That Will Give Your Home an Upgrade

The entire point of a home remodel is to improve your house in some way. However, rather than simply bringing something new to your home, it is much better to give it an upgrade. This is especially important if your house hasn’t been renovated in a long time.

Understand, most residences are built with current trends in mind. Of course, after a while, these fads will fade, leaving your home looking more than a little outdated. If you want to ensure that your house looks like it belongs in the pages of a contemporary interior design magazine, here are some factors to consider.

The Beauty of Minimalism

The previous decades saw homes being stuffed with opulent features and details. Predictably, though, this wasn’t a great look. So, to set things off, the minimalistic age was ushered in. The entire philosophy of this design is “less is more”. So, it is all about muted colors and more open space.

So, take a look at the inside of your home and try to pinpoint areas that appear overdone. Then, figure out ways to trim it down so that you can embrace minimalism. Now, some people can find this idea a little cold or limiting. In this case, consider adopting a cozier minimalistic approach to design. Here, you can soften up the look of your home with texture, rugs, a few statement pieces, and more.

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Opt for Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Just a few years ago, most people were trying to breathe new life into their kitchen cabinets. These days, though, many people are doing away with their cabinets entirely. See, people are moving into smaller homes which means that the kitchen area is smaller as well. Large, protruding cabinets only appear to make this space even more compact.

This is why a number of people are opting for open shelving in the kitchen. One of the more popular designs is floating shelves that can be placed along the walls at various heights. Not only do these add to the open layout, but they are also quite stylish. If this feels like too much of a commitment, you can hold onto your bottommost cabinets and simply rely on open shelving for the top portion.

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Consider Integrated Appliances

Sticking with the kitchen region, another element that you might want to consider is integrated appliances. They are also known as built-in appliances. Once upon a time, it wasn’t unusual to have your oven or microwave built into your cabinetry. Over the last few years, though, this trend has evolved even further.

You can find stovetops, mini-fridges, and even coffeemakers built into the walls. The reasons for this is fairly obvious. For one thing, these integrated appliances create a seamless look in your kitchen as they blend in incredibly well. For another thing, such appliances also take up a lot less space on the counter.

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Make Your Bathroom a More Relaxing Space

There is no denying that there are quite a few bathroom design ideas to choose from. After all, this is a part of the house that people renovate the most. However, when you do remodel this room, don’t just think about fixing it up or making a few replacements alone. Work on creating a more calming and relaxing atmosphere.

So, consider setting up a mini spa here. If you like to go all out, then a steam room or sauna will be the perfect addition. In case you don’t want to make too many structural changes, focus on getting the vibe just right. Gentle lighting, scented candles, diffusers, and more can work wonders to transform this space.

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Get the Lighting Just Right

Another thing that homeowners have begun to realize is that lighting is an important aspect of your home décor. You are sure to have noticed this as well. If the light is too bright or unnatural, it can end up being rather harsh, particularly on people’s skin. Instead, warm lighting works well for late night gatherings and parties.

That being said, there are times when you need bright light, especially when you are trying to undertake certain tasks. To get the best of both worlds, install dimmers at various points around your home. This may sound like a minor renovation but it will make a world of difference. Depending on the mood, you can change up the lights accordingly.

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Bask in Your Bare Floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting can feel a little 70s. So, if you want to date your house, sticking with the carpet is the way to go. However, if you want your home to feel modern and fresh, then you really should get rid of this. When you make that decision, keep in mind that the job will probably require professionals.

If you are fortunate, the floors beneath your old carpet will be absolutely stunning. If this isn’t the case, there are still plenty of options to go with. At the moment, tile, eco-friendly materials, and wood are still the most popular contenders. Each of these styles has gorgeous designs, allowing you to create a stunning and unique look for your home.

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Statement Ceilings

A few years ago, people were making statements with their floors. These days, homeowners are looking upwards, because statement ceilings are currently in. If you are doing a massive overhaul, then changing the actual style and layout of the ceiling may be possible for you. In case this feels like too much work, you still have avenues to select.

For instance, you can paint the ceiling an interesting shade to add a pop of color. For a more impressive look, though, consider patterns or mosaics. If you have skylights in your home, draped linen adds an interesting and delicate touch to the room.

It is clear that there is a multitude of ways in which you can upgrade your home. Whether you want to make big or small changes, there is something for everyone. Also, keep in mind that these are mere suggestions. It is up to you to take them and turn them into your own. This will make your home even more unique and beautiful.

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