The Earthy Essence With Wooden Hot Tubs

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Hydrotherapy involves the use of water at different temperatures to induce a healing effect. The fact that water can retain and transmit heat, it is the healing tool for making hydrotherapy very therapeutic. Hot water baths improve blood circulation, relax tensed and sore muscles and to reduce the pain of wounds.

The health benefits of dipping yourself into wood-fired hot tub have been made as ritualistic practices in several cultures; the Greeks, the Romans, and the Japanese. In Japanese culture, it is believed as an act of calming the body and nourishing the soul.

Being in this modern world, with a lot of modern innovations popping out of nowhere, you have forgotten how it would feel like being one with nature. You are already exposed to inventions that have made your life easier and have given you a lot of therapeutic benefits.

Just imagine this, you’re enjoying the outdoors and the only thing you can hear is the chirping of the birds and the slow rustling sound of leaves from the trees. And to top it all off, right in the comforts of your home, dipping yourself into a nice warm bath, and just experiencing the “earthy essence” because it is made with natural wood. You just can’t have that feeling in any other hot tubs.

Wooden hot tubs are the oldest kind of hot tubs ever made but are still very popular with those who love its simple and traditional rustic look. These wooden tubs are easy to customize, attractive, sturdy and are also easier to set up than any other modern made above-ground spas.

Although plastic spas are more popular than wooden hot tubs today, it was the wooden hot tub that made social bathing known for America.

You may want to consider these reviews of wooden hot tub features to know whether it is more beneficial or convenient than portable or plastic ones.

Rustic Look is Not Obsolete

Its rustic look is what greatly attracts its buyers. The one that sets wooden hot tubs apart from other hot tubs is basically its appearance – the beauty of natural wood. A wooden tub will age to a grayish tone over time, which is what owners like.

And due to its uniqueness, manufacturers of many molded tubs made wooden cabinets or synthetics designed to look like wood to capture the wooden tub effect.

The durability of a Wooden Tub

Unlike plastic spas, wooden hot tubs don’t crack, crumble, bubble, fade or stain. However, the type of wood used in making it is also very important. Redwood, cypress, and teak are all very durable kind of wood, while cedar may not hold up quite as well and oak still needs thorough maintenance. Thicker kind of wood is also better since it’s less likely to bend.

A wooden hot tub is generally deeper than a molded above-ground spa. This greater depth means the tub is very heavy when it is full, so you may need to prepare a special spot with a reinforced concrete pad on which to install it.

Made for Your Convenience

Wooden hot tubs don’t offer the same variety of features as molded spas have. It only has simple wooden benches rather than uniquely designed seats and loungers, and it doesn’t have any built-in sound system or any LED lighting.

However, wooden tubs are easy to customize than molded tubs because you can change the level or height of your benches. Most heaters are separated from the tub, so you can choose gas or wood for your insulation.

With a variety of heating options, you can still have your own daily or a weekly warm dip in your wooden hot tub during power loss.

Another advantage of choosing wooden tubs is it is shipped in pieces and assembled on site. It can be carried through any doorway, down or up any stairs or making it easier to fit on your desired location that has limited access. Unlike molded tubes, you have a large one-piece vessel that is impossible to move without using a crane or a forklift.

Jets and Hydro-Massage

You can have your jets installed exactly where you like; whether it be on the upper side for your neck massages, your lower back, or even on the floor for massaging your aching feet.

Since wooden tubs do not have a protective, insulated cabinet like molded spas, any jet plumbing and other water circulation pipes are installed or mounted on the outside of the hot tub.

Seating Considerations

A smaller diameter wooden hot tub will seat the same number of people as a larger plastic spa. For instance, a 5’ round wooden hot tub can hold as many people as a 7’ square plastic spa.

The greater depth and vertical walls of the wooden tub is a great help for the user because there is a huge effect of buoyancy in the tub, which cannot be found on other spas. In addition, there is basically much more legroom since you can stretch your legs out under the bench, and this can also be beneficial for taller bathers.


Another common misconception about wooden hot tubs is it is difficult to clean. That’s not true at all. In cleaning your wooden tub, all you have to do is to drain the water inside and rinse it out. If needed or desired, you can also gently scrub it by a soft brush with a solution made out of mild bleach and water.

Most people would leave them outside of a wooden tub with natural bare wood. Over time, any type of wood will naturally fade into a grayish tone due to some elements, and that’s basically fine. But if you wanted the outside of your wooden tub finished, you just need to follow the directions in applying that finish and you might need to reapply yearly.

Purchasing plastic spas or wooden hot tubs depend mostly on the person; what is convenient for you and your own personal preference. Nevertheless, there are still many reasons for choosing wooden tubs over plastic ones.

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