The Best Privacy Screens For Outdoor Hot Tubs

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  • Date: September 4, 2022
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When you’re having a nice relaxing soak in your hot tub, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about nosy neighbors peeking over their fence into your garden.

Privacy is an important part of reaching your inner zen!

Conquering too many gaps in your hedge, fence or other yard divider, or one that isn’t tall enough to shield in general, can prove tricky, especially if you have a specific garden aesthetic to maintain.

Sometimes style comes over substance, right?

That’s why we’ve chosen five of our favorite screens, in a variety of styles, sizes and budgets, to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

There’s bound to be a privacy provider that suits you, and all of them are highly reviewed by others.

If you’d like to learn more about exactly what makes a quality privacy screen, including some features you may not have thought about yourself, simply consult our thorough Buyer’s Guide to find out all you need to know.

Likewise, any lingering queries or remaining concerns may be cleared up by our set of FAQs, assembled by traversing the net for the most common questions asked by your fellow customers.

Hopefully, all of the information you need is right here! 


Alion Home Elegant Privacy Mesh Windscreen For Backyard

Alion Privacy Mesh Windscreen

Knitted with 185 GSM, high quality, 100% virgin high density polyethylene, this large privacy screen from Alion home offers 90% UV blockage, depending on weather conditions, as well as vastly reducing the impact of a gusty wind.

The commercial grade fabric is available in five different neutral and earth tones that will naturally blend in with your outdoor setting, able to withstand any weather and stay up the whole year long without a problem.

All four sides of this screen have been hemmed to provide a uniform look and additional strength, secured with rust-resistant metal grommets, for a visually appealing screen that will last for years to come.

Installing your new screen is as simple as using the included zip ties – it can even be screwed, nailed or stapled to wood if you require, though the means to do this are sold separately. 

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, simply utilize their 100% guaranteed, hassle-free return policy within thirty days to receive a full refund.

There’s even a two year limited replacement warranty on top!


  • Thick, high quality, dense polyethylene in simple but effective colors
  • Weatherproof and UV treated for year-round protection
  • 2 years limited warranty, 30 day money back guarantee
  • Made to order custom sizes available from California


  • Certain colors can be a little see through according to reviews


Enclo Outdoor Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen

Enclo Outdoor Products Screen

Constructed from premium PVC vinyl, this high quality, totally solid privacy screen from Enclo Outdoor is not just great at offering you invisibility, but it looks great added to any yard, no matter the style.

Installation is as simple as driving the stakes included with your purchase into the ground, but does require a sledgehammer – installing both sections side by side is not advised unless secured to the ground using cement.

Weather resistant and tough enough to stand up to even the mightiest of wind, it’s an upscale way to hide behind in your tub; it should last for years and years to come, and will require very little upkeep to ensure this.

Visibility is the same from both sides of the screen, and additional sets can be combined with your purchase to extend the enclosure should you get a hot tub upgrade or desire to change things around a little.

Though they’re especially strong and sturdy, each piece is easy enough to lift and maneuver, and as a bonus, it may dampen the sound of anything it surrounds, so it’s great for reducing the noise impact of your tub’s jets and bubbles!


  • Strong PVC vinyl – attractive and appropriate
  • Easily installed – just use a sledgehammer
  • No impact on visibility once in the tub
  • Buildable in conjunction with other units


  • Right angle protection – not a full 360 degree screen


Alion Home Sun Shade Panel Privacy Screen

Alion Home Sun Shade

Another beautiful option from Alion Home, this beautiful, lock-stitch knitted screen resists fraying and tearing, made from high-density polyethylene material.

In seven attractive colors, there’s bound to be one that you like.

Having been UV treated to provide 90% blockage of harmful rays, the material resists fading, retains its strength and withstands radiation, ensuring you stay cool and safe, as well as having maximum privacy.

Managing to be both breathable and water resistant, the screen has been hemmed to ensure it stays string-free and pleasing to the eye.

You can even order your own custom size and color to suit your garden perfectly.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the aluminum grommets, and every privacy panel comes with included ropes and bungee as standard to get you started.

You can even screw, nail or staple it to a wooden panel for added sturdiness if you like.

A complete two year limited warranty ensures you can obtain a replacement (under normal wear and tear), whilst the convenient thirty day money back guarantee prevents disappointment should you find your purchase unsatisfactory.


  • Different colors to suit your yard
  • UV treated and hemmed for extra resilience
  • Protects you from nosy neighbors and the sun’s rays
  • Two year warranty/30 day refund policy


  • Not a freestanding structure – may need nailing to wood


Abba Patio Retractable Double Folding Awning Screen Fence

Abba Privacy Screen

Choose from one or two panels of these high-quality screens from Abba Patio, made from high-grade, weather resistant, breathable materials.

They provide plenty of outdoor privacy, and keep you safe from those harmful UV rays.

Easily opened and closed with a simple handle, the flexible telescopic mechanism allows you to retract the screen when not in use, so that you can show off your beautiful yard when you want to whilst retaining your dignity.

Powder coated and rustproof, the aluminum poles are extra sturdy and very strongly adhered to the fabric – installation is easy and once it’s up, it stays up! It’s the perfect size for use in conjunction with a five foot fence.

Being both waterproof and windproof, you’ll be able to tub peacefully even in unpleasant weather conditions, and when that sun is super hot in the sky, you’ll stay cool and protected from burning as you take a dip.

As it’s incredibly easy to disassemble, roll up and store away, when you reach the autumn and winter seasons, it can go away for a few months alongside your hot tub.

This will maximize the lifespan of your screen, lasting for years to come.


  • High quality, UV treated material
  • Rust-treated, powder coated aluminum poles
  • Simple door handle – retract when not in use
  • Folds up and disassembles easily for storage


  • Some customers report difficult assembly instructions


Yescom Upgrader Outdoor Patio Retractable Sun Shade Privacy Divider

Yescom Privacy Screen

Created to fit perfectly with your 5 foot fences, this retractable privacy screen from Yescom might be on the expensive side, but it’s a worthwhile investment for endless stress-free soaks in your tub, sans spying neighbors.

Constructed from 180 gsm polyester and an additional thickened PU coating, the screen offers UV50+ levels of protection, as well as being waterproof and tear resistant.

It’s great if you have rambunctious kids who like to take a soak!

Additional components are composed of galvanized iron, with a matte roller shell fixing pole for increased stability.

The clip-lock handle and base fixing pin also ensure a strong and sturdy screen that’s made to last.

All mounting accessories, each composed of high quality 304 stainless steel, have been included for secure and successful installation, no matter where in your yard you’d like it to stand.

Allowing an automatic rollback function, an internal spring ensures the screen slides smoothly to open and close, meaning you only need to block the sunlight and hide behind the privacy of your screen when absolutely necessary. 


  • Strong, tensile fabric that blocks UV rays and resists water/tears
  • Included stainless steel mounting accessories
  • Slides closed when not in use
  • Can also be installed on top of an existing wall


  • Somewhat see through in certain lighting conditions

Best Privacy Screen For Outdoor Hot Tub Buying Guide


Investing in a privacy screen to ensure your hot tub sessions stay personal is pointless if it’s not big enough to cover the entire area, from all potential viewing angles.

Measuring up your tub, the surroundings and the space that you’d like to be concealed is imperative, so you can ensure you purchase a screen that will cover you as much as necessary without cutting any corners.


Whilst you’re most likely to be using your tub in the summer months, a screen that’s designed to withstand adverse weather conditions is recommended.

Ideally it will be waterproof, or at least somewhat resistant, especially given its proximity to your tub!

You’ll also want something that’s durable enough to handle wind – imagine it gets knocked down mid-soak?

That’s exactly the opposite of its function, so picking a sturdy product in the first place will ensure it works as advertised. 

UV Protection

The darker and thicker the screen you opt for is, the more UV radiation it will be capable of absorbing before it reaches you.

Of course, you’ll also be wearing adequate waterproof sunblock, but this is an extra protective step to take.

A dark wooden screen will block more rays than a dark fabric screen, for instance, so it’s not just about the color.

Thinner screens might be easier on the eye, but they’re certainly not as adept at keeping you safe from unwanted ultraviolet exposure.


Last but not least, as this screen will be standing pride of place in your backyard, it’s got to look good, right?

Well, it might not matter to some of you out there but a stylish screen can actually be a lovely addition to your garden, instead of an eye sore.

Even if you pick up a totally plain black screen, you could always dress it up a little – why not pop a trellis or two up and decorate with plants, or even string some fairy lights around the poles? You can make it look really pretty with just a little effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a hot tub be in the sun or shade?

That depends on your individual circumstances! If your yard doesn’t get that much sunshine and you’re not likely to be exposed to a great deal of light and warmth, the position of your tub isn’t as important.

However, if you’re lucky enough to get regular hot weather and your garden serves as a natural sun spot, placing your tub in a shady spot is your best bet, unless you pick up a gazebo to provide you with some additional protection.

How tall can a privacy screen be?

Again, the answer to this question is determined by where you live! Certain states have legislation regarding height limits for fences and other boundary dividers, usually preventing them from exceeding six or eight feet high.

It might also be that your local neighborhood’s homeowner’s association prohibits fences from exceeding a certain height, either for aesthetic purposes or to prevent blocking the eyelines of drivers or leading to blind spots that endanger others.

You could apply for what’s known as a variance if you’re seeking out a fence permit application from your local council; this will have to be supported by the local law enforcement and your neighbors, but it’s a way of getting more privacy if you need.

How far away from the house should a hot tub be?

Usually, this distance will be determined by your hot tub’s proximity to your home’s power through an outlet, unless you’re fancy enough to have rigged an outdoor system, as you don’t want to stretch out your cables and risk damage.

Leaving enough space between your home and your tub that there’s not a constant stream of puddles leading up to your back door is advised, as well as ensuring a regular flow of steam isn’t affecting your home’s exterior in any way.

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