The Best Options for Custom Glass in Replacement Windows

The best way to rejuvenate life and style back into an old and boring living space is with the use of replacement windows. Finding the best options for custom glass in replacement windows is no small task.  You have to remember that windows take up to 35-40% of the wall area and are always in plain sight of everyone.

There are broad types of custom glass options available, including safety glass, insulated glass, decorative glass, and plexiglass. Most glass options are designed to offer more than augmented visual appeal.

For instance, replacing the standard window glass with safety glass is the best choice to protect your home from the dangers of burglaries and break-ins. Whereas insulated double and triple-pane custom glass options are best suited for homes where privacy and seclusion hold utmost importance.

In addition to this, there are also a wide range of decorative custom glasses.  Each one will have an etched pattern or style designed to replace boring window glass with something truly exceptional.  Frosted glasses are also highly popular and are the preferred choice of homeowners who are looking to make their home windows exclusive and unique.

Let’s begin our overview of the most favorite custom glass options for windows.  We will dig deep into the benefits and advantageous aspects of each unique custom glass option.
detail of glass options

What are the best custom glass options for replacement windows?

Homeowners have the luxury to practice creativity in renovating their interior with contemporary custom glass options. There is no hard and fast rule to custom glass selection.

Design enthusiasts can select the glass type that suits their unique home needs the best. Following are some of the common custom option for replacing window glass:

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Safety Glass or Tempered Glass

window glassThere are multiple types of safety glass available in the glass marketplace.  Perhaps the most common and economical glass option is tempered glass. Homeowners can never afford to compromise on safety.  There is always a risk of breakage and damage with the fragile and weak standard glass options. Hence, tempered glass becomes the obvious choice for homeowners who want more impact resistance and durability.

That’s not all, tempered glass is incredibly hard to break and even on breakage it doesn’t shatter into sharp dangerous shards like the ordinary glass. These glasses break into tiny spherical pieces and significantly cut down the injury risks. The improved impact resistance of tempered glass makes them more durable and helps homeowners resolve the concerns related to the frequent need for window glass replacement.

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Etched Pattern Glass & Decorative Glass

etched glass

Etched pattern glasses are one of the most popular types of decorative glasses used by homeowners who desire to augment the visual beauty of their home. These custom glass solutions present design enthusiasts the freedom to practice creativity and customize their own special etched pattern glass. The incredible design versatility of etched pattern glass is what makes them truly wonderful and exclusive.

In addition to etched patterns, homeowners also get to select their preferred etching style that perfectly suits their exclusive design needs. Normally, etched patterns are available in frosted, shadow, and polished etching styles. Etched pattern glass replacement windows also serve the purpose of privacy and make your home safe and secure from the prying eyes of the strangers.


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Custom-Cut Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is certainly the most common window replacement glass as it offers multiple benefits for the homeowners. Most importantly, these glass solutions provide better insulation from the outside noise and also restrict the ingress of the heat of the sun. In this way, insulated windows help regulate the indoor temperature in the hot months of the summer.


window triple pane



Insulated glass is not only the best glass solution for the summer season but the homeowner can relish its benefits all year long. In the cold winter season, the multiple panes of insulated glass separated by air or gas-filled cavities restrict the warm inside air from escaping outside. Homeowners get to choose from either double pane or triple pane insulated window solution and both provide considerably better durability and impact resistance than the standard glass.


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Plexiglass Replacement Windows

Some homeowners want to try something more innovative and unique and that’s where plexiglass window replacement glass comes into the limelight. These lightweight and strong alternatives to glass provide better protection and durability than most of the other standard glass solutions.

plexi glass


Safety is no longer a concern with the use of plexiglass.  These solutions often are more cost-saving in the long run. In addition to this, plexiglass allows seamless light transmission and is also more transparent than the standard glass.

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Replacements glass vs. replacement windows: Which one to choose?

man installing window

Replacing glass is a more innovative and economical option than replacing the entire window frame. Window glass replacements often cost 50% less than the whole window replacements.  The homeowners still get to relish all of the perks that come with the new windows.

Replacing windows with the right choice of glass is not just a renovation idea but also helps save energy.  Plus it cuts down on those frequent maintenance and replacement costs.


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Where to buy replacement glass for your renovated home?

Fab Glass and Mirrors is home one of the most impressive collections of replacement window glass options.  Homeowners can easily customize their glass with their easy and simple-to-use website interface.

This is a perfect place for design enthusiasts to see all options available.  Get those creative ideas flowing with and choosing the option replace the outdated window with chic, trendy, and durable contemporary glasses.


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Renovating and replacing windows serve as the best design solution for enhancing the beauty of the interior space economically. With custom glass options homeowners are presented with myriads of unique design ideas.  These ideas allow renovation and replacement of windows with the chic and trendy modern-day glass options.

There is no other decorative idea that makes the same impact as window replacement solutions.  Contemporary window options provide much more than simply aesthetic beauty.