The Benefits – Inflatable vs Portable Hot Tubs

  • By: Adam
  • Date: September 4, 2022

If you are in the market to purchase a hot tub, then you have to consider whether you would like to purchase an inflatable model or a portable version.  

In this article, we are going to help you understand the benefits of an inflatable hot tub vs. a portable hot tub and perhaps some of the disadvantages of each that you should also keep in mind.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

These are currently the new buzz on the market for hot tubs due to their low cost and portability. They range from $300 -$1,500 dollars, which is relatively cheap compared to the traditional hot tub.

They are easy to carry around because they are light and easy to install compared to other types of hot tubs. They are small in size, flexible, and easy to bring along on a camping trip, fishing, or to the beach.

This inflatable tub has an air blower that is used to inflate it. All you need to do is place it on the ground, plug it into a 110-volt socket, turn the pump and wait for the tub to fill with water and heat.

Inflatable tubs are made from strong durable vinyl that is soft to the touch. It is filled with air and It has a considerable life span for its classification.

The inflatable tub can accommodate 2 to 8 people, depending on the size you want to purchase and the amount of money you have to spend.

What Are the Benefits Of An Inflatable Tub?

1. Easy Installation

All you need is a plug outlet, as this type of tub has an air blower that inflates it. You just put a hose into the tub and wait for it to fill and then turn the pump and let the water heat.

2. Durability

The construction of an inflatable tub has a vertical I-beam that gives its wall firmness due to the thickness of the material. This makes the tub resistant to punctures and scrapes.

3. Portability

It comes with a carry-on bag that enables you to bring it along to various events and trips such as camping.

4. Inexpensive

Inflatable tubs are much more affordable compared to traditional hot tubs.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hot tub but you still want to own a simple tub that will help you relax after a long day with family and friends, an inflatable tub may be suitable for your budget.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Inflatable Tubs?

1. Slow Heat

The water needed for this tub is about 200 gallons, but the heater on the tub is small, which takes time to heat the entire tub. This hot tub is not energy-efficient and has a higher running cost.

2. Air Jets

Some inflatable tubs have air jets that provide a bubbly experience rather than the hydro massage experience from water jets like in the traditional tubs.

3. No Seats

This hot tub doesn’t come with seats, so you will have to sit on the tub floor, which is not very comfortable.

4. Small Heater

Portable tubs have smaller heaters that take longer to heat the water than the traditional tub. But once the water is heated, this tub maintains the water temperature for a favorable period of time.

5. Small Jets

Another disadvantage of a portable tub is that it has small jets that don’t allow ease of water flow in the tub.

6. Low Performance

These tubs use a limited power supply of 110 volts, unlike the traditional tub, which uses 220 volts. This means that it cannot perform as effectively as the traditional tub.


What are the Advantages of Owning A Portable Hot Tub?

These are also portable, just like the name suggests, but they are a bit heavier. You can’t pack up this hot tub to go camping like you can with an inflatable tub.

Due to its size, its shipping cost will be higher too. They are made from acrylic material, so they are not inflatable.

1. Energy-Efficient

There are portable tub models that are energy-efficient, which is excellent for saving you energy costs. Another advantage is that it can be used during the winter season.

2. More Features

But the portable tub will have more fancy features than what is found in an inflatable hot tub. It’s a good option if you want to have a sturdy reliable tub to for relaxation. Now these hot tubs come with water features such as a waterfall or cascading water.

3. More Jets

Jets is the name of the game and typically you can find numerous jets in portable hot tubs. Some of these jets can even be interchangeable.

4. Self Clean

Most of the newer models come with a built in ozonators. This will enable your hot tub to stay cleaner longer and allow you go longer in between changing out the water. Of course you will still have to check your water on a regular basis for PH Balancing.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Owning A Portable Tub?

1. Heavy To Transport

This tub is heavier than an inflatable tub; therefore, if you want to transport it from one place to the next, you will require a trailer or a van. You also can’t go camping with this tub like you can with the inflatable tub.

2. Affordable

Portable tubs are definitely not cheap. Compared to inflatable tubs a portable hot tub could set you back quite a lot of dough. Definitely check out used/resale options near you or close out tent sales.

3. Easy Set-Up

You will not need a technician to come to your home to help you install your tub; this is because it only uses 110 volts of electricity and it uses a plug socket that can be found around the house, making it easier for you to self-install.

4. Portable

A standard hot tub is usually challenging to transport, unlike a portable tub which is easier to move around, especially if you are moving to a new place or a new house.

It is best to leave moving a portable hot tub to the experts and usually will take 2 to 3 experienced men.


When it comes to these two hot tubs, you can see they both have pros and cons.

If you are the pack-and-go-with-your-tub type, your options are better with the inflatable tub.

For those who don’t like carrying their tubs everywhere they go, there is a portable tub for you.

They are both affordable and provide the owner with the provisions they want from a hot tub.