Swim Spa Hot Tubs

Do you want the best of swimming and relaxing in one hot tub? Then look towards the Swim Spa Hot Tubs for the model that is right for you.

swim spa reviewsThese are typically just called swim spas, instead of hot tubs, even though they also have the features of both.

At one end, there is seating and the other end there is swimming against the current.

It is a great way to get exercise and then unwind afterwards.

There are two models of the Swim Spa Hot Tubs made by Swim Spa Manufacturers. One is an in-ground version, while the other one is portable. They both hold 1200 gallons of water.
swim spa prices
The in-ground model is 7 feet 7 inches by 13 feet 2 inches by 48 inches. The portable version measures 8 feet 1 inch by 13 feet 7 inches by 50 inches.

This comes in a cedar cabinet. Both of these models weigh 2400 pounds not filled with water. When filled with water, they weigh 10,988 pounds.


swim spa manufacturersThis is a company you can order your hot tub direct from, so you can work with this company to get the model configured the ideal way for you.

The jets can be located according to your plans to give you a unique spa experience that cannot be had in other manufacturer’s models.

The company offers the everyday consumer like you wholesale pricing. It also provides delivery service along with setup.

  • Swim Spa Hot Tubs can be custom ordered with the waterfall spa design.
  • This is the ultimate as far as hot-tub experiences go.
  • These tubs have up-to-date technology, which provides you the maximum benefits in hydrotherapy, in a stylishly-designed spa.
  • This goes for both the above-ground and in-ground models.
  • They really do make the ideal way to rejuvenate your tired body after a long day at work.


Swim Spa comparisonThe portable model only needs to be set on a concrete slab and plugged into a 220-volt outlet.

Then you just fill it using your garden hose or some water companies will come out and fill them for you, which at times can be cheaper.

After this, you are ready to use it, just turn it on to heat up the water, turn on the jets and climb into it.


The in-ground provides plenty of room and both models come with the custom-jet feature.

They also come in 3 different colors:

  • Midnight Black
  • Sandstone
  • Caribbean Blue

Swim Spa picturesThere is a twenty-year warranty of the shell.

The powerful swim jets provide the ideal resistance in water movement for you to get a great workout.

This is just as good as going to any larger pool for lap swimming.

Just think you can do it in your own home.



swim spa specificationsThe Swim Spa Hot Tubs are some of the best built on the market.

Swim Spa Manufacturers uses quality engineering and craftsmanship into each spa they build.

This company also offers a gazebo to place your portable hot tub. If you live in the area of Tampa, Florida, there are two locations where you can see these hot tubs in person.

Otherwise, they are on the Internet on the company’s website.

Check them out today and see if they fit your needs.

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