Survival Tips for People Who are Highly Sensitive

Highly sensitive people have a tough time surviving in this world. They get stressed by loud noises, strong smells bother them, and they get easily overwhelmed by stimuli. They tend to be very perceptive and so they prefer to have intense internal lives and need downtime to maintain their sanity. They need plenty of alone and quiet time.

If you are the type of person who just can’t handle being around too many people and would rather hire a tutor for math than go into campus, we offer you some of the tips you need to incorporate to help you survive: 

Identify Drains and Energies

You need first to figure out when and how your energy gets drained, and those things act to energize yourself. Finding out what drains you will help you avoid places, situations, and even people who affect you.

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Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for highly sensitive people. If you are sensitive, you should know that sleeping for less than seven hours will make you more irritable, moody, and it will result in decreased productivity and concentration. Not sleeping enough will make life more unbearable for, so try soothing your senses with sleep.

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Watch Your Thoughts

You need to be careful the kind of thoughts you allow. Develop the habit of retracing your thoughts and identify what is making you angry, or mad, or anxious, and begin a dialogue in your mind to find a solution before your feelings get out of hand. 

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Watch When and What You Eat

Highly sensitive people tend to be easily disrupted by mood and concentration when they are extremely hungry. You need to keep your nerves happy by making sure you maintain a steady blood sugar level by eating well-balanced snacks and meals.

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Wear Noise Reduction Headphones

If you are exceedingly sensitive to noise, it’s time you buy ear protecting headphones. Carry the headphones everywhere you go; they will help you control your peace by obstructing a noisy, intrusive world from affecting you.

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Ensure You Enough Time and Space To Get Things Done

Sensitive people get easily affected by unmet deadlines and packed schedules. To avoid that, look for a working structure that will work for you and help you maintain your calm at the same time. Workaround what you have by either getting up extra early or just finding a quiet place to do your work.

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Have a Quiet Room or Space in Your House

If you have roommates or you are living with your family, you need to create a quite safe space that you can always retreat to when you feel like you need to get away from noise and people. It could either be a study room, bedroom, or basement, whatever helps relax you. 

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Plan in Decompression Time

If you are greatly sensitive, chances are you don’t work well with too much noise, high-pressure environments, or an overly packed schedule. If you are required to spend a few hours in such challenging environments, like a crowded mall or a concert, you need to decompress somewhere relaxing and quiet because you will be frazzled after the experience.


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Limit Your Caffeine Intake

If you fall into the category of highly sensitive people, then you should know that coffee or dark chocolate are not your friends. They tend to make you more susceptible. Avoid taking caffeine or anything with traces of caffeine if you want to feel more calm and collected.

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Schedule Some You Time

It is crucial that you always find time to be alone. Always set time aside to drift off your friends and family and just breath. It could be an hour before bed or early morning, or the time you take to write in your diary. 

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Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga will help you keep your body and mind flexible and supple, hence helping you cope in the world around you. Pick a place that is not noisy or wears your anti-noise headphones while doing yoga. This gives your nervous system time to calm down.

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Keep Lights Low

Lighting affects the mood of sensitive people. Minimizing light stimulation will help you stay calm. Put low lights in the evening, shop in stores with gentle mood lighting, and avoid the garishly lit places if you want to stay sane.

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Surround Yourself With The Beauty of Nature

Nature has a way of calming sensitive people.  Being surrounded by trees, walking in nature, and enjoying the quiet, has its natural healing and calming beauty.

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Change Your Perspective on People and Energy

Sensitive people are on an upper scale when it comes to kindness and caring, and it can be troubling when you see people exhibiting hurtful and neglectful behavior. For your peace of mind, try and remove yourself and choose to observe these people as misguided and not evil.

Change your perspective of people you observe and their energies; this will help you lessen the effect their actions have on you. You might even try to experience sympathy for them. 

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Appreciate Your Gifts

Being sensitive is not a burden, it’s actually a gift. It means that you can experience the zeal and zest for life to a higher degree compared to other people. Being sensitive allows you to care about your environment. By showing appreciation for your abilities, you aid your rejuvenation process, and it will force out the negative energy.

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Set Your Boundaries

You need to let people know the boundaries you have set, whether conversational, physical, or temporal, this will limit people from invading your space and energy. Worry less about staying calm and peaceful and less about hurting people’s feeling. Put your sanity before your own by setting boundaries that allow you to remain sane.

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Take Responsibility

As an extremely sensitive person, your joy and peace of mind are products of your making. Despite the fact that you are capable of feeling the world like nobody else, know that you are also capable of managing it. Empower yourself by finding what works for you and stick to it. Make your peace of mind and stillness achievable. The same way you would check into a rehab to deal with your addiction, you need to do the same for your peace of mind

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