Stairway Improvements: 6 Types of Materials to Match Your Home

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When designing your home, you must take note of each element. For many, they usually take the stairways for granted or they list it at the bottom of their priorities. This should not be the case. The stairway is one of the most noticeable parts of the house. If they are not as functional and appealing as they should, people will surely notice.

Another reason why the efficiency of your stairway is important is because of its safety. For your stairway to be beautiful and fully-functional, you need to plan carefully about its design. The first step to do that is to identify the different materials you could build it from.


Stone is one of the most famous materials used in staircases. Not only are they durable, but they are also attractive and classy. Stone is available in different textures and colors. This gives you the confidence that you can easily pair your stone stairway with many themes. Many use marble for their staircases. It is sturdy, beautiful, and you can form it into shapes according to your theme or design.

Stone stairways are also common for outdoor use. You can see them in gardens and entryways. This is because stone materials have a better connection with nature.

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Concrete is another common material used in home stairways. They are even more common in outdoor stairways and in homes where space is an issue. The main reason for this is concrete is affordable and it can easily take the shape you want for your stairs. If you may have noticed, spiral and curved stairways usually have concrete or metal materials.

However, modern homes no longer use concrete as it is not appealing compared to the other materials. This is why it’s more commonly used today outside the home. You can see concrete staircases in buildings, like schools, office buildings, restaurants, shops, malls, etc. This material is used more for its function than its appearance.

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Many modern homes use glass for their staircases. It gives your home a contemporary look with its sleek and elegant design. Glass provides a sense of luxury. It may be simple, but it effortlessly stands out. Glass is also perfect for houses with small spaces. Since they are transparent, they make the room appear bigger and more breathable.

Back then, glass is considered a fragile material. This is the reason why you hardly see glass in the home structure itself in old houses. Today, different types of glass are invented making the material more durable.

If you want to go with a glass stairway, make sure to get high-quality materials to ensure quality and longevity. For further security, make it clear with your contractor to install stainless steel glass spigots to keep the glass wall in place.

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If you want something rustic, classic, and contemporary, then wood is the perfect option. Using wood would need a lot of careful planning. You need to make sure that it goes well with the other elements of the house. In most situations, wooden staircases are used to match the wooden furniture of the home. If you want it to be more modern, you can pair up your wooden staircase with glass walls.

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Many usually have doubts when it comes to using metal for their stairways. There are a lot of types of metal and many of them are prone to rust and corrosion. However, they are sturdy and are ideal for indoor and covered spaces. They are perfect if you want your stairway to last really long.

You can also use metal when space is a concern. The great thing about this material is that you can form them into different shapes, particularly those made from investment casting. You can easily form them to take the shape of your liking to match the overall theme of your home.

Whatever material you choose for your stairway, make sure that it’s what you really want and need. Also, don’t bargain the quality of your material. It could get expensive, but always make the function and appearance your top priorities. Good luck and happy renovating!

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