Small Hot Tubs: Pros and Cons

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When you come from a long and hard day at work, you most probably just want to lay back, relax, and chill out by the time you get home. Of course, there are a lot of things that you can do by the time you get home.

You can have dinner, lie down on the sofa, watch a movie, or even reclining in your bed with its sheets just changed. When it comes to achieving relaxation, there is no specific limit on the things that you can do.

And just one of those things is lounging in the warm and relaxing waters of your hot tub.

Small Hot Tubs Pros

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. While there are big hot tubs that we often see, there are also smaller hot tubs to provide an easier option for those who have a limited amount of space in their homes.

But just like any piece of furniture at home, getting a small hot tub has its pros and cons. Here are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a smaller hot tub compared to getting a big one in your own home.

Less Expensive

Because of their smaller size, smaller hot tubs come as less expensive when compared to larger hot tubs. This makes your budget very flexible when it comes to buying a small hot tub because you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just for a hot tub alone.

If you have a tight budget and you’re not really thinking about getting a high-end hot tub, then getting a smaller one would probably the best.

Easier to Maintain

Since they’re smaller in, small hot tubs are easier to maintain. It’s easy to clean smaller hot tubs since you don’t need to use that much water or even cleaning solutions to get it all sparkling clean.

On top of that, small hot tubs also come with their own maintenance equipment like filtration systems or specialized cleansing solutions. Bigger hot tubs are often difficult to maintain, not only because of their size, but also the internal parts that need to be scrubbed out of the dirt.

Using Less Water and Chemicals

According to FreeRangeLa, using a small hot tub would mean that it’ll hold less water and chemicals, letting you save water.

You also don’t need to use that much chemicals compared to when using a bigger hot tub. On top of that, you also don’t need to use more soap baths to be mixed in the water when you use a smaller hot tub.

Consumes Less Space

An obvious reason as to why a lot of people prefer smaller hot tubs compared to larger ones, small hot tubs consume a lesser amount of space and can fit in more places compared to getting a big one.

This makes it perfect for those who have smaller homes and can’t fit large and bulky hot tubs in their bathrooms.  If you’re saving space but still want to get a hot tub in your home, then getting a smaller hot tub can still get you the same benefits but letting you save space at the same time.

Less Noise

Another thing that’s good about smaller hot tubs is that it makes less noise. Small hot tubs are usually equipped with less water jets compared to the big hot tubs.

The more water jets, the greater the noise, so that’s what makes smaller hot tubs a good choice if you don’t prefer hearing the buzzing noise of these jets. This makes it more silent, especially if you want to relax in the hot tub without all the noise that these water jets make.

Small Hot Tubs Cons

However, smaller hot tubs aren’t all perfect. While they may have several advantages over the larger hot tubs, they also have their own drawbacks if you choose them over the larger hot tubs.

Here are just a few of the disadvantages that come along when you use a smaller hot tub in your own home.

Less People Can Fit

The most obvious reason of choosing a smaller hot tub, if you’re thinking of using your hot tub as a Jacuzzi for a party, then you’re probably out of luck.

Because of the limited space that the smaller hot tubs offer, you can only fit less people in the tub, usually from two to four people, and that already includes you. If you’re considering using the hot tub for social gatherings, then you might want to get a bigger hot tub.

Less Water Jets

While water jets do make noise, they have their own functions. Water jets are meant to provide a soothing and relaxing feeling on the muscles, bones, and nerves, letting the water provide a sort of massage to your body.

But less water jets in smaller hot tubs means that you won’t be getting much of that compared to when getting a larger hot tub.

Limited Seating Options

Of course, you’re limited to seating arrangement and positions when you choose the smaller hot tub. Because you get a less amount of space, you also get limited seating options and might make it hard for you if you want to recline or let another person join in the hot tub. If you want to lounge more comfortably, then a larger hot tub might be a better choice.


Larger hot tubs are usually made from durable material because of their size. This makes the larger hot tubs more resistant to wear and tear damage, letting them last for years.

Sadly, most of the small hot tubs aren’t that durable when compared to the larger ones and might even break if you try to force and fit more people that it can possibly handle.

Smaller hot tubs are a great choice if you want to get a hot tub for your home but don’t have that much space. Of course, there are still some disadvantages in getting the smaller hot tubs compared to the larger ones.

However, weighing the options and choosing which one would suit your home would still depend on you.

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