Best Bathtub And Faucet Bathroom Remodel

Best Bathtub And Faucet Bathroom Remodel

What’s your favorite spot at home? Foodies go for the kitchen, while the family or living room is a cool dwelling area for couch potatoes. However, some people go for unpopular choices, with the bathroom as their favorite spot in the house, treating it as their own special place. So when a discussion on home renovation comes up, bathroom fixtures like bathtub and faucets are always at the top of their list. Take a look at some tips on how to choose the best bathtub and faucet for your bathroom improvement at home.


There are different faucet designs, shapes, and finishes that may look enticing. Choose the one that pleases you, but at the same time look into faucets that were made to provide you and your family convenience and eco-friendly technology. Try not to jump into impulse buying upon seeing the trendiest fixture, and instead consider some important factors first  to help you to choose the best faucet for your bathroom:

  • Installation type: single hole, centerset, widespread, vessel sink, wall mounted.
  • Finish types: brushed nickel, bronze, chrome, and brass
  • Handle options: single, lever, cross handle, automatic, double handle and knob handle
  • Qualifications: should be ADA compliant, WaterSense Certified, Low-Low faucets, Commercial, Made in the USA, Metering Faucets
  • Special features like a waterfall, where the water flows like a waterfall instead of flowing straight down

Consider the size of your bathroom and your budget. Will you be using an existing sink or buying a new one? This will have the biggest effect on what faucet to choose.

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Home renovations should be a commitment in order to realize everything as planned to fulfill your wants, need, and dreams for your home. The bathroom may just be a small part of the house, but it plays a major role in keeping the family healthy and sanitized. More so, a bathtub is more than just a place to wash, it is an alternative cradle for relaxation and meditation. Consider the following factors when choosing a bathtub:

  • Style should be based on the amount of space your bathroom can accommodate
  • Shape: Freestanding, Regular, Oval, Angled, Clawfoot, Alcove, Corner Tub, Undermount, Japanese or a Walk-In
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Porcelain, Acrylic, Ceramic, Stone Resin, Cultured Marble, Copper or Wood
  • Price or budget

When choosing a new bathtub, size matters. See what bathtub size would perfectly fit in your bathroom and lifestyle. Remember that larger bathtubs would require a bigger bathroom and more amount of water to fill.

The installation will depend on the style of bathtub you choose. Freestanding and corner tubs require more work to install as compared to an alcove and freestanding. If you have an elderly person at home, choose the soaking style. However, a hefty budget on hand will allow you to have the best walk-in bathtub.

Remember, when doing a home renovation, choose bathroom fixtures that would best fit lifestyle demands as well as realize your home improvement plan.

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