SaluSpa Paris AirJet

SaluSpa, formerly known as Bestway, is at the top of the list for the best 4 person inflatable hot tubs of 2016. Why?
There are several features that make this hot tub number one.
A few include cushioned air pads that prevent the hot tub from ruining the surface under it, as well as the insulation that prevents any heat from escaping, and the affordable price.

AirJet massage technology

The AirJet massage technology is a unique feature included in this hot tub. What is AirJet massage technology?
The simple answer is bubble jets. To be exact, 87 bubble jets! While bubble jets are a common feature included in many portable hot tubs, these bubble jets stand out from the rest.
These bubble jets will blow out air, but some, blow out water instead. While this type of jet may not be for everyone, they are extremely powerful and comforting.

SaluSpa temperature

The temperature is an essential factor in a hot tub. Although, many people prefer their hot tubs to be different temperatures.
Some may like a very high temperature, while others may need something warm.
With the SaluSpa, you can change the temperature of your hot tub with the digital control panel. With this panel, you will be able to control the lights, turn off the heat, or change your temperature.

SaluSpa LED lights

The LED lights are a great added feature that is included in this hot tub.
They are very useful in the dark and will illuminate the water throughout the hot tub.
Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the SaluSpa’s and why it is number 1!


  • Inflatable cover
  • LED light
  • Affordable
  • Cushioned air pad


  • The possibility of attracting bugs through the LED light, although this feature can be turned off

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