A hot tub by definition is a small pool of heated water used for soaking, relaxation, massage and hydrotherapy. It may be installed indoors for privacy. Most families chose to build them outdoors to enable them to enjoy a piece of summer all year round.


 These round hot tubs are equipped with multiple jets to shoot out water for massage purposes. The water is heated in various ways: electrically, with the use of natural gas, wood-heaters or by heat energy stored through solar panels. Hot tubs are basically classified into two types –simple wooden-staved soaking tubs and one-piece plastic tubs or spas. Today, hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit customers’ requirements. They are usually 36” to 48” deep and the most common shape preferred by families is the round ones that can seat four to six adults. Most homeowners favor round hot tubs because they are the easiest to set up and are sold at very affordable prices. Before purchasing one, it will always be helpful to find out about warranty, weight, electrical and operating costs.

Round Hot Tub Warranty

Hot tubs are serious investments so you’ll want to make sure they are worth the money you pay for them. They are also exposed to natural elements such as water and heat so you’ll expect wear and tear over time. Discriminating customers always look into warranty and guaranty details before plunging into their investments. An expensive round hot tub should come with a longer warranty, for good measure. It is also helpful to review special features covered by such warranties.


Round hot tubs when filled with water weigh differently from actual use. The water can be as heavy as 5,000 lbs. The users’ weight can add up to the total weight. All these information should be available before buying a round hot tub so that you can provide for a suitable location in your property. Such an area for your spa should be able to bear its total weight. Additional foundational support may be necessary before installation.


Hot tub motors best run on 220-volt motors. Make sure your property is wired suitably for your round hot tub.

Round Hot Tub Operating Costs

To make the most out of your round hot tub experience, make an effort to use it properly under ideal conditions and maintain it regularly to prevent damage and costly repairs. The water used should be clean, sanitary and treated with just the right amount of chemicals. Always pay attention to leaks and have them checked by hot tub experts. Know about energy and other regular maintenance costs so you can include it in your overall budget and expenses. Your investment does not end in your purchase; expect operating costs to add up in the long run. It may be a good idea to share experience with other customers to find out about the extra costs of operating a round hot tub. A well-kept round hot tub can last many summers of relaxation and water fun.


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