Review of the Makita Hammer Drill For Your Workshop Needs

Review of the Makita Hammer Drill For Your Workshop Needs


Makita is reputed for having several notable hammer drills on the market. Their tools are of high quality and construction and as a result, have received positive reviews online. The XRH01T is one of the most popular hammer drill models that weighs 7.2 pounds and a length of 5.8 inches. Makita hammer drill follows a compact design. The 18v battery charges fast and as a result, spend less time on the charger and more time in action.  The good thing is that the Makita hammer drill is compatible with different types of lithium-ion batteries provided that they are star rated. The drill is very efficient and easy to use and thus, will make your projects easier. You will also find that that Makita hammer drill has three modes of operation.


Makita has one of the most powerful hammer drills on the market that are powered by an 18v battery. The hammer drill will deliver longer run time that amounts to 50% more run time than regular drills. In addition to accepting a number of batteries and attachments, the hammer drill utilizes a computerized battery management technology that spends energy more efficiently than in other drills. In addition, this hammer drill tool will give you an improved performance as it comes with better controls and improved speed trigger.

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Makita hammer drill implements brushless technology that reduces power consumption while at the same time improving on durability. You will find that the Makita hammer drill is filled with a lot of power in a small package. Since the tool weighs 8 pounds, the tool is easy to both carry and use. And to be able to handle different tasks, the motor spins at a variable speed of between 0 and 950 rpm. You will also find that the Makita hammer drill is fitted with a 2 finger trigger for improved efficiency and greater comfort.

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Easy maintenance

Makita hammer drill is just like other power tools on the market that consist of moving parts. As a result, it requires regular oiling and lubrication. You should not forget the chuck when oiling the tool. Since drilling is often a messy job, you should never forget to clean your tool at the end of every job.

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Damage protection

Makita has implemented a very effective damage protection system in their tools dubbed the star protection communication technology with this system; the battery is under monitoring at all times. If the system senses overcharging, overloading or overheating, it shuts down the tool immediately to avoid damage.


  • 50% longer runtime when compared to other similar hammer drills
  • improved speed and power
  • 3 year warranty on all parts
  • Increased versatility as it uses different batteries and attachments
  • Fast charging time
  • Improved comfort and convenience
  • Increased battery life


  • Expensive especially considering that you will buy accessories separately
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Makita hammer drill will not disappoint you in your projects. This is because the tool delivers impressive performance and durability. With this tool, you can never go wrong.