Removing The First Tree Blocking Shading

As soon as I realized the trees along our east facing property fence had grown tall enough to block the sun from our veggie garden I knew I was going to have to either remove the trees or move the garden and I’m certainly not relocating our vegetable garden.

I was still really impressed with just how well our garden did only getting sunlight after 10am. I wonder how it would have done if it had gotten 6 or 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Looking at pictures I took when we bought our home and today I can see that they have grown about 8 or 10 feet taller. Jenny and I are going to fix this little problem and started yesterday with the first tree as it’s damaging the roof on our garage.


Tree Number One Is Meeting It’s Maker

Jenny is off work this week so I figured it’s the perfect time to tackle that first tree. Well it’s actually two trees, somehow they split while they were really small but now they aren’t quite so small. I’ll have to remove them one at a time and the half that’s hitting the garage on windy days is going first.

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Jenny’s Holding The Ladder

ladder on the treeBefore Jenny was up and about I was outside getting ready to take down tree number one. I had the clippers, large and small, as well as our hand saw out there cutting the lower branches before getting up on the ladder.

The ladder may look like it’s in a dangerous spot but it actually has both feet firmly on the ground and is propped against a sturdy branch. Plus while I was standing on it Jenny was helping to keep it steady.

Those lower branches were easy but once I started with the saw I had to use every ounce of strength I had to get the job done. My back, arms and shoulder as a bit tender today but I have a big smile on my face. The second tree will have to wait a couple of days.

I had to cut all those smaller limbs so that I could get the ladder where it was easier to deal with the higher limbs. The image below already has the lower branches removed but you can see I still had a lot more to cut.


I managed to cut all the branches and it looks so much brighter in behind the garage now. I was beat and left the 10 foot tree stump there until I get some strength back. Maybe tomorrow I will cut the rest of that tree down. I might even get the other half cut down as well. That would leave me with a great feeling of accomplishment.

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One Squirrel Wasn’t Happy About Things

squirrel not happy with me cutting down treesIt appeared by all the chattering going on that this little squirrel wasn’t too please with what I was doing to his tree. I gave him a peanut and he was fine.

With just half of the tree gone it’s a whole difference world behind the garage now. Not sure what to do with that space but I will have to do something or it will quickly be over-grown with weeds and vines.

The rest of the trees that are east of our veggie garden will be coming down during the winter while our garden is sleeping. It won’t be quite so hot as it’s been for the past couple of months and I my energy should last longer.

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