Preparing Your Vegetable Garden For Winter

Summer tends to turn into fall way to quick for me and all too soon the temperature drops as do the leaves on the trees and it’s time to put those garden tools away for another year.

I don’t like putting tools away quite yet. I prefer to take the time in the fall to prepare our vegetable garden for the following spring as well as our flower beds so I don’t have to waste time the following spring.

Clean Up The Veggie Garden

Once your veggie garden is finished producing for this year it’s a good time to clear out any weeds, leaves and spent plants that could carry insects and disease that would not be good for next year’s garden. They should be put into the compost bin or pile where they will get heated enough to kill off insects and disease and make quality compost for the following growing season.

We didn’t have a lot of weeds in the garden this year because I planted things so that the weeds wouldn’t get space or sunlight. It worked quite well for our first year.

Note To Self: Be sure to over-turn the compost bin contents so they have a good start next spring when the sun starts warming it up again.

This is the time of year I start planning what to grow next season and what I should leave out that didn’t do so well this year. I also look at what did well of course but where I located them. Did they get the required sunlight or did some things over shadow other things.

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Planning The Planting Of Next Year’s Vegetable Crop

This year was our best vegetable garden season since we bought our home. That being said, based on what I learned this year I should be able to create an even better veggie garden for next year.

Why do I think that? Well as spring turned to summer I noticed that some of what I planted over-shadows other veggies which caused them to grow and mature much slower than if they weren’t shadowed. So by rearranging the planting order the veggies will have much more direct sunlight and I’ll have a better garden.

I planted the tomatoes on the north side of the garden where did well but quickly blocked the direct sunlight our bell, banana and cayenne pepper plants needed. The pepper plants grew tall to get to the sun and they blocked most of the sun from the beans. So it’s like I planted the entire vegetable garden in reverse order.

If I didn’t change anything other than the planting order I would have far more produce, earlier in the season. So this is already a part of our next year vegetable garden plan.

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Trim Those Trees Blocking The Sun

The fall is the time to get rid of dead branches and trees that block the sun’s path across your veggie garden. We have at least three trees that shaded our garden this year. I couldn’t believe how fast they grew and the difference it made to our vegetable garden.

Trees on Property Fence Blocking Direct Sunlight To Our Veggie Garden

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Clean Your Garden Tools

Dad always gave me the job of cleaning and oiling garden tools for the winter so they would be ready for next growing season. We had a lot of tools and it took me days to clean and put them all away. Well after dad’s approval. Many times over the years I had to redo the cleaning as it didn’t pass approval.

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