Picking the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

If you have an office with workers working in it 9 to 5, chances are that by the end of the week, or even by the end of the day, the place looks quite messy and dirty.

So, at that point, you have two options. You can either have your own workers be in charge of cleaning and keeping the office clean, or have someone else do it for you.

Cleaning experts at C & C Cleaning & Maid Services share some of the best options for office cleaning.

Have Your Workers Clean Their Office Space

Having your own workers clean the office as well may sound like a good idea. After all, they are the ones making the mess and they’re adults who should be able to clean up after themselves.

However, most office workers are very narrowly specialized for their line of work, and will not like being given tasks such as cleaning which have nothing to do with their job.

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Hire Outside Help

The far better option is to hire a cleaning company or a person to deal with cleaning the office. This way, your office can look clean and professional, and your staff won’t need to worry about cleaning up and can focus more on their work.

However, there’s always the question who you should hire. Here are some useful criteria you can apply to find the best commercial cleaning service for your needs.

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Type of Service They Offer

Look at your office. What kind of cleaning service will you need? Most cleaning services will offer vacuuming and mopping, but that is just the basic service.

Most places of business also require bathroom cleaning, as well as garbage removal. In recent years, more and more offices actually come with a fully equipped kitchen which also needs to be cleaned and maintained.

However, if you need more specific services, like cleaning computers and computer screens, carpet service, or post-construction cleanup, you may be looking at a more narrowly specialized company. Contact the cleaning company you had in mind and ask them if they offer those kinds of services.

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Their Credentials

In the world of modern technology and the internet, it is fairly easy to gauge how good a company is. Look up how good the reviews of the company are, they are probably the best source of information.

However, reviews may not be the only source of information. If you know other business owners around, you can ask their opinions about cleaning companies.

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Are They Bonded and Insured?

Even if you don’t know why this might be important, this is probably one of the first things you should learn about a cleaning company.

Essentially, if the company is insured and bonded, it removes any responsibility from you should a cleaner be injured in your office. The insurance company will cover the cost of the workers’ compensation and any medical bills.

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How Much They Charge

Last, but not least, you need to consider the price of the service you are offered. A really simple way to gauge the prices is to ask several companies in your area and see what kinds of services they offer and what prices they are asking.

Even though you should not base your decision solely on the price, it is still a relevant factor.

Having a clean office may not seem like an important thing when you have it, but it can really cause problems if it’s not there. That’s why it is important to think about small things like finding a suitable cleaning service to do this important job.

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