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The Lifesmart 4-Person 13-Jet Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play Spa is an excellent addition to your backyard. This plug and play spa features thirteen high therapy jets that provide you a perfect massaging experience. This spa is made from a superior quality material that makes it durable. The comfort dial permits you to balance of air and water. A digital topside thermostat adjust the temperature of this spa. It also includes a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps. This spa has a seating capacity for four people and can hold up to 195 gallons of water. It has a child-safe locking cover. The 4-Person 13-Jet Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play Spa by Lifesmart is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Received my Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity spa right on schedule, so no issues there. I was a little worried about delivery, because they went out of their way to let you know that this is a "curbside" delivery only, and that all the shipping company was required to do was to get it off their truck. Turned out to be a non-issue in my case, however. Delivery company driver was very accommodating, and backed his truck through my front yard to my back gate, and then got it inside my back yard which is all I could have asked for.Heated up from 61 to 104 degrees in about 24 hours, which I thought was pretty good for a lower powered heater like this has. When they say "plug and play" they mean it...literally add water, plug it in, and you're good to go. As the title says, for this kind of money, you're not going to beat this when you factor in quality.Couple issues to be aware of:The power cable and the door to access the pump and other equipment are in the same location. That means if you're putting this thing in a corner...on a deck or whatever...that you have no choice but to have the cable exposed and in your way no matter how you position it, because you have to have access to the door where the pump is. A little more thought should have gone into this. That said, the cable and plug itself are very nice -- plug even has its own GFI built right in as an extra safety feature in case you're an idiot and plug this into a non GFI outlet.You have to attach the strap holders for the cover yourself. Not a big deal however when you get a brand new nice molded spa like this, the last thing I want to do is to drill holes into it. While I realize they don't want to attach those plastic pieces onto the shell and then ship it and have them knocked off, the simple step of pre-dilling the holes would be nice. Not only would it save you from having to do it, but it would insure they are in exactly the right place.Although my spa came with an installed ozonizer, no instructions or even any information about it was provided. I've never had one of these so I have no idea what it does, how to maintain it, whether it wears out, how to test it or anything else. This is just sloppy.This is a small spa. Pay no attention to the number of people they claim can fit into this. Two adults is fine, although you're still almost on top of each other. Four normal sized adults in this tub would be ridiculous. That said, this IS a perfect spa for one or two peopleThat's it for now folks...I'll update this review as I discover more.Updated a month later: Loving my spa...I use it every single evening. It definitely does make a dent in your electric bill, but any spa does. I don't have enough bills to indicate what the average increase will be, but I'm guesstimating about $50 a month to keep it at 104 degrees in a fairly mild climate in the spring (richmond, va). For the price, you really can't beat this.December 2013 - Well it's now going on two years, and still working perfectly! Seriously, This thing just works and for the price, it really can't be beat. Changed my rating to 5 stars because if this isn't a 5 star purchase, nothing is.April 2015 - So, how often do you buy something like this that lasts with no issues? Now roughly four years after my purchase, and everything still works perfectly. I have replaced/repaired nothing, it just runs. I keep it at 104 all fall and winter and then let it drop to 80 in the warm spring and summer. Rinse/replace the filter once in awhile depending on load, add chemicals and you're literally set for years.April 2017 - And, two years later virtually nothing has changed. Everything is working perfectly and nothing has been replaced. The only thing beginning to wear is the keypad, but otherwise, this thing has worked like a charm.
So far so good! Loving it! Nice to come home and jump in! Put hose in and made sure there was no leaks and it was a go!
Delivery guy was great and I am pleased with the product overall. The seat backs itched and could of used more sanding. If you are expecting a smooth fiberglass wall...this isn't it! Definitely an anti skid rough surface. I was disappointed that it wasn't made in USA.
I have owned this unit for over two years now and it works just as good now as when it was new. I did have a problem and their customer service took care of it. The temp was going up to 107 and it never shut off. The solution was to remove the back cover, unplug the sensor inside of the unit (it has a 3/8 inch wide flat wire ) and wait a few minutes and plug it back in. This fixed the problem and I have never had any problem since then. This reboots the system. The filter is two years old and stll works as new. I change water every 4 weeks and add very few chemicals. I would purchase the unit again, but I would now shop around for a better price. It has gone up at least 20 percent since the purchase two years ago.--------------------------------------Having owned this unit for about 8 weeks now, I offer this five star review.Pros: Thought that this had very good value for the money; much, much better than the inflatable type.Did not notice that much of an increase in my electric bill; maybe 5 dollars more a month.Stays a constant 104 +/- 1 degrees F. Checked this with an under the tongue thermometer.Comes with a very nice insulated cover with safety locks (not installed). Owner would have to drill into the tub to install. Chose not to do that and glad factory did not drill holes in it for me.Ample number of jets for me and spouse. It is the right size for the two of us.Easy to move around (unfilled).Cons: The cover hold down latches are unsightly. Should have been designed to be removable.Suggestion: Do not plug this thing in until it is filled. The motor comes on immediately when you first plug it in.Opinion: Do not buy the steps (I did not), they are just something to fall off of.
Had it for over a month now, no problems! We use it daily. Sometimes it gets hotter than we set it, but not outrageously. Looks nice, easy to care for.
I've had this for 7 months now and I have no complaints. Great bang for your buck.
Very well made, but more comfortable for just 2 people in our opinion. Heats up within 24 hrs .

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