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Compare the Life Smart Luna to any major brand on the market, and you will find that not only do our spas offer equal or better accessories and comfort, but we manufacture the most sturdy shells in the business. The Lifesmart Luna has the same standard parts and features as any name brand hot tub - such as Topside Controls, Interchangeable Jets, Top-loading filters. We also feature our highly indestructible Rock Solid™ Shell. The Lifesmart Luna is a 110volt Plug & Play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation. Simply set it up, fill it up and plug it in. Only Lifesmart use ECO SMART technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into every Lifesmart Luna spa Lifesmart Spas require less energy and deliver better performance than any other hot tubs in their class this is due to our full foam insulation system and a thick energy saving spa cover designed to save you money on operating your spa so all you do is enjoy. The Lifesmart Luna Spa has a deep bucket seat complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall and foot well jets included. There are top side comfort valves that allow you to find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage. The Luna also features a top side digital command center and features a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps. Add the Lifesmart Luna to your backyard today and enjoy the luxury you deserve.

User reviews

I am only a few days into running this spa tub, but perhaps a preliminary review is in order.Why did I purchase this Plug-and-Play tub instead of a larger, more featured, more powerful full size 220v unit? Very simple really... economics and situation. We live in a rented home, and even though we have no plans on moving ... ever.... it could happen. If that happened, taking a full sized hard wired hot tub with us would be a serious issue. There are plenty of units just like that for sale on Craigslist at deeply discounted prices: "Great hot tub for sale cheap, you move it... and fast!". So the idea of a smaller plastic shelled spa tub that I can quite literally move myself is attractive.Economics as I mentioned above.... means this tub is a far less expensive alternative to the larger and more powerful units. Our home is old.. as in 1800's old... and has a 100 amp electrical service. To have a full size spa tub I would have had to upgrade the entire service to 200 amps. That would have cost at least $1000. Add in the decent quality full size tub, and suddenly I am spending over $6k for a hot tub. Buying the LifeSmart plug and play unit cost me just over a third of that.So far my costs are $2200 for the tub, $200 for a professionally installed 110v 15 amp dedicated GFI'ed power feed run from the box to the back patio, and about $100 in chemicals to last the season.Oh..... and a new pair of swim trunks to swap out, as I will be in this tub every single day I can.The tub is everything they say it is, except perhaps the 'four person' description. One person can really stretch out and relax in perfect comfort. Two people can still do that too, with some friendly contact. Three people..... um....stretching out with three people would be a problem, but sitting together and relaxing is not an issue. Four people.... they would have to sit quietly, a bit scrunched up, with their feet tangled in a pile in the middle. I'm not anxious to go there.There is another issue having to do with the size and 110v power source on this tub, and it should be taken into account before purchase. The unit only holds just so much water, and human bodies displace water. That means the more bodies you shove into the tub, the more water will have to leave to make room. One body, no issue...... two bodies, don't get rambunctious and all will be well..... three bodies, and lots of water will be slopping over the top (LOTS)...... Four bodies, and Many-Much-More water will be leaving the tub! That means the tub will have to be refilled after using it with more than two people. Here, that means well water at 58 degrees. The Spa Tubs 'friction' heat source (the pump unit) on my tub can increase water temp at 1.4 degrees per hour. Refilling with cold water from the hose puts the tub out of action (as a HOT tub) till the next day.So, as I say, understand what this unit is. It is NOT a great big full sized 'have a crowd of friends in the tub' kind of unit. It IS a GREAT two person hot tub which is priced as an excellent value, is very easy to maintain, and works perfectly to relax in after a hard day of work.Down to the nitty gritty parts: I ordered the unit on a Saturday, and it was here the next Wednesday. The trucking service was fantastic about setting up the day and time of delivery, and the driver did his best to help get as close as he could to where I planned installation. I got it the rest of the way there myself, by the simple expedient of rolling it. Yes, it is round, and is a one piece shell, and comes well packed and covered. A 30 foot gentle roll over the lawn was nothing.On rolling it, I heard a thump from inside the tub. Slicing the plastic shipping cover, I found a plastic stair unit inside! I did not know it came with them, and had almost ordered the optional stairs for an extra $150.Set up was as easy as could be. I wiped down the inside with a damp towel til I was confident it was as clean as I could reasonably make it, and then I filled it with the garden hose. I bought an RV inline water filter from Amazon when I ordered the tub, and used it to filter the water into the tub. I like the idea of the spa tub being filled with water as clean as possible right from the beginning. The RV water filter has a charcoal section, and a very fine micron filter as well. This takes care of many chemicals and most particulates. Our well water is clean, but now I am certain the spa water is VERY clean.The electrician had the dedicated outdoor GFI power source installed an hour later, and I plugged the spa in. That is it. The unit kicks on automatically and begins it's buildup to the indicated temperature. In my case, 102 degrees.I use Bromide tablets as a sanitizer, dispensed from a small floater, both also purchased here on Amazon. I loaded the floater with a few tablets, set it to minimal disbursement, and tossed it in the spa tub before putting the lid on. 24 hours later the tub was at 91 degrees, and we were in our new tub for the first time. The following day, I came home from a hard days labor to a shower and then a long soak in the 100+ degree spa tub. The aches and pains simply floated away, and it was WONDERFUL! I fully expect to be in this tub every single day I am able to.There are some complaints about the depth of the instructions. It is true they are slim, and don't go heavily into detail. On the other hand, the instructions do cover what is necessary to set up and maintain the tub. They are simple because set up and care is simple. This is not my first spa tub, so I was already familiar with the upkeep and water treatment. I can see where someone new to the task would want more details, and such can be found in abundance on the internet. If buying the spa chemicals locally, understand that most pool/spa stores will test your water and tell you exactly what you need to balance it perfectly.Wrap it up........ I am very happy indeed with this unit, and it is everything I expected and more. Understand what it is before the purchase, and I expect you will be happy with it as well.
Here's what we like: Setup is easy, delivery and packaging makes it pretty much a snap to put the tub where you want it. The biult-in light is adequate for use in an otherwise fully dark environment. Jet placement is thoughtful with one exception (I'll get to that) and the controls are simple and easy to use. The lid is nice. The filter is easily cleaned and accessed. The extra insulation package is much appreciated (and needed, see below) The price is reasonable.The issues:Firstly. the heater can't keep the tub's temperature up if you are in the tub and the air is enabled for the jets, even with the extra insulation package they are shipping now. The air being mixed in is cooler than the water (I'm talking about ambient summer temperature air, say 90 degrees or so) and so all those cool bubbles bring the water temperature down, and the heater simply cannot keep up. So within half an hour or so, the tub loses several degrees of temperature. The heater runs constantly when the jets are on, but even so, the tub cools. If you want it to warm back up, you need to get out, turn off the air, cover the tub, and wait quite a while. We get about 45 minutes from entry at 102 degrees to leaving the tub when it passes 100 degrees. This is on warm summer evenings, so as fall approaches, the effect will be stronger and less time will be available at the warmer temperatures. A separate AC line and outlet with its own breaker would have been better; the pump is 9 amps, so that doesn't leave a lot of breathing room for a heater with only one 15 amp, 110 VAC outlet, just a few hundred watts. This is definitely not a hot tub that you can run in the winter; it would be a very cold tub indeed. I'm not sure we'd really want to do that, but for those of you who enjoy the sharp contrast of cold air and a hot tub, this one's not going to give you what you want.Second, the placement of four of the jets and the main water intake is too high in the tub. The tub's instructions indicate that the water level should cover all the jets and the intake at all times. However, put two reasonable size people in the tub (not skinny kids, but adults) and because the tub is fairly small, the water rises a great deal. Conversely, when you get out, it drops a great deal. If you arrange it so that the water remains (just) under the waterfall outlet when you're both in, then when you both get out, the water will be below the four highest jet exits *and* the main water intake, which leaves the pump sucking air, which is very bad. We addressed this problem by filling six big jugs (from large cat litter purchases) with water, and throwing them in there when we're not in the tub. This raises the water level over the intake (but not the jets) and with the lid on, the water filters and heats well enough. Still, this is annoying, and could have been easily solved by the manufacturer by placing those jets lower, and the main intake lower. A definite design shortcoming.
Saw this on an Amazon quick deal and figured it was just the thing to replace an old tub. Perfect for our needs, not fancy, but very functional and perfect for two people. Four will fit fine. Five close friends would be OK. Yes at 110 it heats slow, but once there will hold the temps just fine even on a cold winter night. If it is only the two of us we only fold the cover back and the temp holds constant. My other half does not like the air jets anyway so this is not a factor. Looking at a couple of other reviews we rolled it into place while still in its cover wrap. Very easy for two people to do. Put it where the old tub was, filled it up and plugged it in. Boom even though it was winter and the tap water was 42 F we were in the tub 36 hours later at 102 on a cool winter night. Since then we have been using it every night. Temp holds just fine with the cover half off even though the air temp is in the 30s. With just the two of us we have had no over flow problems with the water adjusted at perfect levels.Yes if you entertain a lot and plan to use it with large groups this is not the tub for you. If it is just the two of you for the most part it is perfect. We find this a much better match for how we use it than our old 8 person tub. Did I mention the price on the Amazon deal, $1700.00. A lot of tub for that price.
I have used this hot tub now for a few months and the quality has been solid. I have had 0 issues with it. It actually keeps the temperature at 104 F much longer than I expected while using it. I am very pleased with the overall quality of the parts used and the delivery was spot on. The delivery driver actually helped me locate the spa at the back of my house. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.

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