Outdoor Hot Tubs Deals: Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa with 19 Jets Plus Bonus Waterfall Jet and Free Super Energy Saving Value Package

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Compare our LS 400 DX Spa to any major brand on the market and you will find our spas offer equal or better accessories and comfort. We manufacture the sturdiest shells in the business. The LS 400 DX has the same standard parts and features as any name brand hot tub - such as Balboa Topside Controls, Adjustable Jets and Top-loading filter. We also feature our highly indestructible Arctic White Rock-solid Shell. There is also a stylish Mahogany Skirt that never requires maintenance The LS 400 DX is a 110 volt Plug and Play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation. Simply set it up, fill it up and plug it in. Only Life smart uses Eco Smart technology, the efficient energy management system built into every spa. Our Spas require less energy due to our full foam insulation system and a thick energy saving spa cover designed to save you money on operating your spa. Our Spas meet the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs. This Spa has seating for 5 people complete with rotating back jets and a waterfall. There are top side comfort valves that allow you to find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage. The LS 400 DX features our 2 most popular options an ozone system to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and less water changes and a 6 color LED light for the ultimate in mood lighting. Add the Life smart LS 400 DX Spa to your backyard today and enjoy the luxury you deserve.

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This was by far the largest purchase I made sight unseen over the Internet. On top of that even though I've used hot tub's I've never owned one myself. So I had some apprehension to say the least but turned out to be a great purchase!I knew I wanted a plug and play model or which is 120 V so I could just plug into a regular outlet. It will not heat as fast as a 240 V but even living in cold Connecticut it still fits my needs. I still use it mostly every day and happy I purchased it almost 2 years ago. I have not had any problems with it I keep it on all the time and I have used the chemical dichlor and it has been virtually maintenance-free by just adding a small amount after using it each time.The Jets themselves are powerful enough for me in fact if they're on full blast it's a little bit too much. It's not very loud when it's on without the air jets in fact the waterfall almost drowns out the noise of the motor. I would say it's large enough for four adults. One seat has the jets on all the time, all the other jets are adjustable, ie can turn them off. There is one area where you can lie down. It's has a waterfall you can turn off, an LED light with various color schemes, and a drink holder. After two years the drink holder is fading but the rest of the spa inside and out still looks new.There is two things I would strongly recommend purchasing, one would be steps and the other would be a cover lifter. I bought the steps that has a hidden compartment so I can keep all your accessories close by which is very convenient. The cover lifter is well worth it's money I bought one for less than $100 and is just held by the weight of the tub on the bottom.I know a lot of new hot tub owners ask how much it costs to run a hot tub with the electric. Of course it's going to have a large bearing on your cost of electric, climate where you live, and how often you use it. Where I live in northern Connecticut it gets quite cold in the winter and the unit can run more than half the day to keep it at 100° In the summertime of course it runs much less but over the course of a year where I live it cost about a 1.50 per day to run. If you times that out for our year it is a few hundred dollars but to me as well worth it and I don't regret for one second buying this hot tub it's really been great for the family.To note that the electrical cord come out the bottom of the side where the control panel is located. I would say it's about 10 feet of cord. If you have to install an electrical box you may want to wait until this arrives to orient it in a way that will work best and the plug reaches the outlet. One thing I didn't like about this spa is that since it's not a square design the cover can only be used in 2 directions, not four, So keep this in mind when you are orienting it, especially with the cover lifter.And be prepared when this thing arrives. It arrives by truck on a double pallet that can just fit height wise into a garage. The trucking company is suppose to call you to schedule the delivery but we received no call just the truck showing up and lucky for him my wife was home at the time. If you have a few strong helpers you can move it to it's final resting place. BTW - I got this from the big orange home improvement site. It's packed very well and we used a dolly and actually rolled it on it's side up a few steps to the deck.So if you're on the fence about it I can say after two years I very happy I made the big purchase.Hope this write up helps you in your decision making, just trying to pay it forward with all the reviews I read....
Here is what I wish someone would have told me about the tub since I was buying it over the internet.Only requires a 110v 15amp circuit. Mine is using about 13 amps when running.10' cord with built in GFCI breaker.Good looking. Even though it's rotomolded it has faux mahogany slats surrounding the outside.Full foam insulation everywhere but the equipment compartment.There is no heating element. Heat off the pump is used to heat the water. Get about 1 deg F/Hour rise in water temp.Built-in ozone generator. Let you use less chlorine and not have to add chemicals as often.Jet power is weaker then 220v tubs.Heater cannot keep up with the heat loss when the cover is off. (Although this is Dec in the Northwest) I'll update in the summer. However I set the thermostat for 104 and it takes about an hour to drop 3-4 degrees. Which is long enough and hot enough for me. Most of the time I only open the cover half way as I don't need the whole tub and that helps maintain the heat.Rotomolded tub is tough and should be long lasting with minimal maintenance. Think plastic playground equipment at a city park. This is not a gel coated fiberglass tub. The plastic has a little texture to it like a non slip bath tub. Also the molding process leaves some rough spots to the tub that you may want to smooth out if they are in the seat area. Should be easy to do as it's just plastic.This tub it made for Lifesmart by Watkins. Look at Watkins' Freeflowspas.com plug n' play brand for similar spa builds and reviews.
We really like this spa so far. Its lights and waterfall are beautiful. The jets are more powerful than Id expectedWe have a five foot high deck so it took hiring two men to move it and they just strapped it on its side and rolled it up a ramp I had built out of three 15 ft 2x12's. (Otherwise a special spa moving company with a crane probably would have been needed. for $500) It is big and has high sides to it.It came out of package in perfect condition.What to know about it--1. The worse thing is that there is no door for the motor access and you have to unscrew lots of tiny screw and remove two strips and two panels to even turn it on for the first time since the power cord is all wrapped up inside the compartment . ( I had to call the Watkins company because the cord did come out but a very short ways and i at first thought it was not long enough) I think they should have put a hinge door on it or at least a door that would come out in one piece and able to be opened w/o all the little screws.Every screw is needed and you know one of them will eventually get lost falling through the deck.2.Also it does not hold its heat up to temperature IF you stay in a really long time and want it kept at the maximum heat (104 F.). I find for us it is perfect because its almost too hot to enter and by the time it cools down from hot to warm, I am ready to get out anyways. I dont know how it would do in really cold weather like Wisconsin--where i think it be best to get a 240 one.(not a plug and play 110 volt) if you like to soak for hours or if you want it kept open for a party Goes down about one degree an hour with top off in warm weather.Otherwise we love it. 1The lounge part is built perfectly.2The texture of it is a bit rough which is actually better than our old fiberglass smooth-texture tub, because you dont slip down in it as easily. We had a three person Marqui for 13 years but we wanted something new with a lounger area when the motor finally burned out of that one. I was skeptical of how this would fit but it didnt take up that much more space than the other..3)The motor compartment is completely enclosed and is, (as far as I can tell) totally mouse or wasp proof.4)The workmanship was flawless on the cover and it's not too heavy (if you're by yourself it can just be folded back ).so no lifter is necessary..5) The light show is really much more than expected with combinations of many colors.6) The Watkins customer service was great. I made one call about the cord and another about how the filter worked and both times they were immediately available and very helpful. (How it would go if there was a real problem remains unknown but i believe them to be at the least very responsive.)I would definitely advise getting the matching steps. They make the tub look beautiful. And the tub's sides are pretty high for just hopping in and out of.safely.I will update this review at a later date since we've had it only a few weeks
Best valued hot tub on the market today. Bought it just on reading online amazon and Home Depot reviews.We pulled the trigger and have been so pleased ever since.

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