Outdoor Hot Tubs Deals: Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set, Blue/White

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28405E Intex purespa plus bubble massage set. The easy-to-use control panel activates the high-performing bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage. The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference, allowing a stress-free spa experience. Purespa provides simple maintenance with easy-to-replace Filter cartridges for lasting enjoyment for up to 4 people. The built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience. The Fiber-Tech construction and the puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material provide the ultimate comfort, support, and durability. An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss, and provides an added safety feature. Includes: tub. Insulated cover. Heating system. 3-Way test Strip. 10W hard water system. Filtration system with 4 Filter cartridges. Floating pool chlorine dispenser. Thermal ground cloth. Inflation hose. Carry bag. Two headrests.

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What a great cost effective buy! Including filling the tub less than an hour to set up! Temp does cool down when bubbles are in but only to about 98-99f after 90 minutes of bubbles on!! Watch the DVD for a real easy setup instructions. Get the cup holder and a submersible led light.
This hot tub was heaven the first 5 weeks we had it until we started getting an e90 error code. We did all the suggested trouble shooting and it worked for about 3 additional days until the e90 code started up again. We called Intex and they sent us a new motor. That did not work and we called again. They said they would send us a new control panel but we have heard nor received anything in about 4 weeks. We called today and they haven't even sent anything and said it would take an additional 6-8 weeks before we will see it. We asked to speak with a representative and they said we could either do that within the next few days or they could send out the unit but not both. We just sent in a formal request to return it and get our money back. In theory, this is a great price for a fun toy but only if you plan on using it for a month.
This product has been life changing for me! Living in a small mobile home park I don't have the luxury of building a Jacuzzi spa. I work hard as a nurse working 14+ hour days (Yes it's true not all RN's make the big bucks...but I love what I do)....moving forward...all I wanted was to sit in a hot tub after work and relax. I finally found it in this product! It's like sitting in a boiling hot cauldron! Easy to set up and maintain and a great price...worth every penny. No "jets" per se but it has a ring that encircles the bottom of the spa that ejects POWERFUL bubble action! If you sit close to them it's like a gentle pounding massage on your back...absolute heaven. It reached 104 degrees after about 24 hours with the cover on. I don't know yet how much my electricity bill will be, but at this point I really don't care! I got a glass of wine, adjusted the LED lighting to a beautiful turquoise color, turned on the bubbles, looked up at the stars and all was right in my world again! My stress melted away! Thank you inventors of Intex products! I highly recommend!
takes too long to heat up and then cools down fast after you turn on the bubbles.
Great product! Very sturdy. Just loses heat quickly when the jets are on.
Never thought a tub like this would be as nice as it is. Best $$ spent in a while. Would recommend this tub to everyone.
Nice for price. Seem to work as advertised. No problems so far.

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